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The Parkz Update: Dreamworld, July 15 2011

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Thanks Parkz this was a great update!! Firstly, that laminated sign held up with band-aids is PATHETIC! I couldn't stop laughing. But I was also horrified at the same time. I remember Sega World in Sydney used to have this same problem of sticking tacky laminated signs up everywhere. They had professional signage around the place but then the rides supervisors would decide they needed more signs and out would come the A4 laminates. At least with Sega World it was an indoor park. DW really needs to get professional sign writers onto the job... or at the very least splash out on some sticky tape. In regards to Buzzsaw - I have to agree that while I am disappointed with the ride choice, I do think it is going to become a new icon. The tower looks far taller and more imposing that I was expecting. I actually think it's probably a clever move from DW financially... there aren't many rides that will create such a skyline impact that come so cheap. While all of us are a bit sad about it, the general public will probably be sufficiently impressed

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