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Theme Park & Other Inspired Forza Motorsport 4 Cars

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So I know it isn't a theme park based game, but I bought Forza Motorsport 4 last week and have been playing it like a mad man. As a reward for levelling I got a choice of cars and there was an evoX. I figured I would have some fun and do it up as a replica of the HWSD hero car. The Castrol Edge, racing number, Team Italy and Mitsubishi Motors badges all had to be custom made from scratch. Total time spent on design was 4 hours. Interested to see what the parkz community thinks. I'm currently working on a replica of a red Queensland highway patrol car (minus lights). What other theme park or movie based cars would you like to see?




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Yeah so much more customizing available in 4. Love the Policia as well. I'm working on one of those next. QLD Highway Patrol is completed. Before anyone says anything, I know there are no lights, as there are none available, the front spoiler is a bit different (but I personally think it looks better), and the motto "with honour we serve" is not on the logo. The logo is not quite complete but as is took 669 decals just on one logo. Total time spent on design was 7 hours. Of that, four and a half were on the logo alone.




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I had my copy of the LCE turn up Wednesday and are yet to have a proper look at it. Sounds like something that would do well on the marketplace. The Police vehicle would be of interest to a fair few people. Maybe a Police Academy car but I guess the detail in the logo would make that a lengthy job.

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Very nice Wyn and Reanimated, so the images, how do they actually get drawn on Playstation?

You use simple shapes and mix them together to make whatever it is you need. A good example is the castrol logo. Started with a green circle, placed a couple of white rectangles on it to make the L shape and then a fading flag image in red. The 18 is made up of three rectangles (for the 1) and then 7 rectangles and 2 semi circles (for the 8). You can resize, spin and skew shapes, and can also create them in a larger image, save it as a decal and then place it in and size it as needed.
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Yeah I raced only to get the credits to buy cars to do up to auction off to get more credits to buy more cars and so on. I have both of the above designs on the Forza Storefront for sale. Quite amazing that people are paying 30,000 credits for the Highway Patrol design. Especially considering if you place first in a race you normally get only 5 - 6,000 credits.

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