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New Parkz merchandise now in stock

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The new range of shirts are now in stock.


We've sold a number of the new shirts already and a few sizes/designs are already out of stock, so to give you a quick rundown of what's currently available:

Men's "Support Our Theme Parks"
Women's "Support Our Theme Parks"
Men's "Pure Imagination"
Men's "The Worlds"
Women's "The Worlds"
Parkz Tri-Blend (American Apparel)
Parkz Trucker Cap

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Hey I'm considering purchasing some merch but just wondering if the clothing sizes are similar to general Australian retail sizes? I've been burnt in my last few online clothing purchases from other websites, even considering the measurements given, and just wanted to make sure! Cheers.

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'general australian retail sizes' are really a myth. although there are 'acceptable' measurements, different manufacturers can make what they like, and call it what they like.

in the grey parkz shirt I got XL. its a slim fit but comfortable. In the white 'the worlds' shirt, i got 3xl and it is loose and airy, but quite comfortable.

I'm sure though that if you get the wrong size, @Richard will be more than accommodating to swap you the right size. I won't presume to know the situation for postage etc, but he's more than friendly and willing to work things out.

I'm not sure if there is a size chart for the merch, but worst case scenario, I can't imagine you'll be 'burnt' by Parkz.

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A few new products added, a few discounted products and a few changes to existing products.

New Products

A number of requests for women's Parkz tee lately, so we couldn't resist doing something a little topical. Fuchsia/Magenta/Pink/Purple...


A new standard men's t-shirt at a slightly lower base price (the simpler one-colour design reduces the printing cost).

On Sale (small size only)

Other changes

We've simplified delivery costs to the following:

  • "Tiny" orders $3.00 (stickers, lanyards etc.) 
  • Most other orders $9.95
  • Free delivery if you spend $50+

Parkz Crew 

You can now choose your shirt and size from the full range. Choose the "LUCKY DIP" option and we'll select something in your size and knock $5 off the price.


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Loving the new versatile options, and the size charts are a bonus too!

As i'm sure you'd have order histories and such - if one were to choose the lucky dip, is it at least likely that you wouldn't supply one that has already been purchased where sizing and stocks permit?

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