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  1. Welcome to the forums @Tim Pearson. Although you may have only seen a rubber-belted conveyor, there are several different types out there - continuous rollers, for example. The style of conveyor used on Thunder River is fairly standard for this type of ride, and has been in use for decades. As has been discussed ad nauseum, it is not the type of conveyor that is in issue here, but rather the modifications made to it that are suggested to have been the cause. Take these images - from a river rapids ride at Disney's California Adventure: In comparison, you can see the slats at dreamworld are not as closely spaced: There are of course examples of river rapids rides that do use a rubberised belt: As for a rollbar, most river rapids don't feature this - however, from what I understand of this accident, a rollbar likely wouldn't have prevented what occurred. the raft did not flip completely over. There's quite a discussion on Parkz about the incident, with loads of speculation - it's worth a read if you're interested, as much of what you've pointed out has been discussed at length with good examples and arguments both for and against.
  2. Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    I think that given what's been said already about it being more family friendly, as well as that it would seem they've spent a bit on theme to make it worthwhile for thrillseekers, that they've tried to find a nice balance between thrill and calm - which IMO is a good move after Smiler, considering smiler was meant to be just extreme WTF. I don't think there is a wiser move for a new coaster. Gotta get back on the horse - can't shy away from them or they'll lose their audience.
  3. Dreamworld Corroboree - "Stage 2"

    I feel like the transparent coloured thingies are meant to be representative of the 'rainbow serpent'. google image search for 'rainbow serpent' and have a look at the imagery that comes up - very similar to what we're seeing here.
  4. They've gotta fund the blindfolds somehow!
  5. Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    well... to be fair - they completed two rides as well - wipeout and log ride....
  6. Top of my head, i don't know the precise location where they were located before they were acquired by the History team, but I believe they were purchased off a guy that ran a 'carnie' business (not intended to be derogatory) like Chant's or Wittingslow or something (not them specifically, but companies like that - the name escapes me). As you can see from my post above though, not every carriage was obtained, as they had previously sold them off one by one. Dom, you're absolutely fine. Apart from a few factual inaccuracies in your video (which we could have helped with) and that you hadn't actually asked to use them - Everyone quite liked what you'd produced. We're not vigilantes, and we don't hold grudges. We're all about everyone's love for the park - and wouldn't deny anyone wanting to visit. you're welcome anytime... join us for a beer, hey?
  7. The previously announced funding is no longer on the table. However, i don't think this is what Webslave meant, and i think it was just a fun stab at me for what is obviously perceived as me rambling on about the park as much as I do.
  8. Cynical as most of us are about what DW \ Ardent will do with this area, i'm glad to see them at least start the removal process. It is an all too ugly reminder to people visiting the park about what happened, and the sooner it is gone, the sooner that open wound in the park can start to heal. I do hope that they, in consultation with the families, do something tasteful and touching in memoriam, either on the spot, or nearby, and I'd really like to see the area reinvigorated with something new. I only pray that the new area is done as much justice with theming and layout as the original area was - which likely will need a Buzzsaw retheme as well (which shouldn't be too hard).
  9. Gold Rush demolition at Dreamworld

    I haven't seen it, so i'm only speculating - but depending on how and why it was put up in the first place, it could be just that nobody ever saw a need to take it down, or otherwise perhaps it is there to shield the scene from the helicopters - there may be something grisly left behind, or they may just not want that particular spot shot by the news cameras....
  10. The Off Topic Topic

    I agree it isn't normal, but due to the nature of the attraction design, the low point meant guests could bottom out well away from evac platforms. Wonderland had evac platforms before the conveyor, however, when the pumps stopped overnight, water would submerge the platforms and make them quick slick - so it honestly would have been safer to restart the ride and have the rafts brought back to the station for unload (although, i'm not sure of Wonderland's procedure on that point). I do recall at the time TRRR was being fitted with the underwater rails at the low point on the track, that dreamworld social did mention something about the need to 'row out' in a rowboat to recover guests who would drift into the lagoon... or something like that anyway. Provided the rafts stay within the channel, a pump restart on a rapids ride really wouldn't be anywhere near the same in terms of risks when compared to say a coaster restart. They'll naturally be at the bottom end of the chute, and with the pump restart, the water level will drop back to operating levels. once the station is 'wet' they can restart the conveyor and be unloading guests. the 'wave' of water that tumbles down the chute at startup (wonderland history has some cool videos of that) never reaches the guests because the 'natural' water level sits well past where the rafts come to a stop...
  11. To add to this - the 'construction' pic Yoshi posted above was taken back in December, before this thread was started - details weren't announced as artisan's wasn't ready - but now we have the info, i can share some other pictures, and some other info too: So - a few more 'construction' or 'onsite pics - in the first one you can see the bottom part of the 'vulture' sculpture i referred to above: Something else the History team are looking into is whether the Operator's control panel can be replicated, and perhaps even a simple PLC system in behind it to simulate the ride actually running. It's also been suggested perhaps this could be tied into a ride simulator game - similar to the ones hosted by Old blueprints and photos have been scoured over, and even suppliers sourced for the right buttons, lights and indicators: If there are any old operators who remember the functions well ( @Bussy i'm looking at you) please drop me a PM if you can give a good description of each indicator, light, button and sensor. I know a lot of them, but not all... and it would be good to get a full time trained operator's description of what was there... As for how much of the trains are there (per Yoshi's post about how many carriages) - here's the full list: The Bush Beast Red Train Carriage A1 (FRONT) Carriage A2 Carriage A3 Carriage A5 Carriage A7 (REAR) The Bush Beast Yellow Train Carriage B11 Carriage B12 Carriage B14 (REAR) The Beastie dark blue train Carriage A1 (FRONT) Carriage A2 Carriage A4 The Beastie light blue train Carriage B6 (FRONT) Carriage B8 Carriage B9 Carriage B10 (REAR) We are missing Bush Beast carriages A4, A6, B8, B9, B10, B13 and Beastie carriages A3, A5 and B7.
  12. Jamberoo's Online Park Map Upgraded

    Is that rope or a LAN cable wrapped around the poles? #classy.
  13. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    I predict a new argument from the residents across the M1 - using the same arguments as Apple when they introduced 'night mode' on their devices that blue light is bad for sleep rhythms. I wonder if there'll be more complaints or if they gave up after the Joker head.
  14. so these exciting experiences now include the chance to experience a real life demolition site?