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  1. I did say 'more of'. I know some do have sponsorship. I'm just surprised they haven't sought more.
  2. Yep - old uncle Walt sold options on many in-park properties to corporations in the early years. Practically everything that could be sold \ sponsored out was - although they very quickly reigned that in and bought all the shares back. Something that has always made me wonder though - Wonderland had most of it's attractions 'presented' or 'sponsored' by major corporate partners - coke, ampol, Navy, Channel 7 etc. I've always wondered why more of the attractions on the gold coast don't have similar partnerships. it'd add additional funds into the revenue stream \ cover ride costs enabling the park to devote more of their general revenue to new attractions \ developments.
  3. I suspect a duplicate account!
  4. The Saw information would likely relate to Fright Nights. HP merch used to be sold on main street in the building next to ben and jerrys (it was the harry potter store until the license was removed). the non-branded store continued to sell all sorts of HP merch until a year or so ago when it was refreshed, i think into a DC heroes store of some description. HP merch is still likely in the movie memorabilia store - the first store on the right as you walk up main street, and likely, given the convoluted nature of the HP license between WB and JK Rowling, its probably easier to have that buried somewhere in the deep depths of park information whilst there is still any sort of HP merch in park.
  5. My thoughts? You've just joined. you've made 5 posts and created three new threads, garnering -34 reputation (average of 8.5 downvotes per post so far), and the first two threads you created have been locked as there is already a topic on the boards. This topic is already on the boards too, so most likely it will be locked shortly as well. I also think you should consider investing in some full stops and an enter button so that you can space things out a little better, and write in cogent sentences that people can read without stabbing their eyeballs out. Like my advice to @Theme Park in another thread, my advice would be to ease back, sit back and watch a little. Feel free to ask some questions about things if you don't know them, and if you come across absolutely breaking news feel free to post it - but if you happen to come across something that's just opened, or is about to - go back and check when it was announced - chances are we've already discussed it in depth. (in some cases, we discuss things to death BEFORE it's announced too!)
  6. HP related merchandise is (or at least was until VERY recently) still sold in the park. very different to ride theme licensing at any rate. Dude, you've made three posts. Ease back and maybe pay attention to those who have been around a while - they'll help you... if you let them.
  7. Please god, let this thread not become like the hyper thread, where the same ideas we talked about when the theme was first stripped out are rehashed again and again for several months...
  8. Yeah. I'm surprised they haven't said 'closed for winter' or something like that, but it usually goes down around that time and stays shuttered for months. Stupid when you think about it really - as one of the few dry attractions people would be willing to ride in the middle of winter...
  9. The Hyper Tunnel? Just my foggy memory - is there a lift hill before 1:13? I thought it was all flat with Kickers until that point? Plus that would make it three separate lifts... seems like overkill.
  10. What effects? You mean the supernova projection?
  11. Lol. One of @Gazzas favourite placenames
  12. There seems to be a really nasty habit here of late where people only partially quote something to suit their argument, so for your benefit, here is my original post - i've highlighted the bit you might have missed: Do you need a hammer?
  13. You don't need to be a marketing expert to say that what they've done (not done) goes against the grain of EVERY. SINGLE. PARK. (seasonal or not) Actually, big coasters are marketed in advance with visuals done by 3D rendering. POV videos of the ride etc. Not having it built is not a barrier to effective imagery to market. The discussions on these boards for months have all pretty much agreed - they are stupid for not marketing \ announcing this earlier than they have. Its the popular opinion, and its the right one. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but to say they are right in not marketing it by now is just plain wrong. Even VRTP agrees with this - all one has to do is dig up @Jamberoo Fan's fridge magnet, which was based of facts disclosed by VRTP in annual reports and other media releases that it was their intention to announce the coaster mid-late last year - which puts a nail in the coffin of anyone suggesting that their present marketing strategies are anything planned, or intentional.
  14. At the risk of triggering off another round of debate, the only thing that interests me here is: people suggested wonderwoman people shot down wonderwoman as a suggestion because she has nothing to do with pink\purple\fuschia\magenta\whatever merchandise for the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman goes on sale, which includes a tie-dye shirt with a fairly close match to the colour scheme of the coaster in it. If there is anything to the rumour that it was originally suicide squad, and they decided to change it, the colour wouldn't exactly fit, but tying merch in to it with similar colour schemes is a good way to validate it...