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  1. Can anyone tell me - does the funnel web \ redback \ whatever at Aussie world have the same stupid complicated harness?
  2. ^it depends on what redundancy systems the restraint has in place as to whether seatbelts or other restraint devices are implemented - and sometimes retrofitted. the fact that one ride doesn't have a seatbelt doesn't demonstrate that they aren't necessary on another, as the mechanics and redundancies behind the restraint can be completely different.
  3. Just get the MXPX song on spotify \ youtube et al, put in the earbuds, and ride away!
  4. Shows just how much Dreamworld commands my attention these days. With the exception of a private event, the last general admission day I went to the park was after Pandamonium opened (but before it was finished). I haven't done Panda, but have done tailspin due to the private event. go figure. I did however score a great deal from Dreamworld last week, so i'll be visiting again soon, and i'll be sure and update my park knowledge while i'm there.
  5. SW and WnW are both achievable in a day, and I know many who have done this. Richard and Megan do seem to take a 'no nonsence, get in get done and get out' approach. those two together will be easy. I did think about AW and DW on the same day, but it is still definitely achievable. It is a 90 minute drive, but on a quiet day, AW would only take an hour or so to get through everything. This would give for example - 10am to 2:30pm at Dreamworld, 90 minute travel, followed by an hour at AW. 4.5 hours is a quick visit to DW, but still one with the ability to tick off all the majors you want to do if you're smart about it, plus if it is a super busy day, there's always Q4U...
  6. Yeah this is true. Looks like a good plan. Hope there are no hiccups like last time!
  7. all the coaster parks... in a week? That's like 9 parks!
  8. Another Aussie trip Richard? Are you bringing Megan again? It's hard to say which diary \ blog \ trip report I like best, but I love reading yours and megan's adventures. I assume DC Rivals is on the agenda?
  9. I don't disagree with this either - however being a gamble that it is, i'd also like to see them admit SRQ to a backwards row when the noone is there for the upcharge - not as a matter of course, but on an occasional run if there hasn't been a SR needed for a few cycles - and those who receive it should feel lucky - rather than sulk if it's not given to them. but of course everyone who doesn't get backwards for free will then whine about the person that does, and this is why we can't have nice things.
  10. Rough nearmap calc - JDS takes up approx 1920sqm Storage takes up approx 1600sqm. This is based on just the square soundstage shed. doesn't include lean-to add ons (ie: maintenance has a small add on on the eastern side, theres a small awning \ add on on the western side where LTRR used to exit, and of course the pre-show LTRR building on the southern side which had the earth drill, film set etc - which is now the viewing \ licensing \ queue area for JDS. Note also that - I can't see the interior dividing wall, so my calc could very well be off. Having been inside the shed when it was completely gutted, I'd always regarded the division as roughly 'half' and these measurements surprised me a little.
  11. Here's my suggestion: empty out the other side of the show building. Find storage for your floats, christmas tree and other maintenance crap elsewhere. Plenty of land on property to stick up a new Titan Shed (or find a small soundstage that doesn't get used much and use that for a while. install a load bearing mezzanine. Install a multi-level tracked (or trackless) vehicle system. Utilise physical sets and 3d\4d animation for a looney-tunes styled attraction (think Justice League \ Toy Story Midway Mania). One could even run the storyline similar to the previous LTRR (but without the water) about bugs escaping and tunneling through to Australia - a good tip of the hat to the former attraction whilst giving it a new take \ angle. While i realise JL is in the park, and is very similar, this would be suitable for all ages, but aimed more at kids. the multi-level gives another aspect. If they give it a similar effort to Doomsday or Rivals, which seems to be their new standard, then they should pull it off and it would be a great addition to the park.
  12. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    The more logical explanation I draw from that photo is that they're testing the flume with water dummies, the dummies don't have legs, and in the absence of an OTSR or Lap restraint (a lapbar doesn't contact the legs), they are prone to flopping around and potentially even falling out of the boat. In my opinion, these straps here are nothing more than a method used to keep water dummies in the boat during a test. also - lol at the TPSN page comments - someone (who i think knows the ride well enough) suggested the boat is looking a bit worn out (which I took to reference the scuffs, dents and 'paint rub' on the front. Genius reply was 'its "ment" to look like that'. Yeah. Sure.
  13. Issue is, as we know, that they're not in a position to be replacing all of these ailing rides with new, modern safe ride systems. So if they did say 'we're going to invest in.... etc' the issue would be that we'd see several rides removed, but a vacuum left in their wake as they're not financially in a position to start building multiple high value replacements. When they have significant capital assets worth millions, that might just need some cash thrown at it to make it safe, compliant etc, why discard it? When your 'check engine' light comes on, you don't crush the car into a cube and buy another one... but if you take it to the mechanic, and your $4000 jalopy is going to cost $3500 to fix - you start considering that maybe its a time to upgrade to something new...