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  1. AlexB

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    There's ways to do both that and commission Vortex. Its down to who is willing to pay for it.
  2. AlexB

    VRTP Membership

    Yeah claiming the bonus tickets required the ID number (One Pass) or Member No. (membership). To add to the app, memberships were a nightmare, but if you haven't updated it, the new version of the App allows you to scan your pass barcode with your phone camera and it adds it for you. You can also use the scanner to add the bonus tickets into the app as well, so you don't need to carry the paper tickets with you.
  3. It's as much theme park news as Sea World Helicopter hangar construction, or Soundstage construction was. Its part of the VRTP umbrella, it's on property, and its a complimentary experience to the rest of the offering. So yes, it's still 'theme park news' as much as a new restaurant opening up in Downtown Disney or Universal CityWalk would be reported on.
  4. AlexB

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    But that is no excuse. The parks have been clear about what they do and don't have available. Sea World has not had many rides for a while. And, the park has enough shows and exhibits to occupy a family for a significant portion of the day. Yes its unfortunate that all the rides aren't open, but by all accounts maintenance was paused during the shutdown, as workers were required to work in close proximity, which was a no-no. Now the park has to assess and recertify each attraction, as well as clear a backlog of maintenance, which is also likely to be impacted as supplies and parts may also be delayed. Regardless of the reason, they posted what rides are available on the website and at the front gate. Sure, its shitty that more isn't available, but they've clearly advised what's there. People getting annoyed or pissed off is down to their own lack of research, and assuming that 'park is open' means 'all rides are open' which is on them and them alone. Sure, we know VRTP are at least partly motivated by the conditions of sale meaning more money for shareholders if the parks are open when the sale goes through. But businesses everywhere are trying to reopen under whatever conditions they can and it isn't always going to be perfect. I am wondering how many seats AOS has booked for their reopening too... but as I said a while back - businesses have to accept they're likely to take a hit in the short term, but they have to open in order to establish 'business as usual' when the people come back. visitation numbers are not a light switch you can simply flick to return to full capacity. Now, I know some may view what i'm saying here as 'giving them a pass'. It isn't. Its a case of being realistic. It's quite likely that when Dreamworld opens, they'll have caught up on all their maintenance backlog and mostly everything will be open with distancing restrictions taken into account. If Dreamworld had opened at this point, they'd have a significant number of rides offline too (and they don't have the same entertainment offering that Sea World has to compensate). But even when they open, it will take a while for the visitation to return, and even though village is opening with a large reduction in attractions, their 'new normal' will have a headstart on Dreamworld simply because they're already opening up.
  5. AlexB

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    It doesn't look like it, but I would have liked to have seen them do some texture \ wave pattern in it, as they did with Atlantis.
  6. AlexB

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Looking at the above night shots from the previous post, looks like the green might just be intentional?
  7. AlexB

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    ...And THAT's why we don't have an unlimited edit function...
  8. AlexB

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    Yeah I think at this point, i'll take the kick too. So long as you're getting one too - hopefully you won't be able to breed. Honestly, go back over this thread - just the last two pages. Everyone has politely told you that what you're posting isn't funny, isn't working, or whatever. You started out arguing comedy is subjective and degraded from there. 21 hours ago you said you'd post 'one last one' Then 20 hours ago you said you'd stop for a while. Then 16 hours ago you acknowledged that you said you'd stop, and said you don't care, and posted another shitty meme. Then an hour ago you try again - and then get upset when I go off? Then, for some weird reason, you suggest a kick in the nuts over a meme, which so far - 100% of people to answer your question have opted for the nuts. This should be telling you something. Then you want to go and complain that someone has 'made you feel worse' when it was you 16 hours ago that said you don't care about what people say. For fucks sake - log off. go play with yourself. You're doing yourself no favours with this sort of behaviour and this is a one way ticket to becoming despised, ridiculed, and outcast in a community like this. LISTEN to what the community is saying - nobody thinks you're funny, and all you're doing is pissing everyone off. Why don't you go and try to make a friend in real life? This is what is wrong with the youth of today. We've raised them to consider that everyone is a winner if they just give it their best try. Participation ribbons don't exist in life. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.
  9. AlexB

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    oh for fucks sake, just stop. You didn't even spell 'Cam' correctly and these are simply not funny. Find something else to do with your time. Try Porn Hub.
  10. AlexB

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    The one time of year the lighting package actually makes sense. Waste of money IMO.
  11. The whole area is an absolute mess. The bridge, (and the mess of paths in and around it), the back end of corkscrew (which leviathan won't entirely cover), the old chairlift area, and the castle, plus all the paths around it. I've included the monorail mid station in the area below, as by all accounts its days are numbered too. I think the biggest issue is that the main thoroughfare is a choked narrow pathway in and around Mid station, while there is a broad, massive path alongside Storm that effectively leads to nowhere. Sea World spent a lot of time developing the back of the park with amazing dolphin pools, redevelopment of the old water park and so on, And now the front end of the park is getting a little love, but this hole in the centre is in desperate need of redevelopment of some description. Keep the castle if you can make it viable, but don' t keep it running as a poor man's Roxy. Get rid of the Viking's splash pool, and level out the ground between chairlift station and storm, fix the paths around Jet Rescue and the bridge - there's so much to do, but sadly with the Atlantis development, this mess of an area is probably going to have to wait a bit longer to get the love and attention it deserves.
  12. AlexB

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    Image is coming up broken for me.
  13. AlexB

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    What do golfers and bowlers call the score levelling system they have based on skill, if we can’t use the word “handicap” ? disability space, disabled space, handicap space... I know people who find each of these terms offensive (including the “don’t dis my ability” movement) “ambulant” Is a term meaning a patient who can walk, so is therefore offensive to call those spaces ambulant spaces for those who can’t walk. also, take a look at Westfield bathrooms these days. They have disabled bathrooms (wheelchair accessible) and “ambulant” bathroom stalls which are inside the main bathroom, with additional handrails and in some cases different TP dispensers for easier reach. From my wife, who is a construction administrator who frequently works with plans involving both parking spaces and bathrooms, the appropriate term is “disabled” or “accessible” parking/ bathrooms. so you’re both wrong.
  14. AlexB

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    its not actually set to atlantis at all. As magician says, this is NEW Atlantis. Like Australia was New Holland. So nobody can critique anything regarding theme because nobody knows what the Atlanteans built after they were flooded... Perhaps they abandoned their stonemason roots and classic architecture for 'modern early 2000's westfield chic' ?