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  1. AlexB

    The Off Topic Topic

    I think in general usage - using it as a descriptive term to describe an action, it works (for example - in Richards quote above) - the context is clear. Using it as the sole word to describe the action however - the word doesn't have the usage. That's just so Rufus.
  2. AlexB

    Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Thanks for the update Jack. Glad you're on top of the latest developments!
  3. Look, although Parkz does have a better reputation, and generally don't stake their reputation on 'trust us' - at the end of the day without a source to point to, it's still just as much speculation as any silly little blog... It may well turn out to be correct, and i daresay, it probably will, but until the Park issues a statement to that effect, or some other concrete form of evidence, it is still just speculation.
  4. Is the retheme occurrence confirmed somewhere by the park or an insider or is this just an assumption based on the length of downtime? Just curious...
  5. AlexB

    Parkway to sell mexican food?

    You're wrong @pushbutton - I think these quips and puns are mexcellent! ...but just in queso you didn't know, but every juan loves mexican food. I'm sure we'd have many kids lining up outside the park overnight to secure their first bite - but i'm sure they don't avocado.
  6. AlexB

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    A regular park goer may not... But with skin in the game, one would expect the indoor roller coaster to be stripped of themeing, as one would be following the updates given on that attraction... Likewise, the enthusiast would also probably have talked about the current themeing issues with the people they're visiting with, mentioning the current state to their fellow park goers in advance - rather than being embarrassed about it - one would appear knowledgeable to their associates and have prepared them for the inevitable disappointment that is a bare bones ride to set their expectations low...
  7. AlexB

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    Re: the villains unleashed area, TBH the day they decided to 'make them free' to use, they should have just replaced the wristband reader with a small button to trigger the feature. Clearly people defacing \ stealing the wristbands for souvenirs was going to happen - and now people can't use them. Surely rewiring the RFID reader to have a simple button wouldn't be that difficult. In saying that, clearly the prime issue here is the customer service aspect of the day - much of the park's condition can be overlooked if you've had a pleasant human interaction throughout. We went to Dreamworld for Mother's Day yesterday. Every single staff member we interacted with or wandered past would greet us, ask how our day was, and especially - wishing my wife a Happy Mother's Day. Whilst the condition of the park is left wanting in many places right now (and whilst this certainly doesn't excuse it) every interaction we had brightened our day. If the executives of village roadshow are reading - they need to put more effort into their customer service efforts. Even Bunnings staff are encouraged to greet every customer they pass - i've walked past two staff having a conversation in the middle of the warehouse and had them stop their conversation just to say hello and ask if we needed any help. It's not hard - although having a lower age group as your primary human resources is a challenge - its no excuse - and simply issuing a directive that all customers should be greeted is a simple thing to implement that would change every guest's day for the better.
  8. Of course it will! After the polar ice caps melt, and the world is flooded, Dreamworld will continue to delight its guests inside a giant Habitat Waterford!
  9. They did that opposite Intencity for a while. Wasn't always open, provided simple food that was tasty - although it was still pretty pricey. I am actually a fan of this style of outlet\cart - Wonderland had one right next to one of my positions for a while - the smell was torture but tasted so good when I'd get it for lunch... I guess the difficulty is they're typically small carts, single cast member, and there can be a lot of wastage due to the need to cook sausages in advance. I like the idea... obviously it suits the western area perfectly - although I think the 'stall' it was set up in was bulldozed for Villains Unleashed - I'd like to see it return, rather than the hotdog vendors in main street - and this comes full circle on the original point - a sausage in a bun, with onion and sauces, although simple, and cheap, in the right (western) setting is just that one step more authentic than a hotdog... bring it on!
  10. Meh - on the coast. too far for me. Reading the menu, it seems they make it and serve it with the Jus on the side, instead of actually dunking the whole roll prior to serving. that's not a true french dip...
  11. The first step on that road is for the executives within the park to actually eat the food on a regular basis - like @Mark Shaw did at AW. And not something that is pre-prepared with the knowledge that the boss is going to be eating it - get a mystery shopper type person to order it for them, and take it to them in the middle of a lunch rush, and again in the late afternoon before closing, so that they can actually sample what their guests receive. I've always found the chips to be lacking, and the bread to be day old. the fillings are generally not the problem, they're usually quite tasty - but the rest is what lets it down on a regular basis. As for the bakery \ deli - while people do seek the healthy option, I don't know many people that go to a theme park and go "i'll just have a sandwich" - sure - the Reuben and the like - something special or unique to the market, sure - but traditional run of the mill sandwiches are just plain boring. I'd like to see them introduce a french dip roll. THAT is a simple thing, that will mask bread quality issues, and - i don't know anywhere in SEQ that does one - so it would be DIFFERENT enough that people would want to try it. (I've seen many french dip roast rolls on Man Vs. Food and they all look amazing) - speaking of - take a look at Man Vs. Food episodes to get an idea of some amazing unique foods that they could bring to our shores and really make a splash...
  12. AlexB

    Jamberoo's Online Park Map Upgraded

    Broader reach? Illawarra locals will visit regardless as it's their local, whereas the sydney market is split between them and WnWS so why not splash your message across your competitors catchment to try and sway them for next years holiday plans? Seems like a no brainer to me..
  13. Yeah... and then there's this guy...