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  1. AlexB

    Superman Escape gift shop removed

    Only thing I can think of is that the little 'self service barcode scannery things are all connected back to one source, and it was all set up by the contractor with the small space in mind (like rivals) - and now its too much effort to get it rewired to spread them out, as that would involve running cables through the walls, or purchasing additional devices to power each screen due to the distance, rather than running several off one. *i have no idea how these are actually set up - just spitballing **as i mentioned before, because SE likely didn't have anything set aside for capex, they're probably working on a shoestring ***pretty much everything else they've done is cosmetic ****i realise there's a number of flaws in my theory, but i'm sure somewhere in there is probably the truth as to why they're all bunched up at one end.
  2. AlexB

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    You really can't compare the two. Cedar point works out to be about $110AUD at current exchange rates, for starters. Cedar Point has 17 operating coasters, compared to Movie World's 6. They had 3.6 million visitors in their 6 month season in 2017, an average of 19,000 people per day (based on 183 days). I cbf trying to locate MW's attendance (not on the wiki) but an article about a record attendance post-rivals opening cites 11,500 as a record for september attendance. Even if we assume that's an average for the whole year, it's half the attendance of CP, with less than half the big attractions to spread people around. It comes down to an economy of scale. With so few rides, and such slow operations, selling too many fasttracks would absolutely destroy their capacity. CP can afford to have many more fast passes sold, because they have more rides to spread the load around on. MW's pricepoint isn't just about making money. It used to be cheaper - and so many annual passholes complained when they lifted the price - because they would regularly buy the fasttrack (since admission was "free"), which made it harder for everyone else. Regular visitors aren't the market for fast track - it is targeted at people making a once in a lifetime (or at least a rare) visit to the park, who have limited time to spend in park and want to get everything done. If your price makes it viable for regular guests to buy every time, it's too cheap, which is why it was increased in the first place. I'd suggest the reduction is a recognition that they perhaps went too high, and so they're coming back down to see what impact it has on conversion. If they start selling out again, maybe this is too low. If they still have many available every day, then perhaps they can reduce it further. TL:DR - it's not a joke. its a clear example of responding to various market pressures whilst trying to find the best balance for your customers. Afterthought - @Richard can we add "passhole" to the forum dictionary (like SBNO) to define a passhole as "a self entitled annual passholder that thinks the park owes them some sort of special treatment just because they're an annual pass holder."
  3. AlexB

    Superman Escape gift shop removed

    It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm reminded of the queue relocation for ToT, and am thankful they just decided to TRY linking the theme. Sure, theres plot holes you can shoot an MRT train through... but its a nice try on an attraction that is otherwise not receiving any significant upgrades to draw people back, and therefore probably wasn't on the CAPEX list for this year.
  4. Am I the only one noticing that Village seems to have forgotten they have another park at the Oxenford precinct? Constrictor - installed 2012, and WetNWild Junior - installed 2014 were their last major investments in WNW GC. Meanwhile they continue to silently erase rides from people's memories or keep them closed, without replacement.
  5. AlexB

    White Christmas 2018

    to be fair - a lot of the lights shown have been up for years...
  6. AlexB

    Projection mapping. What's next?

    Its fine! you were perfectly clear - even using industry specific terms, based on explanations of this stuff that has been said on these boards previously. suffice it to say:
  7. AlexB

    Projection mapping. What's next?

    Anything that you project an image onto becomes a screen. To assist your interpretation, In the case of @Mc coaster's comments, what is being said is 'a mixture of physical sets and projections'.
  8. AlexB

    The Off Topic Topic

    There was a point in time where day visitors were using the resort to park their car and access the park, given the extraordinarily long lines at the front of the park - combined with the disgustingly slow process to get in. Then, the resort prevented day visitors using the gift shop park access gates, requiring you to be a resort guest to use them. I've seen it happen with my own eyes. It may have been short lived, but i never knew it had changed again so i was still of the opinion the policy stood.
  9. AlexB

    The Off Topic Topic

    Does this mean they've done away with 'resort guests only' through the gift shop at the resort?
  10. AlexB

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    You are entitled to your opinion, however wrong it may be. Plenty of reasons why a venue such as the big top is suited to Luna. For starters, the changing attractions inside the venue gives plenty of flow-on patronage to the park. The venue is far cheaper to hire out than a concert hall in the Opera House, and to be honest, its easier to get to, and cheaper to park at too. I don't think anyone is claiming LPS as a theme park. Sure, there's themed elements, but this is far closer to an old school 'seaside pier amusement park' In other news - Dreamworld was right up the road, so why bother building Movie World? They're both just theme parks...
  11. AlexB

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    I do wish they'd do a quick re-theme on the "trackside retail outlet 1" to something more fitting now that Brock's is gone.
  12. AlexB

    Projection mapping. What's next?

    You really need to get a time machine back to disney prior to the late 90s. In my opinion the technology upgrades on POTC have ruined it at Disneyland. I don't mind the idea, but the fact that you need a perfect score to unlock the special level has several implications - disappointment for riders who can't do it, and variable wear and tear on the tracks where the special tracks have far less usage. As mentioned, HKDL's Mystic Manor, with it's variable ride program does change for every single ride, meaning all variable options are used much the same. By all means the shooter sounds ok, but stopping a ride vehicle on the track for midway style gaming also kills your capacity - meaning you need many more channels to have multiple ride vehicles running at the same time...
  13. The article I read this morning (no idea of source) stated that additional documents were requested at the last hearing block. They may not have been within the original scope but were requested after certain evidence raised additional questions or issues...
  14. AlexB

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    err.... you're on a movie set?
  15. Not ironic at all. first, one has nothing to do with the other, and second, i didn't take issue with the name, only how Parkz went about noting it (and also because i couldn't generate the same results - which turned out to be a matter of screen size, which I then conceded). #dogwithabone #letitgoelsa Finally, hardly a 'lad' - you young whippersnapper...