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  1. My guess is older billboard which was taller was chopped up when new billboard was fitted, and they've reused the backing pieces when constructing the new one. My guess is that they deliberately mixed them up when putting them on so that they didn't make any sense.
  2. a lot more than a Reject Shop rake...
  3. Ekka 2017

    see, that one fails for me, because my eye reads 'CAPERTURE'
  4. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    in other words - your proposal is fucked, and we don't like it.
  5. Ekka 2017

  6. Fright Nights 2017

    Don't think i'd like to buy any of them. They're all pretty ugly.
  7. The Off Topic Topic

    I'm not beyond being critical of Disney where its appropriate.
  9. Bottom line here i think is that there's no right or wrong answer here. there's no rule to follow. if you feel the need to express condolence in flowers or similar, and that helps you deal with the situation, regardless of your connection, go for it. Not everyone will feel that way, and there's nothing wrong with that - if it doesn't make you want to drop flowers, it just hasn't struck your particular nerve in the same way. Everyone is different, everyone is unique in how they handle things, so drop flowers, mourn the loss of the childhood icon that was a favourite family pasttime. Remain stoic and aloof - again, there is no right or wrong response to this incident - with the possible exception of throwing a party \ celebration \ cheering that people died.
  10. Well then at best he's the boy who cried wolf. With so many previous bullshit posts, we're not going to take anything seriously, are we?
  11. It's what you're sensitive to though. People die or are seriously injured in car crashes every single day. You get desensitised to it... unless it happens to someone you know. Rare events touch people because of the disbelief that it could happen, and the realisation that it could have happened to them. Look at Martin Place after the Lindt Cafe siege. the entire square was covered in flowers. How many of those people transited Martin Place daily. How many people stopped in for their morning cup of joe from the Lindt Cafe? They were right opposite the Channel 7 \ Sunrise studio - which brings people to the square to gawk - and when Sunrise has concerts on - the square is packed. So many people would relate to that, and because its a rare event that they're not desensitised to, it hits harder. TRRR is a ride that thousands of people had been on every day for decades. Most people know someone who has been on it - and the it could have been me realisation kicks in and hits home.
  12. I already have given you my opinion after riding them ten times over. Although Six Flags are doing very well for themselves, I don't see them expanding to Australia - even if it is to acquire an existing park. RCDB shows 22 parks that have had Six Flags branding. Only two of those were outside North America (Holland and Belgium, which are now Walibi parks. Six Flags current lineup includes 13 parks, all but two being within the United States (1 x Mexico and 1 x Canada), not all of which are branded with the six flags name (La Ronde, Great Escape) The exploration into Holland and Belgium was around 2000-2004, right before the company started to struggle to repay growing debt. Their exit in 2004 from the Walibi parks (and others including WBMW Madrid) led shortly after to big investors (like Bill Gates) begin to cause a ruckus, and then Hurricane Katrina wiped out SF New Orleans. They then offloaded a crap load of parks in the 2005-2007 period, where Magic Mountain (the apparent jewel in the crown these days) was earmarked for sale - but didn't. They then filed for bankruptcy in 2008, which they finalised \ traded out of in 2010. Some of this is a recitation of wiki information, but this is to demonstrate why the company may be less than enthusiastic about taking on assets far and wide. Six Flags have recently made announcements about parks in China (SFx2 + 1HH), Mexico (HH), Dubai (SF), and Vietnam (HH), and just this year they took over operations of a California waterpark. Regardless, China and Dubai - these are high population centres, with lots of money and lots of growth. The Hurricane Harbour (HH) projects as we know are far cheaper to establish and operate. Dreamworld is an established park, in an established area, with little prospects of growth. They could drop massive coasters on that property for the next ten years and it would still be the worst performing park in their portfolio, due to the high costs of construction and labour, and the lower rates of population and tourism. Guys - Six Flags, Disney, Universal, Cedar Fair - all these big park brands we know from overseas - none of them are going to buy Dreamworld. At best, we find a local consortium who understands Australia and commits to the brand in their own backyard. At worst we get a smaller operator with enough money to underwrite the loan take it over, and use it for less desirable purposes. Wanda, prior to their staged exit from the theme park game would have been ok - but think about a company like Sunway coming in instead? I'd like to see Dreamworld picked up by a consortium like Packer - there's still a Casino license up for grabs out there on the coast, and he might just take enough interest in it to make Dreamworld a resort destination... but someone local needs to head this up - that's my 5c.
  13. Really starting to get sick and tired of your stupid photoshopped shit.
  14. Are you serious? RC Racer? Did you just skip Space Mountain entirely? Grizzly? Come on.... That said, it isn't 'pure thrill' you get at a disney park. Ever. Experience is a big part of it - but its the ride theme, story, experience, and yes, where appropriate, thrill - that makes them. Ocean Park is great for what it is - but what it is is a thrill park - its hard to compare OP and HKDL on equal footing because they don't set out to achieve the same thing - its comparing apples with helicopters. Yeah I completely agree - the Park prior to the expansions was still a really nice park I spent a full three days at - the atmosphere was fantastic, but having experienced the park since the expansions, I have to admit I can see why the additions were necessary. The park wouldn't have survived without the expansion.
  15. I guess every person's experience affects them differently in that regard mate. I appreciate that you recognise that 'it's just you' (it isn't - many would feel the same). As I revealed last year, I have a connection to a family friend of the Dorsett's, so I can't say anything objectively here - but in terms of other events, some people see their own friends or family in the faces of the victims. Simply having a child \ relative who is the same age\gender as a victim or relative of the victim. A parent with a 12 year old daughter would easily be horrified to think of this situation, as the little girl Ebony was 12 at the time - and their thoughts would turn to "what if it was me?" (And likewise baby Evie - only 8 months old at the time would impact anyone with a ~1 year old). Many parents with similar family arrangements would fear this, and grieve for those they didn't know - laying flowers or paying respects in some way would perhaps give them some comfort, as it would be something they would like to happen if it happened to them? Sure, there are those that would rhapsodise about how badly this event has impacted them despite no connection or link (an 18 year old boy without kids would likely not have much in common with the event to be impacted), and would crap on about it in forums or social media as a form of attention seeking 'woe is me' approach, but i think in general, those who do it quietly, respectfully, without publishing how "hard" it is for THEM on social media, who quietly purchase a bouquet or tribute to lay at the grounds before heading home deserve the opportunity to deal with the events in their own way. Agree with you on the 'small memorial, 5 minute media call, quick safety message, and drop it for good (publicly)' is probably the best course for them though.