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  1. I've given up trying to reason with him. He won't be happy with anything else, no matter how much sense it makes...
  2. Yeah, AlexC doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
  3. on topic - if the main construction crane has arrived on site, it would suggest the time until vertical construction may now be measured in days, not weeks. However with the expected rains from ex-TC Debbie due to hit the south east from tomorrow, not so sure they will start just yet. off topic - @Skeeta - i notice you've gone for a handle change again? @Richard must be getting tired of changing your name... does this mean the drunken protections you installed with @ylfateeks are no longer required?
  4. well, that was a thoroughly exciting read. I really do hope they win on appeal, as i think its sorely needed and everyone taking the NIMBY approach really is a numpty. But, i'm cynical enough to think that when i read 'only expected to be used for absolute peak periods' and that they only plan to use it for a few weeks of the year at most, my thoughts go - sure, for the first year maybe, but once it's built, who is going to stop them expanding its opening times? Worth also noting on the Movieworld precinct lot, that 'Dan the Tree Man' has applied for tree works: Application Number: OPW201700772 Description: Code: OPERATIONAL WORKS Class: TREE WORKS PRIVATE Work: Lodged: 23/03/2017 The trees are located on the current grassed area at the front of the park used occasionally as overflow parking, and the application is to lop the tree back, potentially to topiary the tree. Nothing majorly exciting, but i thought worth a mention in case someone knee jerks on a tree lopper being evidence of hotel construction or the like.
  5. Families are planning their september and christmas holidays now. if the park wants to attract extra visitors, they need to be promoting it now - not a month before it opens.
  6. I think though that talking of reed switches and such is probably taking things too far - the corridor used to be a public access corridor - it was converted to an emergency exit with the current Scooby design. it wasn't built from scratch with EWIS, WIP phones, etc. The law requires it to be lit - and its far cheaper to install an 'always on' light than it is to install some automatic system somehow linked to the door - the more complicated a system, the more chance there is of failure - but even if it were robust or simple enough to be guaranteed to work, it comes at a cost - a cost far exceeding a simple shield that would block the light from spilling through the doorway. black emergency exit signs are typically used in theatres to prevent white light bleeding into the performance area and ruining the effect. I wouldn't imagine there would be much difference in cost, and I can't see why they couldn't be installed in 'themed' areas to minimise their impact... but the key issue here is a work light, not an emergency exit light.
  7. So what you're saying though is that Dodgy Dave could get all his carny mates to sign up, leave a single review each, and Crazy Mouse would suddenly find itself the best ride in Australia?
  8. Another metric i'd like to see introduced (pure wishlist here, i'm sure it would be harder to do) is to give more weight \ trust to reviews given by people who have given more reviews, or been on more rides within the database - since their rating is likely taking into account a far wider comparison... In other words - Dodgy Dave signs up, logs in, and gives a 10/10 rating to the travelling Crazy Mouse - because he just so happens to work there. He logs off, never to be seen again. Meanwhile - Gazza comes along, and enters a review for a new ride in the database (that he created only a few moments ago) - this brings his total ride count to stupid-hundred-and-one. Gazza's rating should be trusted a lot more than Dodgy Dave's... this of course does mean that if Dodgy Dave comes back, and starts reviewing more and more rides, that his overall rating on each ride would gain more confidence as he completed each review (makes a negative skew a lot harder to achieve without a lot of work) Unrelated, but something else i'd like to see is an 'I agree' button. For many of us, we feel the same way about some rides (and grossly differ on others). If we disagree with a review, i'm sure we'll make the effort to express a differing opinion (thats usually what the forums do) - but if we agree with the review - then a simple 'i agree' would give that same rating more 'confidence' in the system - effectively it would be another rating of the same value - and would be the database equivalent of an up-vote. Users would have the opportunity to change their 'agreement' the same way they can change their review (except changing agreement would require a full review entry), but you would only be allowed to hit 'I agree' once - so you couldn't go in repeatedly and upvote multiple times. I have no knowledge or idea on how hard these might be - but wanted to raise the ideas for consideration should it be possible.
  9. Well... this is what happens when I can't access Parkz from work. All good - i'm back now. After getting through all these pages - I feel like one thing is for certain. i didn't need to read all those pages. I also love how the colour conversation continued even after @djrappa flipped out. For the love of god VRTP need to make an announcement - and they need to do it on any day except this coming Saturday. I also echo the sentiments that i hope they've got Discovery channel or Nat Geo down there filming a documentary \ making of. I hadn't given it any thought, but I do like the ideas put forward about Catwoman. As for the trains being hidden - we saw with Jet Rescue that all it takes is some guy to leave the container door open at the right time for some person passing by to get a shot of the trains. I feel certain though, that we'll have an announcement before that happens (watch that go up in flames now too). Page 125 and we're still not vertical. I'll check in tomorrow hopefully before its at page 147.
  10. ^I think, because that is an emergency exit, they're required to have lights on in that corridor. I guess they could put a small metal plate behind it so it obscured it through the doorway though.
  11. the ride is currently limited because of the reversal, but even when facing forwards it didn't go as high as it used to.
  12. i can't believe nobody talking about Power Rangers has brought up @zordmaker
  13. #LunaParkSydney
  14. six flags has ample attractions to give some love to the lesser known characters. In a park that struggles to fill a day with it's attraction lineup, its a different story.
  15. Its better than trees, a road, and a pub...