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  1. AlexB

    Arkham Asylum Replacement

    Don't we already have a discussion on this somewhere?
  2. AlexB

    Movie World Maintenance 2020

    Even Auto-Correct doesn't give a shit about the 73rd most popular superhero.
  3. AlexB

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    The only reason I think there has been any speculation in this regard is that the mother also emphatically stated that there was 'blood everywhere' and the water was 'full of blood' (i'm misquoting, but its the general gist, and I really don't care that much). Now the thing that strikes me is the report I read stated it was the park's (female) medical staff (nurse\paramedic\first aid) that suggested it could have been her period. Now - I know there aren't many on the boards here, but i've spoken to some ACTUAL females ( 😮 ) who are medical professionals, and their first thoughts on this were that for the amount of blood present to be mistaken for a menstrual cycle calls into question the actual amount of bleeding. Yes, the injury is a terrible, regrettable injury. I can't imagine the pain involved, both in the incident and the resulting recovery - but the many details we've seen\read about this injury are, at least, inflammatory. By all accounts now, I accept this isn't necessarily an uncommon injury, but the contradictions and inflammatory language irks me. that's all.
  4. AlexB

    Carnivale 2020

    Well that's disappointing. The original concept always struck me as being either very Brazillian Carnival (Portuguese) or New Orleans Mardi Gras (French), and switching to 'day of the dead' just hits a nerve for me. Day of the Dead is Mexican, (Spanish) and really has no connection to Carnivale, IMO. And given the various incarnations of Day of the dead \ Dia De Los Muertos is in November, it's not even the right season for it. Next they'll be moving Halloween to April.
  5. AlexB

    Movie World Maintenance 2020

    Yeah ok, don't bring facts into a good tongue-in-cheek slagging off about DC World Warner Bros Movie World. Fair enough, we've got an old west superhero in the universe who Awesome! Seriously though - they don't need more DC. Plus the Josh Brolin film was so memorable, i'd never heard of it. No wonder he went to Marvel. ETA: lol. it was nominated for 5 awards, and won only one - the Houston Film Critics' Society 'Worst Picture' award. Other nominations include: Alliance of Women Film Journalists' EDA Special Mention Award - Hall of Shame Houston Film Critics' Golden Schmoes Worst Movie of the Year Razzie award for worst Actress Razzie award for Worst Screen Couple \ Worst Screen Ensemble.
  6. AlexB

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    ANY level of nurse is going to have a level of first aid knowledge higher than your average 'senior first aider'. It is in the skills quality framework for all levels of nursing. Under the ASQA framework, first aid related modules (which used to be PFA or CPR) are now 'HLT' codes, as they form part of the larger HeaLTh related courses. Oh absolutely, getting the park to call an ambulance is the fastest way to get one there - you can bet the EMDs will have the property flagged for fast response, and the control room would have their own protocols for calling. That all said, the facts presented to the nurse\paramedic on scene would have dictated the response time, and the reported 'hour' it took for the ambulance to get there may have a: been reasonable in the QAS operational load, and b: appropriate to the condition. The fact that it took an hour for the ambulance to arrive casts a very large doubt over just how much blood there was. But given the mum was a nurse, of any level, she should know the first thing you do after making sure the casualty is breathing is stop the blood loss by having the casualty remain still and applying pressure to the wound. Having an hysterical, crying, injured, bleeding girl walk across the park is a bad idea, and if there really were no staff around (which I doubt) they should have sent someone else to get help brought to them. The following information is contained in a Basic First Aid Manual for the HLTAID001 standard first aid course.
  7. AlexB

    Movie World Maintenance 2020

    The trouble is, there aren't any DC superheroes in the old west. If they can't paint it a primary colour and slap a superhero logo on it, they've got no idea what to do with it, so a ride in west is out unless they can come up with some more creative folks in the design phase. I 100% agree with you though, west has needed a new addition for a long time to stretch the crowds out.
  8. AlexB

    Leviathan Construction Updates

    This was the first actual info on Trident - Clearly it hasn't aged well.
  9. AlexB

    Monster trucks at dreamworld

    It just seems like a really odd choice of attraction for Dreamworld given the available facilities. I've worked entertainment at the Ekka, and the Monster Trucks in the RNA arena are limited in their abilities because of the lack of runoff areas due to the other staging and equipment in the ring. They do four (approx) 90 metre runs in a square shape around the arena. Due to the size, they are limited to small ramp assisted stunts over single cars. The thunderbolt site has a similar area available, based on nearmap they've got about 100m in a straight line, but it also lacks appropriate seating and viewing areas too (as does anywhere else in Dreamworld, really). I can see them building earth ramps for this - fairly easy to do when theres nothing else going on on the space I suppose, so definitely able to do more than at the Ekka, but even at Ekka these cars aren't the headliners. Its also hardly the backdrop you'd want in a theme park either - doesn't that back onto the maintenance sheds?
  10. AlexB

    Monster trucks at dreamworld

    One question... WHERE?
  11. AlexB

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    So a guest doesn't follow directions, and he's an idiot, but because the girl is younger, the park is at fault? 8 year olds are capable of following directions, as evidenced by the fact that a teacher is generally capable of instructing 30-odd students for 6 hours or so a day. If the force of the water was too much and she wasn't able to keep her legs together, the manufacturer needs to revise their designs or their restrictions. End of the day we're all speculating. None of us have seen video of the incident to know whether the forces caused her to uncross her ankles or whether she just ignored the instructions of the operators. There's a lot of info surrounding this story that is inflammatory and unlikely, (such as staff not rendering assistance in any way) - Sure, they'll probably get paid somewhat and its likely they'll push for out of court settlement. The big losers here are other guests, as the park will no doubt be required to implement new restrictions on rides such as the age restriction on giant drop, disappointing many, and further reducing the number of attractions any person will go on. It's no longer enough to have your kid measured with a height stick before riding, they now have to be a certain height, weight, age, and come with their own psychiatrist's report stating they're mature enough to handle big red boat.
  12. AlexB

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    Yeah look, I don't think the choice of legal representation should have any bearing on perception or opinions as to the plaintiffs case. Shine, and other similar law firms, who advertise in such a manner to appeal to those who can't afford retainers and other upfront fees, are more likely to secure this sort of case than a local, singular solicitor or bigger corporate firm. Mainly because they advertise, so its the first thing people look at. As for what I think of such pro-bono, "no-win, no fee" style firms - i'll leave that unsaid lest they try on a defamation suit. The fact of the matter is the little guys don't advertise, and the bigger guys want money upfront. And as for the incident... it's unfortunate given Dreamworld's rocky recent history. Hopefully the park has sufficient CCTV to disprove any of the more (apparently but not proven) vexatious claims - in particular that no staff rendered assistance, given all lifeguards are first aid trained, and the slides are staffed top and bottom... I've no doubt the girl suffered injuries, and I empathise over the pain and suffering she has experienced, but there are a lot of factors to consider here - did she follow the staff and manufacturer's directions being one of the big ones. The claims of 'so much blood in the water' and 'walking blood all over the park' sound a little far fetched. The first aid room not being staffed isn't unusual, its a first aid station, not a hospital ER. The most important thing is that as soon as the incident was reported to staff, first aid staff should have responded from wherever they were (unless they were treating a more serious case). With that all said, depending on the level of qualifications of the first aid staff, it has been reported that the mother of the girl was a nurse. While there is a duty of care in a 'workplace' that appointed first aid officers must render assistance to persons requiring first aid on premises, the duty of care for a first aider requires that they render assistance either "until the patient recovers" OR "until more qualified help arrives (ie: Ambulance). By her claims, the mother was more qualified to render assistance than first aid staff were (although from the TRRR inquest, it seems DW does employ nurses and paramedics as their first aid team). But I take issue with Joz's comments above, only in that - if the girl was not riding in accordance with the manufacturer \ park staff directions, and the park wasn't negligent - it is as much her own fault as the guy who stood up on Rocky Hollow and fell out. All parks have certain 'assumptions of risk' clauses in their terms and conditions. Unless there is some sort of negligence on behalf of the operator, i'm really struggling to see how the park would pay out in any case other than a goodwill gesture. If it is a design flaw, then it should be Polin on the hook, not Dreamworld.
  13. specific legislation and backing by ministers is still pretty good government assistance, given park history... but i know what you meant.
  14. it is an unfortunate side effect of the modern generation that kids are learning from online media sources - many of which are american and therefore americanisms are permeating other western culture. My four year old has in the past picked up on american words for things - like 'diaper' for example, which we needed to correct. But i'm sure this will instead just be fobbed off as an auto-correct error or dictionary on his phone... something else kids have these days.