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  1. Recommendations for a Europe Trip

    @Gazza @Gazza@Gazza @Gazza@Gazza @Gazza@Gazza @Gazza@Gazza @Gazza
  2. Seat size on Hypercoaster

    it depends on the reason why. Very tall people can't ride superman because their shoulders don't fit under the harness. Rivals doesn't have that problem.
  3. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    It irks me that VRL job ads don't specify a salary range. It just suggests to me that they're going to end up with the bottom of the barrel - those who'll take the job regardless of the pay just so they have a job. Specifying the salary range at least sets the expectations from both sides of what is possible - it wards of those who might have too high of an expectation, and saves wasting the time of both the applicant and the recruiters.
  4. Dreamworld Ghost town

    ^We'll pass that onto management
  5. State Theme Park Incentives

    yeah, universal purchased the rights from JK Rowling, and their rights ended.
  6. Dreamworld Ghost town

    So you can't do coffee at dreamworld before 10? Better change my friday plans then...
  7. Fright Nights 2017

    it varies. some scares are piss funny after the initial shock, others are literally terrifying for the right people. If your missus doesn't like major scares, it can be hard to judge, but a person who is figuratively shitting themselves into a puddle will find the actors back off - they go for the 'scream and run, turn around look back, and then laugh whilst the adrenalin wears off' reaction, not the 'i'm going to need therapy fora very long time' reaction. Depends on the actor really, but i guess the biggest point here is to 'give it a go' at least once. Mazes vary too - in the past with soundstages they've had LOTS of room to use. With more compact facilities, things are shortened or crammed in, but once you're through the queue and actually entered into the maze, its usually 5 mins or less. Depends on how fast or slow your leader is and whether any groups in front of you are clogging it up. Too much to do depends on what you go there for. Rides really shouldn't be the motivation, but it is so rare to ride some of these things at night that many want to try it. I'll never understand why Scooby is so popular on the night... people are weird. If you plan to skip the rides, you've got a fair chance to get the non-pay-to-play experiences done fairly easily, if you play a good strategy (which usually consists of heading for a group of mazes that are furthest away from the entrance, and doing them back to back quickly, not stopping to eat, worrying about street entertainment and shows last, and of course, skipping the rides). Of course the Ultimate Terror Tour (and the new Hyped tour) adds much more to do within the same amount of time more or less, so again, it depends on what you're going there for - you'll definitely get all the mazes done, but whether you get all the 'FN related' stuff done comes down to your pace and strategy... I'd suggest for a first time, go as a punter rather than a VIP and experience it as is. If you'd rather not spend your entire time in queues, or rushing, then spend a little extra for a Maze fast track, so you can do them at your own leisure and enjoy the ambience and other entertainment without worrying about whether you'll get through it all - the fast track is cheaper than the tour passes, and give you one fast tracked admission to each maze, ensuring you'll get them all done. ***I haven't been to FN in a few years, and while i'd hoped to go this year, at this point i'm probably not getting there, so this is based of my own (*dated) visits as well as the discussions had here on Parkz. I don't think i'm far off the mark but if something i've said is inaccurate or outdated, i'm sure someone else will correct it soon enough. Hope you guys enjoy it when you get there. It is well worth the trip - even if it is a crushing sea of humanity.
  8. State Theme Park Incentives

    Licenses aren't granted in perpetuity. The licensor would simply need to wait until the contract was up for renewal, and decline to renew it.
  9. The Off Topic Topic

    You have to love the way back machine. April 6th this year, their website stated: The Corkscrew Roller Coaster will be closed due to scheduled maintenance 3-7 April So coupled with the current closure 16-20 October, thats already 10 days. So i'm calling bullshit on: I honestly couldn't be fucked checking any other dates for maintenance, but it seems like perhaps they do smaller, more regular maintenance periods, rather than a single, large maintenance period. Sometimes the larger ones are needed, to completely pull apart particular components, and TBH i'd prefer a ride have one major maintenance period a year rather than several minor ones, as then you have confidence the ride is unlikely to be down again, if you're planning a trip around it, unless it is for unforeseen reasons.
  10. ...and you are completely entitled to have your own opinion on it. Have a good day mate.
  11. State Theme Park Incentives

    Perth has shorter trip times to some places than the east coast. As for melbourne - although "all weather" parks work in other parts of the world, the Australian idyllic is sun, surf and sand, which is why the gold coast is such a popular tourist destination, and hence why we have 4 (5?) theme parks within spitting distance. That same brush doesn't work on Melbourne, which is beautiful one minute, pouring the next, and is possibly the only place in Australia where you experience all 4 seasons in an hour. Disney would make it work. I doubt many others could. Hence why AW isn't going to get the east coast patronage when there are far superior parks within closer \ cheaper reach. Queensland (specifically the gold coast) is within 2 hours flight of the majority of the Australian population. It just makes sense.
  12. Seat size on Hypercoaster

    Whilst scooby is tight, the harness can be shoved into lock position. With Rivals, even if the seatbelt clicks in, that doesn't mean it's at lock. I've seen larger guys get the seatbelt in, and have an op check with the op booth, who then encouraged them to give it another shove. On some occasions, they got a thumbs up, and on other occasions, they've had to unlock the harness and exit the guest. (I do love that each seat can be unlocked separately - it makes it so much easier and quicker). Superman has a line stitched into the seatbelt. the line must be fully clear of the buckle to be able to ride.
  13. The Off Topic Topic

    That’s fucked. Several of their rides NEED more than a week.
  14. Funfields new attractions 2017/18

    I think they would know by now, but it can’t hurt to make sure...