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  1. AlexB

    Arkham Asylum Maintenance 2020

    All the info I have says the park is trying to do what they can to reopen, but that doesn't mean it will. Like we saw with Sea Viper, Wipeout and ToT, if the issues that require resolving are more expensive than they think it is worth, then it won't reopen.
  2. AlexB

    Snags at Dreamworld this Sunday - Fundraiser

    the parks are doing it tough too. Does anyone want to start a gofundme for Bikash?
  3. Out of all the GC parks, Dreamworld is 100% where you wanna be taking a two year old. (And WWW is the better waterpark for kids too) Sea World's kids area and attractions are probably the next best option if you're looking to do a second day at a different park, but with the construction and closures it will be more about kiddie rides and animal attractions for you (which are still quite appealing to a two year old). If you end up with VRTP tickets - bear in mind that Paradise Country also exists, and is a great little half day visit for toddlers too.
  4. AlexB

    Snags at Dreamworld this Sunday - Fundraiser

    Agree. With Dreamworld's current situation, they can't afford to be philanthropists when they're trying to save the business. Many of the things Dreamworld are doing is cost minimal or neutral to their finances (like the auction items for example) but will still raise money - and anything raised is a good thing. But since they HAVE chosen to do something, the sausage sizzle is a bit puzzling. I assume they're pulling out actual BBQs, so that's extra equipment, staff, gas, etc, and they'd still have the health and safety obligations of any of their food outlets, but without the safety equipment already existing in their food service areas. It'd probably make a similar contribution if they'd just said 'all profits from our food and beverage outlets on Australia day will go to the bushfire relief efforts' - and then no extra effort is required, apart from some accounting work to determine the profits. It's like Pizza Hut or McDonalds having a sausage sizzle out front - just donate proceeds?
  5. AlexB

    Walt Disney World for Newbies

    Having a 14 month old in tow will pad that out for you too - all of the unplanned, unexpected stops - find a parent's room (or you know, change a nappy and leave it on the ride vehicle for the cast to sort out.... IM KIDDING don't do this), cranky bub will probably insist on naptime during the day - if you're lucky, they'll sleep in the stroller and you can keep enjoying the park, but otherwise - mandatory returns to the hotel room for naptime will drag things out a bit. I've always regarded california as a 3 day minimum, but i've never done it with kids. As Joz says, 4 days there would probably be enough - devoting two full days to each park - do DL first, then DCA on day 3, and if you feel you got everything done at DCA on day 3 you can park hop for day 4 to tick off missed opportunities and re-rides. No clue for Orlando, but if it were me, i'd work out how many days i thought i'd need playing it safe (TBH, Joz's suggestion of 6 doesn't seem like it would be enough for me) but add one more day on top. If you don't need it, its a good chill out day by the pool, exploring a waterpark, doing some shopping or taking in some other experiences, but if you do need it, you'll be grateful its there.
  6. AlexB

    Snags at Dreamworld this Sunday - Fundraiser

    I think that is implied by the term 'sausage sizzle'. It'd be just un-australian to not offer some type of bread or roll and sauce. Onions are of course a luxury option, but at $5 a sausage i hope there are onions too.
  7. AlexB

    Snags at Dreamworld this Sunday - Fundraiser

    I know its a fundraiser, but they'd better be bloody good snags at $5 a pop.
  8. AlexB

    Walt Disney World for Newbies

    ^As you say, it's a double edged sword... the park doesn't have a snake of a queue running around the entire park. No massively choked pathways. No fights between guests who claim someone cut the line who just went for a bathroom break after queueing for 10 hours, but on the flip side, someone who only has one day in park is deprived the opportunity to say 'i'm going straight to that line, lining up and riding that thing, and if i do nothing else today i'm doing that' simply because the computer didn't assign them a group
  9. AlexB

    Arkham Asylum Maintenance 2020

    It's not a new story to me - although after 6 years, it's difficult for me to recall which source supplied that information...
  10. AlexB

    Arkham Asylum Maintenance 2020

    @Gazza it is my understanding that Sea Viper suffered a pretty spectacular lightning strike, and it was this that ultimately lead to the closure of the ride. It may or may not have been the reason for the closure, but it was definitely the reason for the NDT that identified the microcracks. As such, I don't believe the Kumbak trains had anything to do with the closure, and I was attempting (with humor - as Sea Viper obviously became a lightning rod at one point) to point out that it would be coincidence if Arkham was to close, rather than any fault of Kumbak as (presumably jokingly) suggested by Pin. Since we're getting into it, the bogeys and hangers for Arkham are the original Vekoma "purple" train stock, so unlikely that Kumbak's work with Arkham has caused any issues either. #coincidence
  11. AlexB

    Arkham Asylum Maintenance 2020

    Do they use Kumbak trains on Lightning Rod? if not, I don't think that can be attributed as to the cause...
  12. AlexB

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    December is summer, isn't it?
  13. AlexB

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    F's out for Joz.
  14. AlexB

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Nah, those things are rigged.