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  1. AlexB

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Lysol and Sulfuric Acid. Job done!
  2. AlexB

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    I only noted 'not every cycle' as it was mentioned previously that it was every cycle, and i observed that it wasn't. As for cleaning products and how long they last - i'm no expert, but if a handrailing is touched by 2-3 people per minute, after 45 minutes and more than 100 people touching that spot, I would doubt very much if there were any 'protection' remaining from that product even just simply because of how much would be rubbed off with each use.
  3. AlexB

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    BRC had what i know as 'bike rack fencing' - its the kind of interlocking rails you see at street parades in Brisbane. I believe the entrance to the ride was boarded up on Wednesday, but the bike racks were added yesterday to keep people back from the boards. Standard hoarding was blocking flowrider and Sidewinder areas, and the same at corroborree (painted blue) There actually was a fair bit of criticism on the boards aimed at VRTP when they opened with... not much open. See Joz's comment below I'm quite happy to fill this gap below. A dead end is a path with no other way from that spot except to go back the way you came. BRC is not such a spot, as you can turn right and head into tiger island. You're entitled to have your opinion, but do try to stay factual. Ok - so *long post warning* I took a trip down to Dreamworld and Movie World yesterday. Dreamworld Dreamworld we got all around in a little over an hour. I didn't go through Dreamworks, and didn't ride anything at Ocean Parade (no interest in shockwave bondage, the seatbelts on Claw are still far too short, and tailspin wasn't cycling and looked abandoned, although it was 'open' there was just nobody there to ride). Rode MDMC, Vintage Cars, and Sky Voyager. The park is definitely missing a lot right now. Giant Drop was in testing and cycling regularly, but there was obvious work on the catchcar\gondola as some of the shroud around the hook was removed. Lots of suits and engineering team going in and out regularly in the short time i was nearby. Although they've done a great job closing up the TOT tunnel and removing the turbine theme at the tunnel entrance, the huge wounds in the side of the station area where they cut in to remove machinery for SFMM are still quite visible from the MDMC queue and ride area, and its not a good look. There were a lot of suits around the park, and the MDMC operator looked like a senior member of staff as well, who was spieling well, and loading very efficiently, while also interacting with guests throughout - a big plus to this guy who operated MDMC (even with the restrictions) about as efficiently as i've ever seen. It was good to see the paint job on Sidewinder and the colour scheme really pops in person - videos do not do it justice. There were very obvious signs all around the park that they had spent some time during the closure sprucing things up, and the general paint and landscaping around the park looked good. (Although the city hall entrance building roof really needs some love). The path to buzzsaw wasn't cut off, with the 'ride closed' sign all the way at the far end of what used to be goldrush. Its a little disappointing that that area was open considering there is nothing there, and i'm sure many a guest has walked into that area not realising there was nothing to do (much like Wild West area when WWF is closed). It really was a long walk to vintage cars past GD and RHLR, and the pathway is very much a 'abandoned estate back path through the woods' - the temporary fencing surrounding the new coaster (and the 10 foot tall weeds), the leaf-filled flumes of RHLR, with litter, spiderwebs and crap all around. The new Sky Voyager film is a treat, longer, with some nice little pops during the experience, although the mist system kept dripping on me throughout which is probably a side effect of the much more generous misting used throughout the film. It was great that the scents used were less 'pine o cleen' smelling and slightly more realistic, but unfortunately the rectangular shapes of each screen panel are showing much worse with browning around the edges. The new 'covid' rider briefing method is a little disappointing, and i'd have liked to have seen them play the briefing screen on the big screen inside the queue (above the luggage) as it would have similar (but better) results. Overall, its a disappointing return for Dreamworld - Giant Drop's issues are a shame, and opening without a 'decent' big coaster running doesn't improve things. Its clear the park has 'work underway' with painters scrambling over sidewinder, but the absence of core drilling for the new coaster is a shame as that end of the park is just dead quiet. The park is going to need more than a new coaster to lift it up. They have a dearth of flats right now, but even a few more flats right now would help. The park just feels like it's 'missing' something, and the amount of fences, SBNO attractions and such makes it quite obvious what it is. As for how they handle the COVID environment - Issues with passes on entry meant a trip to the guest services office at the front, and the staff were quite 'on top of things' about managing the number of people in the space. There were occasional reminders spieled over the various PA systems from ride operators about the need for distancing in the queues, and the grouping of riders to maintain spaces was done fairly well. While queueing for MDMC, the ride stopped for cleaning (which was not every cycle as mentioned above), but the staff were efficient without appearing rushed (and MDMC has a lot of possible high touch points due to the restraint styles) so they did well. Its a shame their groupers weren't as on the ball, as they filled too many spots at the airgates, and I ended up riding in the side car. I will say, I found it far more comfortable in the sidecar than the bikes to be honest, so that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Which is why our entry to the park confused me so much. Such care and attention was taken by staff to ensure contact free, socially distant interactions where possible - but Dreamworld's entry system was perplexing. You arrive at the bottom of the ramp, where QR codes prompt you to enter your details onto a covidsafe register, and you can't proceed up to the gates until you do. No problems there, pretty standard. The person manning that post however was a security team member, and once details were entered, they called another team member over who was over by the road talking to other guests. Why did we need a second person? Because he held the magic box.... of coloured sticky dots. (The kind your school library used to colour code books). This fellow would sight your confirmation screen on your phone, count the number of people in your party, and then pull out the same number of sticky dots, tear it off from the roll, and hand it to you. No gloves, no mask, handing you a 1cm x 5cm strip of paper. Another group we observed were having trouble with the electronic sign on system, and - rather than have a clipboard and paper like other venues i've been to, the 'dot man' had an ipad, which he then passed over to the folks having trouble. You then showed your dots to the security guard, who then permitted you to climb the ramp to the gates, where another team member would check you carried the required number of dots, check your pass and direct you to the appropriate entrance gate for your pass. The stickers are ridiculous, and im surprised this was the best solution they could come up with. At other venues i've been to with similar systems, it would have been sufficient to show your phone screen to the person manning the door. This process required three staff members, when it really could have been done by 1 person, who simply viewed your screen and then allowed you to enter. This process needs work. Movie World Just for the record, this was my first trip back to Movie World post-closure, so I didn't see it with all of its 'day one closures'. I have criticism about their covidsafe actions as well - as my pass (in app) didn't scan at the gate (despite me adding it to the app after they announced the app was a requirement of entry, which was done with the help of the call centre), so I needed to visit the ticket booths. I showed her my phone, and she asked me to place it down on the counter, after which she then picked it up (again, no gloves or mask or anything) to look at it inside the booth. Apparently my pass didn't have an email address associated with it, and I needed a new photo. No drama but it would have been nice to know that in advance and\or login online to resolve it prior to arrival. I know that i'll have the same problem with the other passes in my family when we next visit now. For me on the day, Movie World was the better choice, primarily because it had more rides running that I wanted to ride. Rivals, JL, Batwing, Superman, Scooby were all far more enjoyable than my earlier time at Dreamworld, primarily because the only real enjoyment I got out of DWs rides was Sky Voyager. Movie World's green tape, regardless of whatever industry standard it might meet, looked ugly (and dirty). Dreamworld had nice professional looking stickers, or painted dots on the ground, which will probably look better a few weeks in too. Staff at Movieworld were a lot more relaxed than I've seen in the past, and hopefully they're happy to be back at work and interacting with people. Superman has had some little touches in the pre-show scenes, however the 'superman' gobo at the launch track is just a plain white circle. Superman was a complete walk-on mid-afternoon, which the staff happily informed us was because 'dreamworld just opened, and everyone's over there' (they weren't) I'll echo @Jdude95s comments on Scooby - it is looking the best its been in a long time. Obviously there is still minor issues that could be fixed - like the video timing in the lift, but the disco room is pretty awesome all round - I did get to see a scene change at the turntable and seeing the whole room completely change was quite a cool thing to see. I would love to have seen a pinspot hit the mirrored skull in the final drop room - just to burst into heaps of light beams right before the drop would mask that drop effect a bit more and give riders something else to look at - given its a prop from the movie I think its great its in the ride but it needs to be featured! The green lantern trains are stored in the launch room for superman, and hopefully we see GL return soon, as its lacking the kinetic energy at the park entrance. The dead end for wild west was also disappointing - previously they'd fence off at the vulture sign, but given they have the western street show and showcase up there now, they can't, which makes it another depressing turnaround. West was cycling and boats were going through the course though so hopefully west will be up again soon. Overall, I enjoyed my day at Timezone Surfers - I honestly spent more time at Cavill than I did at either of the parks. There's obviously a long road ahead for both of them, and Movie World has a big head start.
  4. AlexB

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    beach-hut shipping container chic. Like.... screw a surfboard on it man! You've got a few giant ones out back you aren't using!
  5. AlexB

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    TBH I think it'd be really cool if they did a 'mystery lodge' style attraction for Corroborree
  6. AlexB

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Minifig station was quite publicised on opening of the Lego store. I wouldn't have called it an attraction but they've listed it. As a parent, i'm very familiar with the interactive building area, and the Play School iPads. Again, wouldn't have really classed them as attractions. Ive frequently walked past the corroboree virtual reality thing, and only on our last visit actually went inside, as I thought it was only open for showtimes, which we frequently missed, but I was looking forward to catching it the next time we went. Wasn't aware of the face painting though.
  7. AlexB

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Ok, so at this point, with TOT, Wipeout and log ride gone, big red car and flowrider to be removed, Buzzsaw, Sidewinder and Giant Drop closed for maintenance, despite the additional months they had to get everything online for re-opening, and the covid-safe attraction closures of Mad Jungle Jam Play School Art Room iPads Corroboree Face Painting Experience Corroboree Virtual Reality Experience Animal Experiences LEGO Interactive Building Area LEGO Mini Figure Station ...we can NOW lambast them for having so many rides closed on reopening, just as MW did.
  8. Yeah it was a mist, rather than smoke. It was a really cool effect though.
  9. Agree here. In 94 when I made the first pilgrimage, the 3 Park Super Pass was the bargain that everyone went for because you got 4 park days for the one low price - and you even got to CHOOSE which one you went to on your fourth day. I never saw Dreamworld in the 90s... but at least I have the Golden Years to look back on...
  10. AlexB

    Leviathan Construction Updates

    I'm just gonna send the crown out to be polished in time for @themagician's coronation. At this rate he's gonna have it by Christmas! Fountains don't reduce it @Rydah Hi
  11. I guess it depends on the generation, but kids in the 90's and early 00's growing up in the 'blockbuster' era would well know the well the West teaser that appeared on a majority of VHS movies somewhere between the copyright warning and the feature presentation. I visited MW in '94, and being from Sydney, my next was in '04 - and I didn't know about Lethal until I started planning my 04 trip. But you can bet I knew about WWF. Lethal opened in '95, and WWF opened in '98. So I guess if your criteria is for folks out of town, its hard to argue WWF isn't a major icon as far as MW goes, but for you as a local, probably less so. From what I recall, the tower effects were triggered by a separate button on the control console, so the lead operator would depress both dispatch and effect start simultaneously. (the load station had other effects including sound, smoke, lights, and also a retractable roof over the launch bay, many of which were quickly disabled) There was no link between the drop system and the TVs and the timing was all worked out by the team that installed the effects (I believe the triggers ran off a little x486 PC backstage) based on a new ride. I don't believe they were ever updated as the ride wore in, ropes stretched, winches replaced etc, as they weren't integral to the rides PLC, so they kept their day-1 timings for the life of the ride. Theoretically the operator could vary the timing of the drop by changing when they pressed the effects trigger. Later in the piece, module 2 suffered some electrical issues rendering it permanently impaired compared to unit 1 and 3. (I don't remember exactly what was wrong but it was electrical, and the module was essentially kept on life support most of its life). It operated at a slower speed, which is why you'd see gondolas rising at different rates. It caused all sorts of issues with the PLCs expecting the gondola to arrive within a certain time after dispatch before a PLC error shut it down. The maintenance techs fixed the issue by chucking some one-shot timers into the relay that essentially fooled the PLC into thinking they all arrived together. This threw out the timing of the effects which also meant drops sometimes occurred several seconds after the TVs reached zero and went blank - and in some cases the TVs finished their sequence before you even got to the top. TL:DR - the effects were always intended to drop on zero, and the psych-out drops on anything but zero were completely unintentional. Sorry to ruin your childhood...
  12. Honestly, and I mean this with respect - I feel like thats sorta the mark they need to aim for. Having a price point that most families just renew each year without considering budget is a sure-fire way for the park to be overcrowded, and for them to stay in that 'bargain basement' hole that Q150 landed them in. Lifting the price where some of them start to drop out, or only buy every couple of years is probably where they need to be - and those who don't renew are easily covered by the increased price of all the ones that are purchased. $200 sounds more than reasonable for what you get - and again as Joz said - perhaps Dreamworld slightly undercutting that mark would be fine, but Dreamworld at $200 (with everything open) is pretty reasonable too.