Rise of the Next Gen Ghost Train

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Something that I have had a long standing romance with in the Theme Park world is the classic Ghost Train.

If executed properly it can provide heart stopping thrills without the need for fast speeds, dizzying heights and the like. The most effective Ghost Train on the other hand relies on the visual and muti-sensory, creating suspense and anticipation in a very different way.

Since childhood I dreamed of creating the biggest and best themed scare attraction using the classic Ghost Train model. This idea evolved over time to become a fully fledged Theme Park of sorts that features Dark ride, Drop ride, Rollercoaster, Walk-through, VR, Live action and Theatre elements. The idea to take the old Ghost Train Classic and bring it out to the 21st century has been toyed with, perhaps not yet done right. At least not until now..

To this day I still believe that a Next Gen Ghost Train is a missed opportunity for Theme Parks Globally - indeed one that could find a home in one of our Parks in the future.

Today I see on Screamscape.com Thorpe Park has done just this..

now I'm excited😃


Do you think there is a place in our Parks for this kind of Attraction in the future? I certainly hope so.


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What happens is that there are live actors that hurry you onto the train, then you put on the VR, then things happen and you have to get off the train.

When you get off the train that's where the majority of the live actors are, but things go bad and you have to get back on the train and put the VR back on.

While you're on the train there are also actors who run past and grab your legs and stuff.

So that's how it combines VR with live actors.

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It is possible for VR to be only a small part of the overall experience. If at all..

It is also speculated that the new Battle Escape attractions coming to Star Wars lands will use a variety of mediums where people will be traversing between several ride experiences. Sounds almost impossible to operate perfectly and without experiencing lengthy delays from time to time. Mind you if anyone can pull it off, Disney can! MW'S Batman Adventure kind of tried to achieve this with the multiple pre-show lead up to the actual ride.

Regardless of Theme and budget, the aim of this kind of Attraction is to create an immersive experience where people can surrender themselves to the environment they are placed in, providing a new kind of thrill.. 

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2 hours ago, djrappa said:

That just sounds awful. One thing worse than VR is having to take VR on and off. 

Looking at POVs, staff are fantastic at getting the VR on/off really quickly. Plus, there is no need to calibrate the VR each time since it is attached to the seat, so theoretically all it requires is having everyone pet the headset on and adjust the focus.

Plus, it's a very high capacity attraction and there's no need to check harnesses, unlike VR on coasters. When used correctly, VR has a fantastic effect, and I think the team at Thorpe Park have achieved this pretty well. Proves that you don't need to whack it on a perfectly good rollercoaster to make a great attraction out of VR.

Of course, I haven't ridden it myself, but I've heard plenty of great reviews and POVs look great (although this doesn't include the actual VR component).

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Obviously can't get anything like the full experience just from the videos on YouTube but from what I can see, and from having seen the lengths Darren Brown goes to in creating illusions, it's obviously a very impressive experience.

Next time I visit Britain I will definitely be going to Thorpe Park for this!

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