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Park Guide Warner Bros. Movie World Germany

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Hello I comes from Germany and has for you a report out Warner Bros. Movie World Germany My English is not so good :-) Welcome to Warner Bros. Movie World - Germany You like the world of cinema? Then come to Warner Bros. Movie World. There, where cinema lives! maingate.jpgHOLLYWOOD STREET SET The first adventure. The Bermuda triangle


But now a little bit slowly. In the Studio-Tour you hear something about the backround of the Movie and Entertainmentparks and you see some original filmscenery.


The first Show at Warner Bros. Movie World. You would like to meet Superman or to make a casting for the film “The Boat”? We will show you,how to make a film. Movie Magic - Special Effect Stage

moviemagic1.jpg moviemagic2.jpgmoviemagic3.jpgmoviemagic4.jpg moviemagic5.jpgmoviemagic6.jpgmoviemagic7.jpg

The Roxy See the 3 D film “Marvin the marsman”.

roxy1.jpg roxy2.jpgroxy3.jpg roxy4.jpgroxy5.jpg

The first big show. “The Real Hollywood Stunt Show”. We will show you the whole tape of the stunts!

THE OLD WEST Eraser - The Ride A SLC (Standard Looping Coaster off Vekoma, Netherlands) , like everywone in the world.

Wild Wild West Germanys wildest and first Woodencoaster.

The Wild Bunch Singular in Europe! The Gyro Drop Tower goes 60 metres into the air and then with 90 km/h fast to the ground! A great feeling!

Blazzing Saddles

Josie's Bath House

Shows i Old West In 2004 will you see “The great Mumpitz” and Aaron Hypnose-Show in the Veltins- Saloon.

GOTHAM CITY Batman Adventure A Simulator to the film “Batmans return”. In this attraction you will first go through the “Wayne Manor” and then you will see a small show. Now you go to the simulator!

Riddlers Revenge

MARIENHOF Gremlin Invasion

Lethal Weapon Pursuit Here you can hunt, like in the film “Lethal Weapon”. And this on two tracks!

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Marienhof Karussell


Museum der deutschen Filmgeschichte The story of the film.


LOONEY TUNES LAND Never Ending Story


Mouse in the House

mith1.jpgmith2.jpgmith3.jpgmith4.jpg mith5.jpgmith6.jpgmith7.jpg mith8.jpgmith9.jpgmith10.jpg

Looney Tunes Carousel


Looney Tunes Adventure

lta1.jpglta2.jpglta3.jpg lta4.jpglta5.jpg

Marc Anthony's Autoscooter

Looney Tunes Park

Porky Pig Parade

Yosemite Sam Rail Road

Road Runner

Looney Tunes Tea Party

Elmer Fudds Tractor Race

Tweetys & Sylvesters Chase

That' all Folks! Bilder © Texte von stefanf und Fishbone

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Stefan, Your English is better than most of the idiots on here. Thanks for going to the effort of doing all that. If you've got any questions regarding Australian Theme Parks, don't be afraid to ask. There are some people on here that will be able to give you a decent answer. Just ignore the dribble. Welcome old son.

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Wow, excellent posts. Thanks for the pics & info. It certainly looks like a great park. =) I didn't realise our Bermuda Triangle at Seaworld was a clone (or is it the other way round?) I want to go there just to see the Never Ending Story ride!! Best Theming Ever!!! Now, if only our Movie World was to get a nice wooden coaster.... =D

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Very nice stuff. I think it shows the potential our park has, if nothing else. Some of the theming doesn't quite seem to hold up to what we've got, butat least it doesn't seem that Germany has lost touch with the idea of plain old thrill rides, which I think definitely do have a place in a Warner Bros. Movie World park if properly done, and proven with these photos. Our Bermuda Triangle is the original. My guess is that John Menzies had just finished and opened ours, and was so proud of it that he included it in the German park (I believe he was very instrumental in the development of the park, hence so much of the park is identical to ours).

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Wow! That's Impressive Stefanf. That park in Germany is so much better that our park in Aus. If only our park was as good as that one i wouldn't be calling WBMW a ripoff. Trust me on this one Stefanf when WBMW on the Gold Coast says it's "Hollywood on the Gold Coast" they don't really mean it. It's the other way around. Some of the rides at Germany we have got here. For Example: The Batman Ride has that same sort of storyline which you mentioned. That's all i have got to say apart from Great Photography and don't visit Australia just for our WBMW because from what i have seen, you would be very badly disappointed.

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The Australian originals are Bermuda Triangle (SW), Batman Simulator, Looney Tunes Adventure, Gremlins are the Police Academy show. Road Runner and most of Looney Tunes Village was in Germany first, before being duplicated out here (though Germany's version of Road Runner does appear too cool to behold :D ). Indeed, for a while there the Australian and German parks were very closely linked, with many Aussie staff working in Germany on Movieworld over there before Six Flags came along and added more thrill rides to the park. I'm with Richard on how it shows the potential of our Movieworld. Some of those rides (Blazing saddles, Riddlers) look great, and would add a new dimension to the park. One of these days I'll get out to Germany to check the park out, in the meantime, thanks for the photos stefanf!

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Trust me on this one Stefanf when WBMW on the Gold Coast says it's "Hollywood on the Gold Coast" they don't really mean it. It's the other way around.
Does that mean that i is "Tsaoc Glog eht no Doowylloh"? or "Gold Coast on Hollywood"? "The Bus is now leaving for Hollywood Senior High School, Western Australia"

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