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  1. It costs money to pull it down and take it away.
  2. Daniel

    Bounty's Re-born

    Ahh ol' Bounty's. Some weeks I hated getting stuck there, other weeks I loved it. I think back now, and I liked it. Doing up the seat belts when it went from a big ride to a small ride was probably the only real pain in the arse. Otherwise the old faithful customers did them all up like good patrons do. It NEVER screeched like that when I knew it.
  3. Daniel

    Ned Kelley's Getaway

    Ahhh Nightshifter.... Memories... There was a knob if ever I've read one...
  4. Daniel

    SkyHawk lives?

    For those young ones that may not remember it, it was where the Balloons ended up... on the left hand side when walking into Gold Rush. I was up there in the last week of March and it had gondolas then.
  5. Daniel

    Spacewalker Shut

  6. Daniel

    Scooby Doo Over loaded

    All I can hear is blah blah blah... As for going near the place in the holidays... (Or Qld for that matter for us New South Welshmen) Are you out of your friggen mind?
  7. Daniel

    Luna Park Sydney Ride Injury

    You were one crazy mofo Brother Bussy. I can't believe you used to sit on the moving Demon train for example...
  8. Daniel

    Some New Pics

    Drove past today and it's even clearer than ever. Don't think there's a tree anywhere...
  9. Daniel

    Ride Op

    In the case of moi, apply on their website. I think the Qld parks do it through an agency though...??? Qld'ers? Hadn't heard anything after a week or so, so rung up and they went ahh ****, can you come in this arvo?
  10. Ride operator jailed over backpacker plunge December 12, 2006 12:35pm Article from: AAP A RIDE operator has been jailed for almost three years after a backpacker suffered brain damage in a 20m plunge because she was not properly secured into the ride. Steve Jay Clark, 43, was found guilty in Cairns District Court yesterday of causing grievous bodily harm to English tourist Lucy Keen, 27, on May 29, 2004. The court was told Clark was hungover on the day of the accident in which Ms Keen plunged 20m to the ground. Clark failed to properly secure her in a flying fox ride at Cape Tribulation in Queensland's far north. The ride is a carrier suspended on cables that enables riders to enjoy a sensation akin to flying. Prosecutor Angus Edwards said Ms Keen required 24-hour care and wasn't likely to recover from her injuries. He said Clark had never expressed remorse for the injuries inflicted on Ms Keen. The jury took one hour to find Clark guilty. He was sentenced to two years and eight months jail, with a non-parole period of 16 months. Ms Keen's parents, who travelled from England to be at the trial, embraced and cried as the verdict was read out.
  11. Daniel

    Batwing Time

    The drop was 61 metres. The tower 67 metres.
  12. I try and stick my head in and check things out every now and then Richo old son.
  13. Hence why shoes were compulsory as much as knobs whinged about it...
  14. That wouldn't have been when little kiddy fell in would it?