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    The QLD LNP put out their roadmap which has theme parks at end of July - however they are the opposition and not in government so frankly it means nothing (didn’t stop TPSN posting it as fact as he doesn’t have a clue who the govt is). Personally I think July is very conservative, it will be mid winter and the virus at its most potent or transmissible. Sept seems far more likely to me
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    @gavinfulikes take your pick. 1 in 6 you will be right. GoldCoaster The Gold Coaster Gold Coaster The GoldCoaster Hiss-teria Steel Taipan
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    To be fair, periodic maintenance (weekly, monthly, semi annual, etc) is really based on Cycles for the most part, not time (unless it's shelf life of things like Oils etc) so if the rides aren't running, maintenance intervals do push out.
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    From what I saw at the park yesterday, there aren't any significant changes. So there was no point in taking photos.
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