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  1. Because if bringing in a carnival ride is one way to test out the audience reaction, then why aren’t all the parks doing it? Sorry that doesn’t fly. The parks spend a lot of money into researching their target markets and what would fit said markets, they aren’t going to hire a carnival ride to “test the market”, it’s purely a stop gap measure because they know the park is fucked. It’s disappointing really that it has come to this.
  2. If that’s the case then they need to be advising people in advance. Their website currently lists it as operating daily. Back before the steam engines were “retired” they only ran on the weekends which was purely a cost saving measure, and that was when the park was busier than it is now. That said, the train is listed as an attraction and way around the park for those with disabilities so there really is no excuse to not be running it, unless of course the engine is once again broken?
  3. The Baldwin last ran in October 2016, there are reports they want to get it going, but as with everything now “it’s lower priority”
  4. There actually used to be a boat in that spot, they removed the boat and put in a propeller? For the record i'm talking about the rusted out propeller, not the moving prop.
  5. I know that says for the holidays, but the press release said it’s got an open ended run. As I said I hope it sticks around. It must be alright if parkz members are openly accepting of the show which would have been rather cheap for them to produce.
  6. Far from the same as the original, but IMO I think it’s a great addition and reasonably well done. Plus if the script is fluid, it can be adjusted as time goes on to keep it fresh. Heck it even looks better than the atrocious HSD down the road. I hope it sticks around.
  7. Not only does it not thematically fit, but the noise from TOT, GD and MDMC (the second 2 not as much) would hinder the audiences ability to hear what is going on. This is Dreamworld, and I wouldn't expect them to have a decent Audio system for this.
  8. I think MickeyD is on the money there with his last statement. Clearly there is a reason that Ardent have gone this route, and it wouldn't have been the only option that was presented to them. This design can clearly be used in other locations, and I believe was designed like this so when used outside in other locations, the familiarity kicks in for the parks guests.
  9. So a Dreamworld press release has been issued talking about the holidays, and it appears the Bushranger Show is returning, and will be part of the train ride. All Kinds of Happy at Dreamworld - MEDIA RELEASE final.pdf
  10. The one thing I don’t get them pushing so hard is the Griffith uni’s partnership with the exhibit. I mean firstly, who cares except the uni students who get to show off inside the exhibit, and secondly, am I the only one reading it as a “we got Griffith to pay for half, because we are just that cheap”?
  11. Dreamworld don’t own the sheep, they just shear them. Take into account it takes about a year for a sheep to grow it’s wool, they would need 1,095 sheep give or take a few based on 3 shows a day, just to be able to keep the show running. Not feasible. The park has agreements with farms in the region to facilitate this, the same as they do for the koala gum tree plantations.
  12. The old IMAX seats were removed when it became the Cinema, replaced with more comfortable seats. Good question, this is Dreamworld though where any heritage value is seen as a bad thing.
  13. Either that or someone put one of those toilet cleaning blocks into the fountain..
  14. It would be much shorter to just post a list of positive things management have done for the park in the last 15 years...
  15. Buzzsaw (or is that Buzzkill?) used to have a somewhat elaborate queue, now all gone. The queue was the best thing about that ride imo. Billabong Restaurant used to have a theme inside, now it resembles a food court. Shows and entertainment used to be much better (who remembers the Wiz, Goldie the Clown, the Barbershop Quartet?)
  16. Hopefully prepping the track to be able to run the Baldwin steam engine again..
  17. You do know @pushbutton that this video is a fan made video, and not an official Dreamworld released video right?
  18. Nope it’s the seats at the front that are sunken in.
  19. Yes, the pony truck was replaced when it got to Woodford, but at the end of the day that’s general wear and tear, and it was safe for the running that occurred at the park, not safe for the type of operation at Woodford though. Regardless it was due for replacement and would have received it had they not been retired. The track condition may not be great right now, but track condition has deteriorated since the diesel entered service, A very different set of circumstances. I’m curious what you are referring to about the prohibited cast iron fitting? The attraction may come under an amusement device, but the boilers on the steam locos were certified and ticketed appropriately. Sorry for going slightly off topic, with the amount Of mud slinging happening, I’d hate to see more mud slung where it isn’t true,
  20. I’m not sure if you are serious or not. You of all people should know that the steam engines were in good condition when they were retired. Not only that but the engines were maintained by a dedicated crew devoted to those engines, and I very much doubt they would have signed off on them every day had they not felt they were safe, after all their lives were at risk.
  21. Is the reserved seating for the caged off area right at the front, or the front row of the stand though? If for the caged off area then that’s not awful.
  22. Sadly its not just recently that VRTP has gone the "cheap and tacky" shopping centre route for their shows and entertainment, it's been getting worse and worse with every new "show" that pops along. Thanks for the review @AlexB. It has been a few years since we have visited Sea World, your review tells me nothing has changed. How sad.
  23. Calling some of the people "VIP's" is a bit of a stretch isn't it?
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