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  1. Looking at the rendering, I have to be honest and say that I'm not really a big fan of it. To me it looks like a modern corporate office/ local council building, rather than an entrance to a theme park ride. I think this rendering is a perfect example how Dreamworld keep on shooting themselves in the foot through mis-guided/miscalculated decisions. However as always, I'll reserve my final judgement until I see the final product. I am curious also how they'll blend it in to the existing structures around it (including main street).
  2. cheski

    West Coast of USA

    Im guessing you mean 25k for flights, accomodation, transfers, tours, theme park admission, food ect.. IMO that would be far than enough money for you and the family to make a trip to the USA. If we are talking west coast USA, then you should be able to get flights $4-5k for the whole family, and $5k for decent accomodation (around $250 p/n). Try and find hotels with free breakfast to save a bit of money. Therefore $15k for food, admission, tours, and souveniers seems like more than enough. It obviously depends on your standards of accomodation (e.g. only like 5 stars or want to stay at a Disney hotel), and what (and how expensive) the activities you want to do are, how fancy/expensive the restaurants you want to eat at are, though normally when my brothers family of 4 go for 14 days to the USA, they normally do it for around $12k.
  3. Fingers crossed that Dreamworld can turn this around. Some hope comes from the recent appointment of 2 Ariadne Australia (biggest Ardent shareholder) members to the Ardent board. Ariadne had been protesting for a while decision making by the then board and the underinvestment occurring in Dreamworld. Originally the Ardent board resisted allowing 2 Ariadne Australia members to join, though as tensions have grown amongst shareholders, Ardent allowed the 2 members to join in September prior to the AGM this month. Some further reading for those of you interested from the GCB:
  4. cheski

    Latest Nearmap images of the parks

    Does a central repository exist of all the theme park satellite images that have been compiled over the years, or are they all located within different threads? Going forward, along with posting them during relavent discussion, it would be great to see these aerial images posted in a central thread (e.g. this thread) or an album.
  5. cheski

    Cementing Movie World

    ^^^ This!! A good immersive attraction not branded to a particular movie will remain relavent much longer than an attraction associated to one. Although associating an attraction to a movie might help in marketing and gettting people into the park on day 1, a good quality immersive attraction will always keep people coming back regardless. Look at also space and splash mountains in the US... some of the best rides in the world. No one is requesting D to pull them down. IMO, I think it's good (and smart) for a theme park to have a mixture of both.
  6. cheski

    Cementing Movie World

    Visiting movie world around 2 weeks ago whilst on holidays, I feel that movie world has lost some of the magic that I felt it had when I last visited a while back. Here are some of my improvement points: 1. I think more effort needs to be put into new rides in having a proper storyline, and a immersive ride queue rather than just plonking in some metal railings, shade cloths and a few superhero statues/drawings (i.e: GL, doomsday, batwing, DC rivals). It makes it feel like the rides have been just plonked in their locations, rides feel out-of-the-box/cheap, and reduces the overall experience/magic that is expected of a movie/studio related themepark. 2. The back of the park around WWF and doomsday felt dead when we walked around there during our visit. I'm sure that the current closure of WWF hasn't helped, though I noted many of the shops/stalls in that area weren't open or closed early. - Open/ extend the trading hours of these stalls. - Connect WWF with AA/front of park, to create a loop around the park, to try and pull more people hovering around the front of the park. Replacing AA or adding another attraction on this route in the future would help also. 3. More healthier/lower calorie food and healthier drink options. Examples could include sugar-free slurpee flavours, fresh iced teas, and bun-less burgers. 4. More characters walking randomly around the park, interacting with guests and allowing photo ops. Around closing time some of the characters could hang around the closing gate to wave visitors goodby and provide some final photo opportunities. Finally, trying to stay on topic, I believe that the current WB kids offering should be refreshed/updated, with a few more family friendly (mild/medium thrill) rides be put in the park.
  7. Really extatic at the progress of construction of this beast. I need to book a holiday to GC asap!! i really love the loop, though am thinking that they have missed an opportunity here regarding theming. With the big gaping hole, I think it would of been awesome for them to somehow bolt on a big giant jokers head here... maybe one that spins clock and counter-clockwise, emphasizing the craziness of the joker. I think this would give it a similar affect as the sun (previously mickeys head) does on California screaming at Disneyland. It would enhance photo ops of the coaster.. Imagine seeing that driving by movie world during day or lit up at night!
  8. Thank you for posting the full article in my absence @themagician . I tried to update my original post to put in the full article in, though it's not letting me via my mobile. Grrr. @Theme Park Girl, I agree that Deborah's handing of the incident was left to be desired in the eyes of the media and the public. In guess it was a strategic move to replace her, and refresh the brands image, regardless whether Dreamworld or not will be sold. Im not a betting kind of guy, though if i were, I guess Dreamworld will await the results of the coronial enquiry and see how the performance of the park goes over the next several months. If things don't improve, then Dreamworld will get the chop and be sold off. Just hoping any future owners Invest into the park, and look after it like everyone on parkz would like them to
  9. The below extract taken from 'The Australian' newspaper: 26/04/17 9:52am: Ardent Leisure has announced the appointment of a new chief executive after high-profile leader Deborah Thomas stepped down to undertake a new role as chief operating officer and chief customer officer. Ms Thomas’ surprise move comes two years after she claimed the CEO role and will see former Nine Entertainment finance chief Simon Kelly assume the top job at Ardent from July 1. Full article can be read from the following link: A part of me is surprised by this announcement, though then another part of me is not. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how the installment of a new CEO will shape Dreamworld in the future.
  10. Just did a quick google search and it may actually look like the tracks are painted in-house. "..Germany Mack Rides employs a full portfolio of equipment ranging from bending machines, robots and sandblasting machines to paint halls, with a further four hectares of space available for further development." Also to double check had a quick look on google maps and in google search to see if there are any painting plants in/near Waldkirch and got no hits.
  11. Well isn't this a let down. ... Somehow I don't get the feeling it will be on the same scale as the river ride.
  12. Don't forget Westfield Hurstville!!!
  13. Ok so I rode this ride for the first time this week. I was lucky enough to ride it twice with only about a 15 min wait each time. In my opinion, I believe that for what it is... it is pretty good.overall with the splashdown being the best bit. Like Burmuda Triangle, its a great family ride. HOWEVER I believe that it is too short. Its pretty much seems to just go up then down. I believe it still should have been placed at the front of the park (like originally planned), which would of given the ride even greater visibility outside the park and on the other side of southport. Using the same theme they could of incorporated a new better show building and at the end a elevator lift to get the cars up and possibly made it look like a crane (fits in with the port theme). This would have saved lots of space getting the cars up (instead of using the lift hill). Further they could of used part of the car park for the track to go around (if wanted to); with the car park fitting into the theme nicely also. Being also right next to Nerang River they could of better played on that ride is supposed to be at a port. This probably would of created better views/ experience for riders also. What do you guys think?
  14. Hey Guys I have found an update of the storm coaster made by in the month of September. Looks like not too much has been going on, though still an interesting update. Benny