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  1. It could also be outdoor. Wouldn't be the first time we've had an outdoor maze.
  2. What about "they can't compete with Rivals....in the immediate future"?
  3. End of October. Hasn't really ever changed.
  4. Nowhere that I've seen is advertising it as $120, that's our calculations. They may not do the room for singles, but it doesn't change the fact you're getting a free panic room valued at $80. Even at the $40 price, you're still saving on the cost of doing it separately.
  5. Rivals fast track $15 Panic room $80 ($13.33 assuming you get 6 ppl) Laser tag: $10 Makeup: $15 Maze: non-comparable Total: $120 ($53.33 if you have a 6 person room and people pay you back) So the $120 value checks out. --- Fwiw rivals fast track is available all day now to I believe at $15/ride.
  6. Really wish they'd include a customisable spaceshot ride soon
  7. Thank you to @JaggedJanine for helping me discover a new way of editing
  8. I haven't heard anything since that group PM he sent saying he was on a "self-imposed exile" or something and wanting people to like his facebook page. @Skeeta, @AlexB weren't one of you tracking the fridge at some point?
  9. That reminds me, I bought the DLC yesterday and then forgot to check it out.
  10. I think the table is just temp to promote it. There was a sign somewhere saying to get them from the fast pass place.
  11. And nor should they. You can't charge $10 for people to ride it then let others go one for free just because no one paid.
  12. Ermahgerd! Scerrp! Thought it would have made more sense to save your scoop for pcl though
  13. Have you been reading too much bulletin again? Why is safety being called into question here? Did you think that maybe they're waiting on parts? Maybe a different ride needed attention sooner and resources were diverted? Maybe they need a specific piece of equipment that isn't available immediately?
  14. I've bought all the others so I'll buy this as well when it comes out. In saying that, I've used 1 item from the existing DLC so far, but it's nice to have
  15. @Gazza was what I meant not clear? Or you just think it's a stupid idea? I mean have them both play at the same time showing forwards and backwards in the same video.
  16. Can someone not as lazy as me please sync these together as one video.
  17. I kind of find it funny that with the size of MW, do we even need a map? I know we do, but it almost seems pointless. DW yes, because it's so spread out, but anyone should be able to see their way around MW pretty easily. Pretty much everything is on the same path.
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