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  1. Yes and no. Visiting a driving range has been something on my to do list for ages but never got around to doing. Having it at/next door to movie world just makes it more convenient and the ability to visit a new and modern range is a nice drawcard too.
  2. Would anyone really miss HWSD fpr a few weeks if they just used the arena for a couple of mazes? Yes I know it's a crowd soak, this isn't really a serious suggestion, it's just a nice big area to fit stuff in. I would assume the UTT is same place as last year, but I'm really hoping it's not because last year's tour kinda sucked.
  3. Here you go, kids, the accident report. The facebook page Amusement Ride Accidents has gone through and highlighted key points. This is also their caption: Ohio-fireball-fair-accident-report.pdf
  4. Turns out my theory was wrong. Damn. Wouldn't have minded an Exorcist and Scream maze.
  5. As mentioned many times previously, the set for the TVC (TeleVision Commercial)
  6. Should have filmed it at Dreamworld and just made everyone use their imagination.
  7. Because if I didn't ruin it for everyone, someone else will. And since this guy made it public someone was bound to stumble upon it soon enough. This year's mazes are: Conjuring 2 From Dusk Til Dawn Halloween SAW
  8. I didn't realise I was making people uncomfortable. I might have to ride less often.
  9. This area looked amazing last year for such a small space.
  10. "Possible" new ride/s for dreamworld/whitewaterworld And yet your first suggestion was a B&M. (Thanks @AlexB) Also White Water World is not a single word.
  11. Imagine that. A park fixing an effect somewhere in a three year time frame.
  12. @pushbutton this seems like your thing. Where ya been.
  13. Nice work. Now if you could do the rest of main street for me that would allow me to continue work on the park
  14. That doesn't tell me what changes though. I just find it odd that with all the tech available today that can design this stuff in the first place that in the end, it still comes down to "let's see what happens when we build it".
  15. Out of curiosity for those of you who know how this stuff works, what magically changed between all their computer modelling and testing to actual construction that results in these trims having to be added to slow it down and reduce the forces?
  16. Every month I have to call and pay manually. They claim not to be able to debit a chq account despite seemingly being the only company in Aus that has this issue. Confirmed with the bank that they aren't even receiving DD requests from debit success. Confirmed all numbers are correct etc. Conclusion: debit success are shit and VRTP needs a new payment provider.
  17. So most of the really good stuff. I really wish the park would restore the ride back to open day standards. I know it won't happen due to time/budget, but damn it would be nice to see it happen to all the rides.
  18. Watch the POV on YouTube from when it opened and you'll see how wrong you are about "all" the effects working. There's effects in there I would be willing to bet the majority of members on here didn't know once existed.
  19. So none of the videos are yours but you made the decision to re upload them to your channel instead of sharing and crediting the actual owners of the videos?
  20. @djrappa it's been hit and miss for me. Maybe just over 50% of the time I have been asked to produce the admission ticket as well as the UTT pass. Seems that the later you show up the less they care as they're in a hurry to get everyone in.
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