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  1. Last time I went to Dreamworld and rode ToT was back when it was just Tower of Terror. And to my understanding the launch speed decreased when it was converted to ToTII due to the larger amount of strain put on the riders when flung backwards. As of now I guess we may be seeing the signs of an old ride
  2. I've had enough of media pulling dreamworld into everything as an example!! Leave dreamworld alone. and leave the Amusement Park and Carnival industry alone. I wish they'd stop making stories relevant 2-3 years ago breaking news today just because of what happened at dreamworld last year.
  3. Probably. But it's the first I've heard of it. And I couldn't find a thread on it. So I thought I'd start one
  4. Recently Universal Studios announced their partnership with Nintendo to bring a Nintendo theme realm into Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood and Japan. As a Nintendo fan, I am genuinely excited to see the progress of there realms, hoping to see a Rainbow Road Rollercoaster!!
  5. Interesting! Maybe they're trying to make changes slowly, either by slowly removing signage for closure, or a retheme or refurbishment. If I remember correctly, the ride was fairly quiet with little to no theming towards Vikings.
  6. What's this I hear? Is Ardent leisure really changing their company name to Main Event Entertainment? I understand ardent doesnt want this incident under their name, but don't you think a change of name is too soon?
  7. Dreamworld would most probably close TRR and leave it SBNO either out of respect or because people know what happened with this ride. But I'm hoping dreamworld can completely fix the fault, and replace the badly damaged parts, cause I'd love to see TRR operating as normal again.
  8. Is dreamworld still planning on opening tomorrow? Cause I keep seeing posts on Facebook claiming the park won't reopen tomorrow, and will stay close indefinitely. While others saying it will open. Sounds like the media can't get their s**t together
  9. I'm also annoyed with the media too with this incident, especially channel 7 with its coverage of this. They pretty much pushed the blame onto an 18 year old girl who's first day working at dreamworld was that day, they also mentioned all the other theme parks in Australia stating that they go through daily ride maintainence and checkups before they're open to the public. Completely leaving out the fact that dreamworld does the same thing. Not to mention they were comparing ride quality between Luna Park Sydney and Dreamworld, which I find hilarious, due to the fact LPS had had a run with inspectors, due to unsafe rides, and even an incident that was worse than this one currently, when 7 people including children were burned alive in the ghost train fire the media is leaving out important information and pretty much making Dreamworld look like an unsafe park. And have the guts to say it's going to affect the Queensland tourism. It will for a little while. Then people will eventually forget about this and be back to normal. It was a freak accident. Media just needs to back off.
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3872788/Dreamworld-never-open-employees-face-jail-safety-negligence.html?ito=social-facebook_Australia
  11. Interesting to hear LPS is acting pretty fast. does anyone have photos, or are able to take some. Id love to see the progress!
  12. That connection point is added to the outside of the arm, so I'm guessing it could possibly be a connection point for some theming
  13. I know this has probably been mentioned before, but now that the Tango Train and Flying Saucer has been removed, the park looks empty. there is now only 3 possibly 5 'thrill' rides left, to which most are getting old. I know LPS is a 'family' park but Sydney, and luna Park especially draw in a lot of teens looking for a thrill. Looking back at old videos and pics of LPS's hay day, rides were crammed in every possible spot making the park look alive. I know it ain't gunna happen but I wish LPS would somehow bring that park back or at least add some great thrill rides in the empty spaces to give back a little life to the park. I know LPS has to cater for the younger kids too. But they have many rides too and potentially some room in cony island where they can add a Childs play area. (The unused vintage arcade area that never gets used)
  14. The people living behind will still find a way to complain
  15. I really wanna know what goes on in protesters minds. Do they do any research? Or are they all biased airheads?
  16. Thought this was worth a share, so sad to see this one go
  17. How exciting!! Glad to see stage 2 finally reaching construction stage!! Looking forward to see what this ride is going to be!! And can't wait till next season!!
  18. Hot Wheels I think is pretty good as a theme. Yes it's a kids toy, but it's also 'cars' lots of adults and teens love cars, I'm sure they would have had Hot Wheels as kids anyway. Plus most Hot Wheels play sets have loops so that suits the coaster also. As for the name. It's a name you'll remember, it's fine.
  19. I swear this was discussed before. Dont bother with scream shields. They decided to move in behind an amusement park. Let them suffer.
  20. Theme park revue uploaded some game play of Roller Coaster Tycoon World
  21. Tried downloading it. It won't work. The app isn't comparable with my device. I'm so angry. The 5c is fairly recent, now they don't want to accomodate new apps with anything lower than 5s. I'm very annoyed right now!!
  22. the mechanism that locks into the lift hill chain only works when the train is forward. If the train is turned around the mechanism won't lock into the chain. That is unless they bring in a new train
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