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    Incident at movieworld

  2. I mentioned that I was going to a video on Old Sydney Town so I thought I'd drop it for ya'll here. And it's okay, I approached everyone first before using their footage. I don't need that headache again! Should I make a theme park history video thread or something? I feel like this doesn't really belong here but I'm not sure where else to put it.
  3. CaptainLazerGuns

    The Off Topic Topic

    B&M Wooden Inverted Hybrid Twister Hyper-Hydrocoaster confirmed.
  4. CaptainLazerGuns

    Recommendations for a Europe Trip

    A week at Efteling it is! Man, I'm not used to seasonal parks. Did not take that into consideration!
  5. CaptainLazerGuns

    Dreamworld Ghost town

    I was there in September and some of my favorite attractions were closed but other than that most rides were running fine. I didn't notice how empty the park was until I ventured to the Corroboree side of the park. I enjoy this little walk through area because I love animals, but there were only like two other families around. However, one of my biggest takeaways from my day there was how enthusiastic and lively the staff were. Compared to Village Roadshow, Dreamworld blew the customer service side of things out of the park. The Lego store employees were spectacular and talkative, each operator was attentive and lively and most people seemed to have a smile on their face. I lost my glasses in the park and lodged it with guest services expecting to never see them again, but I got a call the next day from Dreamworld letting me know I can come and pick them up as they had been found. Village Roadshow seemed to be mostly run by teenagers who were more interested in each other (wink wink) than the overall guest experience. I had some standouts (cheers to the dude who was interested in my musical theater background!) but for the most it was pretty flat customer service wise. This could purely be a demographic thing, but I saw a lot more people over 30 at Dreamworld who seemed to have a shared passion for theme parks.
  6. CaptainLazerGuns

    Curious Adelaide: What Happened to Dazzleland?

    This is my first time seeing anything about Dazzleland. Very interesting read, cheers for sending it our way!
  7. CaptainLazerGuns

    Recommendations for a Europe Trip

    Germany has a couple amazing parks. Whilst I haven't been too many in Europe, I know that Alton Towers and Thorpe Park are the standouts in the UK. In Germany you have Phantasialand which is spectacular and nearby is Efteling which has received numerous awards for being one of the best theme parks in the world. Also your already mentioned Europa and Movie park are very good from what I've seen. I always like to check out for a good idea of some of the most noteworthy parks in the world. He seems to share my taste in parks, so I always check him out before adventuring.
  8. CaptainLazerGuns

    Germany Oct. 17' with CoasterForce! Phanta, MPG, Heide & Hansa

    Great pictures Hipster! Phantasialand is up there on my theme park bucket list. It seems like one of the few parks that has fully embraced themeing and high intensity thrills. Looking forward to the rest!
  9. CaptainLazerGuns

    Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    It looks fun. Even though I'm not a big golfing fan, I'd probably give this a try when I'm up at the Gold Coast.
  10. CaptainLazerGuns

    State Theme Park Incentives

    They have a fair amount of Harry Potter merch on Main Street so I assume they have some licensing agreement. I wouldn't be surprised if it was only for merchandise though.
  11. CaptainLazerGuns

    Dreamworld Ghost town

    That sucks. When I was there I really enjoyed a decent morning coffee and toastie from The Parkway. If I can't get a decent coffee at a theme park I'll be a big ol' grump. It's interesting that they'd leave the Lego store open in the morning but not a cafe... I guess the Lego store brings in more revenue?
  12. I'll get around to Fox Studios eventually
  13. CaptainLazerGuns

    The Off Topic Topic
  14. CaptainLazerGuns

    The Off Topic Topic

    The word moist offends me. Please ban moist.
  15. CaptainLazerGuns

    The Off Topic Topic

    I had the option to go to a site like 10 minutes away from Rainbow's End for work but had to decline it at the last minute. Work sends us near there all time so I'll try and take a sneaky day on the weekend to visit the park! Do they still have the mine ride with the guy repeating the same line every 2.6 seconds in the queue?
  16. The whole thing kept me up last night. I realize that now I was in the wrong for not grabbing permission first, but being threatened with a formal DMCA take-down just shook me up. I should have thicker skin at this point because I've been harassed by every music label under the sun but the fact that it was coming from a community I heavily respected just hit hard. I had plans to make some other videos on Wonderland and it's history including it's licensing with Marvel, the ride's current statuses, etc but I'm scrapping those topics to talk about Old Sydney Town and Luna Park. I think I'm done with Wonderland for now.
  17. Moviepark Germany looks really sleek and modern, great videos Hipster! Also is that a Bermuda triangle!?
  18. CaptainLazerGuns

    The Off Topic Topic

    Oh my lord it's been so long since I've been to Rainbows End. Probably like 10 years. How is the modern version of the park?
  19. Thank you Alex. I'm all about transparency. It was never my intention to cause any drama, I just want to create videos about theme parks and for people to enjoy them. It was an inexperienced move on my behalf not to seek permission first, but I'm trying to make things right. Thankfully I've learnt a valuable lesson early into the series.
  20. This is a copy of my current set up on the video for ads. I can't demonetize it because of my contract with Fullscreen, but I made sure it's actively running no ads. Also I used to rely on donations because YouTube was my full time career at one point. Thankfully I can now fully support myself and any money I get from YouTube I donate to organisations I trust. See below: Also I'm "schooled" in copyright law as I've constantly been harassed by organisations flagging my previous parody and cover videos. You're very interested in research I see, so you'll see that this is my first video like this and I'm not that experienced with reaching out for permission. They've asked first because they're large corporations with massive teams of people lending a hand with varying levels of experience. I'm one 24 year old dude who has an interest in theme parks and making videos. I don't have a legal team backing me and everything I do is based off my previous experience. 'Tyme Creative' is also a co-operative between myself and a mate to legitimize our creative ventures. It's literally just a business name at this point and has no actual corporate standing. Once again, you're very versed in research but failed to include this? Also thank you for releasing the email I sent to the WonderlandHistory.Net team in confidentiality publicly instead of replying to it. Who is really trying to fix this issue?
  21. Cheers for the response. I'll be sure to take in mind moving forward. As per the flag, I'll be surprised if it stands. I can sense your hostility towards this issue and as a creator I completely respect it, but please don't try to scare me. Copyright Act 1968 s41 & s42 covers fair dealings in relation to videos which are "Reporting the news" on current or historic events, and review and criticism. Also with the video being hosted on a public US platform it also falls under Section 107 of the US Copyright Act which covers news reporting. I'll be happy to re-upload the video with absolutely no mention of yourself or and using neither of your content if you're so inclined.
  22. I'm happy to follow this up with you personally. Send me a private message. I want to make sure that all creators are properly acknowledged and credited for their works.
  23. Hey mate, just uploaded the video. Feel free to give it a watch:
  24. CaptainLazerGuns

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Cheers for the input, I had no idea that Scooby-Doo was getting a new feature film! Makes more sense now that they'd keep the theme and subject. I wonder if the update will be based around the new movie or whether it will play off of the nostalgia of the old attraction.
  25. CaptainLazerGuns

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    At what point do they just say "Stuff it" and throw in the towel on Scooby Doo? Is it really worth spending a fortune on reviving a clearly rundown attraction when they could utilize the space and ride with a new IP... Even though said ride would probably be "DC JUSTICE LEAGUE: WILD MOUSE COASTER". I feel that Scooby is unfortunately at a point of no return .