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  1. Adventure World - what actually is it?

    Hybrid Theme Park/Water park works perfectly fine. It is definitely a unique place and one i am glad i have on my doorstep.
  2. Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    If i had to describe Abyss and was only allowed to use the words "smooth" or "rough" smooth would win hands down. There are much much much worse coasters around.
  3. Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    hmm, we'll see..
  4. Great Escape closure

    nothing is coming
  5. Thanks @AlexB Not sure i will be able to stretch to 3 days at Disney but will see. I'll pay for whatever fast pass/vip/whatever option there is everywhere. Good tip re: Vegas hotel, cheers Thinking of going through for a helicopter out to the canyon then some shooting... and a burger ! to save on driving time.
  6. I'm off to LA for the first time in March will be there for 12 days So much to do, not sure i am going to have time to get to everything Definitely want to do Disneyland just cos Disneyland (2 days?) Is it worth staying overnight in the resort? I love Universal Studios Singapore so would assume LA would be better and i would enjoy it (1 day?) Six flags Magic Mountain being jam packed with coasters (1 day?) Knotts Berry Farm seems to get good reviews (1 day?) Anything else? Want to get to Vegas for a few days, thinking of driving and seeing the canyon and some other weird and wonderful detours Must see some NBA games, maybe a dodgers game Venice Beach Plus the usual sights i guess ?
  7. Make the lockers $20, it is bloody annoying when all the $10 cheapskates take them all and i can't get one.
  8. VTP Annual Pass Changes

    $200 is still an absolute bargain
  9. The Off Topic Topic

    It was a joke
  10. The Off Topic Topic

    $5 after 5 !
  11. I agree for special events it makes sense but not every weekend. Some people are purchasing them so maybe i am way off. There are 5 available tomorrow and 8 Sunday
  12. I don't see why alcohol wouldn't be included but i don't drink Alcohol at theme parks. As a season pass holder i get 20% off food and drink purchases and food isn't really that expensive there to begin with. I honestly don't think our family of 2 adults and 3 kids could eat and drink $125 worth of food, especially after the discount and if we did it would be just excessive and to use the amount up. Forcing $125 of food on people who want to hire a cabana isn't a very good value proposition in my opinion.
  13. Great Escape closure