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  1. themagician covers a chunk of it plus its not exactly legal and singapore authorities arent exactly "friendly" so you are risking your money for no real reason. there are tonnes of hotels in singapore. the singapore MRT is excellent, just find a decent cheap hotel near a MRT station and you are set absolutely no need to stuff about or take any risk with airbnb
  2. I used a private driver, had to pay cash but got the legoland tickets off him and checked vs online price and the tickets were cheaper. We splashed out on a top luxury vehicle think the return journey was $280SGD - definitely can be done cheaper. https://www.sgmytaxi.com/ We were picked up at our hotel at 8am and were at Legoland around 9:30am. It's not always 1.5 hours at the border. When we went we were allowed to stay in the car to be processed, just handed all the passports to the driver and he gave them to the authorities and we were verified by waving through the window.
  3. Good point on the travel to the zoo , definitely cab for that one. I also recommend NOT staying on Sentosa too And again, yep most shops wont open until 10am or even 11am for some but then they stay open until about that time pm as well. Fort Siloso was a good tip, i found it interesting from a historical persepctive, others may find it really boring. Zipline is still there also a high ropes obstacle course as well which i enjoyed. Has 3 different height/difficulty levels.
  4. Phew...where to start... i love Singapore and visit every couple of months ! You're list is pretty good, i'll try and work through it.. 1. Singapore weather is pretty much the same all year round...very hot and humid and scattered rainstorms. you might get a bit more rain in december-march and june-september. 2. *Universal Studios - 1 day is enough * Singapore Zoo/River Safari/Night Zoo - i reccommend 2 days for this - otherwise its a massive day. i've done it all in 1 day with kids and it killed us..we were too exhausted to really enjoy the night safari which gets packed.
  5. +1 I was about to type this suggestion. Did the 8:45am VIP tour in March , it was awesome
  6. I did the zombie shooting at zero latency in vegas. Was bloody awesome fun Bit expensive for half an hours fun but fun nonetheless.
  7. From memory that menu looks better than what was on offer at Top Golf in Vegas but i was pretty drunk there and ate mainly sweet potato fries which were pretty average
  8. Thanks for sharing this, had never heard of this guy before.... now i am hooked on his videos. Yes, there is a huge wanker element to him but the guy is a bloody genius scammer. Some pretty good viewing amongst his videos
  9. I have just been to Vegas and went to Topgolf as well. I'm a casual golfer and really enjoyed Topgolf, its more than a driving range. Beers were flowing , food was being delivered. Plenty of different 'games' to choose from for competition and banter with mates. The screen replays your shot and gives you info like speed,drift etc - I can see it being a big success. Was pretty fun. (you can rack up a pretty big bill in a hurry)
  10. I was there yesterday, most queues were 60 minutes and Harry Potter was 2 and a half hours. I did the VIP tour and had unlimited front of line, well worth the money. The additional tour benefits and our tour guide were amazing and so was the included VIP buffet lunch. The motion rides made me sick. I prefer the Singapore versions of Mummy and Jurassic Park. The park for me was mainly all about the studio tour and VIP is definitely the way to go IMO We are staying in Downtown LA - caught the red line metro train there - was about an hour door to door. Short walk to a U
  11. Lol. thanks mate. Love it You had that place running on an impressive margin then 👍🏻
  12. Average of 2857 per day then, ok, better than i expected. Good ! 40 mil over 7 is obviously much more than 27 mil over 6 Not sustainable I'll reiterate here also that i am a huge supporter of the park have spent a lot of money on season passes, food, guest passes, fast passes etc over the past 4 or so years so i am not trying to nay say for the hell of it or denigrate the place but i feel some expectations here are very unrealistic.
  13. Some random maths which mean absolutely nothing but i'm bored at work so lets play.... Open approx 175 days a year Maximum capacity 5500 (from when they locked the gates december 2015) Say they got on average across the full season 2000 visitors per day ever day (generous) 2000 x 175 = 350,000 guests per season lets pretend 35% of those are season ticket holders and use the full adult rate for each of $169 = $20.7 mill lets pretend 65% of those day guests paid full adult admission of $58 for 1 day = $13.2 mill We have gate takings on these wild assumptions o
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