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  1. it was actually a lot harder than i expected to find a spot to photograph. the fences and the trees dont help! train wasnt running today so I couldnt use that. alright so let me explain these photos for a second. this photo is the "office" area as far as i'm aware. this is the main amphitheatre which I couldn't get a proper picture of. best view of what's happening is on GD at the moment. a digger was ripping chunks off when I saw it earlier.
  2. yes, can't find a spot inside the park that's accessible for a picture at the moment. was here yesterday too and no work was being done on it.
  3. Big Brother amphitheatre is being demolished at the moment. just saw it being scrapped at the top of GD
  4. Hey all, I'm at dw today and it appears tot is still closed despite the maintenance being changed to 26/07. Will see what happens later in the day, have a good one!
  5. Hey everyone, I didn't see that anyone had posted these here yet but I just checked the page for DW maintenance and these are on there now. Wipeout seems to be having a bad set of luck with still not being open and that lengthy maintenance.
  6. I just love them screaming out "excuse me! private property!" while disrupting a public show?
  7. Thank you! It has said closed for a while on the site, even during the holiday period though?
  8. Does anyone know why the Vintage Cars are still closed? I haven't found much mentioned about them. I tried searching the topic but I couldn't see much either.
  9. I don't usually listen to the media articles but this made me giggle that they had been "freed"
  10. I'm only (somewhat) aware of the laws on Defamation in South Australia so I have tried to look at those in QLD. However, surely now reporting (almost) every time a ride breaks down, without full knowledge or even misrepresentation of the events like what happened with TRR cuts into these?
  11. RRRC is a great ride, although my only peeve is the block brakes right at the end. EFM is an amazing ride as well, one of the first proper coasters I went on when I was younger so both of these rides have some meaning to me. As much as I love them though the theming and the ride itself for excitement goes to RRRC. I have a sentimental part of me for RRRC due to it previously being next to LTRR which still today is a ride I adore and I always went on RRRC after or before LTRR.
  12. I went on it last year and I couldn't concentrate on anything else in the ride other than trying to get my legs comfortable. The freedom in JR is something that MDMC would be much better with. Restraints would be one of the problems to get around unfortunately however after a quick google it's not as if there aren't ones like this available. Although it is quite similar you can see that your knees are less restricted, but that isn't an Intamin restraint it's a Vekoma. The thigh pressure I can deal with (@Arkham), it's more the knees that become a problem quicker.
  13. I think for me the biggest downfall of MDMC is the restraints, as someone who is around 6 foot 2 I find it extremely uncomfortable and I spend more time in pain (especially my dang knees) on it than I can to enjoy some of it. When I was 10 it would have been more exciting so I agree on families finding it good; however even then I preferred GD, TOT, Cyclone (using that name as that is what it was when I was 10) and Wipeout. I appreciate the length of the track however it does get let down with theming as was mentioned above. JR has always to be been more thrilling, not only due to how low it gets but the intensity of some of the turns I find make genuinely thrilling and more enjoyable overall.
  14. Have there been any sightings of TOT2 going up lately? I remember when I was there (early December; ages ago now), GD was being worked on with people standing at the top of the gondolas and doing things there every day I was there. However, couldn't see anything with TOT (obviously people could be in the tunnel, but I mean it going up and not internal stuff) TOT going up isn't exactly a sound that you can miss hearing. (Someone mentioned a while ago that they could be holding off on it to save money due to it using a lot of power, so thought I would ask)
  15. Honestly why does it even matter that much? Clearly you care way too much about how Dreamworld are doing. I'll give you a rundown just incase you missed it; They have support from people, they are missing support from others. this is expected because obviously there was a fatal accident at the park. The main thrill rides are not yet open, what difference does it make whether or not there are full crowds at the park? It doesn't affect you in the slightest, we are trying to support Dreamworld as they have given us happiness throughout the years. Of course with 4 out of 9 thrill rides open there will be a decline in customers. However, they are doing everything they can. You are entitled to do anything you like, whether that be analysis of the carpark of whatever you have to do. Just stop trying to diminish the support they have.
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