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  1. Funny you should mention that... Only partially Eureka related but this seemed the best thread to post this in. I was at DW today and noticed surveyors and maintenance guys all through the gold rush area. I went on the buzzsaw and noticed surveyors doing some work around the TRRR station as well. Completely unrelated I think I also spotted a wild @Slick roaming around the park today.
  2. Well, picking up where they left off in terms of bringing Eureka back in some form as well as giving the Gold Rush area some love. Yes, having to remove TRRR did put a big hole in the plan but most of the plan would have probably been about the area surrounding the ride itself. Being as it was one of the couple rides still operational in that area Having the centrepiece removed would probably put more focus on getting the surrounding rides sorted to offer something in that area. I was speaking with Dreamworld Social Media on Facebook and they mentioned that there are some works already taking place in the Gold Rush area.
  3. It really seems like Dreamworld did have a plan to start fixing the park up and reviving things such as Eureka and not long after that plan began, the TRRR incident happened and it put everything on hold and pushed back their plans massively. I'm hoping they are picking up where they left off with their original 2015/16 Gold Rush plans.
  4. Yeah, thanks for that I've spent my whole day reading through all 39 pages of that and getting lost in the past that I never got to experience. At least it made my work day go fast
  5. Time to dump my photos of Tiger Island Stage 2 from today, in there. Great idea dude! I would have never thought to do that.
  6. DW at this point are pretty much just waiting for a construction company to pick up the contract and begin works.
  7. I was at DW early today and both sides of GD running and TOT running too. Was pretty exciting to see the tower in full operation again.
  8. It seems as though they are mainly a concrete pouring company. The photos they've posted on Instagram look like they are laying slabs and paths for the station, the path/bridge connecting MW/TG/AOS and the TG building itself.
  9. If you look on the MW website, you'll notice that exact piece of track on the left is the same one wrapping around Batwing on the rides and attractions page
  10. I guess they gave up on constantly moving the dates so they just took them away instead.
  11. I was trying to figure that out myself. I came to the conclusion it's probably tailspin as interpreted by someone in the marketing department who has only seen the ride, from the car park.
  12. I drove past last Saturday and made a point to stop in and ride it because I saw the western side operating with people in it.
  13. Why don't they just hire a couple of vapers to sit up there and blow smoke? Pay them in fidget spinners and you've got endless smoke effects
  14. Honestly, I'm just hoping that the projectors audio and video are in time after it comes back from maintenance.
  15. As much as I love the Scooby Doo theme. Harry Potter would work really well. I'm thinking something slightly similar to Escape from Gringotts at Universal Studios.
  16. It may not have been necessary but it's been fun going on Scooby without the theme and the ride being even more dark than usual.
  17. Is it bad that i'm more excited to see de-construction (especially major works like the removal of TRR and area repurposing) than I am to see the construction of new things? Clarification: I'm excited for new attractions, this is just about the physical de/construction phase
  18. I gave it an upvote at the time not realising that post would spiral this thread into chaos, haha.
  19. I'll just steal every red paint swatch from bunnings and hold them all up next to the coaster. I wont stop until the mystery is solved...
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