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  1. Jpw251

    Summer crowds at theme parks

    Dreamworld was absolutely packed today too.
  2. Jpw251

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Soft openings must be close seen a few staff walk in today.
  3. Jpw251

    Fun Fields - New Wave Pool 2018

    Did Ardent buy this park?
  4. Jpw251

    Animated TV series about Aussie Theme park

    Unless they have thier own tv show it can't be a problem by international copyright law.
  5. Jpw251

    IAAPA 2018

    Always love those proslide models would love a few for myself.
  6. Jpw251

    Gold Rush to get aviation theme at Dreamworld?

    Perfect opportunity to get a B&M flyer or at worst a Vekoma flying dutchman. Just not one of those horrible Zamperla death traps. Come on Dreamworld we know you're reading.
  7. Jpw251

    The Off Topic Topic

    Might be fenced off sothe smokers don't get an Andrew H idea.
  8. Jpw251

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Perhaps demo the cinema building but keeping all the facades? Look at the RNA may have took all the sideshow area but kept all the original facades.
  9. Jpw251

    The Off Topic Topic

    Will this be MW version of screamworld.?
  10. Jpw251

    The Off Topic Topic

    Steel curtain looks like fun, ugly lookinh ride though.
  11. Jpw251

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    No all Intamin family launch coasters with tyres don't use any hydraulics for the launch. Might of been the brake system or something
  12. Jpw251

    Traveling fairs!

    The RNA have ruined the ekka, showbag tent was supposed to be temporary; now its a permanent tent taking up SSA space. Removed many pavillions for apartments. Plus charge way to much for ride space... alot of the Showmen don't want to go there.
  13. You can do SoCAL in 10 days. 4 days at disney, 1 at knotts, 1 at USH, 2 at SFMM, 1 at SW;SD and legoland, belmont park and adventure city in the one day ( at your kids age just spend a few hours at each). As others had said the longer at disney the better. We also did a 6 week east coast trip, if anyone is interested in the itinerary. ( was not cheap but worth it.)
  14. Jpw251

    Dreamworld "Funhouse"

    WTF is this thread?
  15. Jpw251

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    Would only be going to wet n wild for the spas at whirlpool springs right now.