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  1. They should TRY harder next time. The Penalties can be harsh
  2. Memes aside. I've been to adventure world twice. Don't think I'll be keen to go again. From what I've heard there are other parks in Perth that are worth checking out. Abyss was fun but even when I went in 2017 it was rough as guts. Not really worth it. AW really hit an own goal here. With their border shut tight. They'd be skating on thin ice from now on. (Got more sports references where that came from)
  3. Due to popular demand a new attraction will be installed at Adventure world! To help you get back on those rides you missed out on. Try our New Calisthenics class!
  4. All theme park chains have their down periods. Even the big guys like Six Flags and Cedar Fair. Movie world can't spit out DC Rivals level attractions every year or 2. Plus they have the added challenge of keeping 3 other parks fresh. VRTP are fine. They most likely saving their pennies for a big attraction before Brisbane 2032
  5. Though I'm no fan of any Spinning rides. good to see some movement there! Very Keen to see the finished product!
  6. in before people point out Leviathan, Superman and steel taipan is technically unique.
  7. I would hope not. if they just ctrl + C ctrl + V Velocicoaster I do think the GP would turn up for that one! plus we're yet to see the GP's first reaction to Orange Snek. might be possible that DW gets a great summer holiday attendance (Granting Covid behaves itself)
  8. realistically I can see either park get one of those new Verkoma Lauch coasters. They actually look pretty fun If I get to dream. The new Intamin mega coaster (I think that's what they're called (velocicoaster)) would be insane to have here!
  9. Back on topic. I don't actually believe either Park is on the decline. We've always had stagnant periods in the parks. I do bet once all the new hotness is open we'll be just as excited for the parks as we were in 2017. With the Olympics coming in 11 years I bet both companies will bring some thing big. I personally am more excited for DW as those guys deserve (In a way) their moment in the sun again. Just my two cents. but it pays to be have patience as an Aussie Thoosie
  10. it was located where Sky Voyager is now. heading towards Gold Rush Country on the right. just across from the Fairytale shop.
  11. Throwback to when Dreamworld did a actually decent Boost.
  12. Do we still like Planco posting? Current WIP park. no theme. just el generico "six flags" park more pics coming soon if y'all keen
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