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  1. You know I was actually expecting this to be the worst part. It turned out to be the best! Holy dooly that backwards launch is bonkers!
  2. Main stand outs are the backwards launch. Really surprised me! The heart line roll is insane. Especially in spinny seats. Solid 8/10 spinning is 10/10 if you can get it going
  3. Excellent news. Have fun tomorrow guys! Don't spend all your moneys on spinny seats! Remember credits are really worthless so you don't need to push or shove to get first. See you there ladies and gentlemen!
  4. Damned capitalism. I now want to buy some ST branded anti venom. Would be a hit with me if alcoholic beverage was in the jar.
  5. Can I claim Bronze if I guess first soft open?
  6. wouldn't surprise me if it was just early park entry for pass holders. Pretty sure that's what they did with rivals if memory serves well. But if they do a soft open. I would say they'd do it next weekend.
  7. from what I saw yesterday. it doesn't spin that much with 2 people. however if it's a single rider. it will be intense.
  8. really hoping for a Halo type announcement that soft opens start when they announce it. a man can dream.
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