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  1. Crofty

    Sea Viper maintenance 2014

    At sea world today no work going on to day but you can see lots of work has bean done. You can see white paint on parts that are getting fix. Last year did they do any work where they are working now?
  2. Crofty

    The Off Topic Topic

    on discover queensland face book page there is a photo of a new water slides for sea world
  3. cyclone at dreamworld a new train and the train on backwards
  4. Crofty

    dreamworld vs movie world

    I take my 4 year old on Scooby Doo and she love it. Height Requirement are only 110cm
  5. Crofty

    Open The Gate Sea World!

    the gate been like that for the last 20years
  6. Crofty

    Seal Harbour @ Sea World

    thanks for that what a F up not to have it open there has bean no rain so can't see why its not
  7. Crofty

    Seal Harbour @ Sea World

    has seal harbour open yet
  8. Crofty

    Flume Ride @ Aussie World

    they have made a little water play area next to the flume ride should be open soon
  9. Crofty

    Lethal Weapon or Arkham Asylam

    they have made a new Looney Tunes show it is on WB for kids on the week end.
  10. Demolition has started on BT and they are doing work out the back of dolphin cove and where the old pirate ship was they are starting to fill in some of the ski lake.
  11. Crofty

    Sea Viper Closed

    On Sea World maintentenance page Sea viper will reopen on 10th of September
  12. Crofty

    Aussie World January Visit

    Went to AW yesterday it was a very slow day for the park. There was only about 20 people in the park. They had 3 ride staff on so all you needed to do was pick the ride you wanted to go on and they started it up. The was very clean and tidy. They are look for a ride that goes up side down as the new ride this year.
  13. I think surfrider was going there. Sold the pirate ship then change there mind to WW
  14. Crofty

    Flume Ride @ Aussie World

    Thank for that AlexB.