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  1. Yes I have been on the one at Alton and Riptide at Knotts and both soaked you like a water ride, which I thought was unnecessary. So if the SW one just has near miss fountains like Talocan I'll be happy.
  2. Sorry was just going by you saying you got Drenched when the fountains go full strength.
  3. So then the answer is to build arenas facing south in Australia 🤷‍♀️
  4. Do people really want to get wet on a ride like this? The fountains are cool as a near miss, but I've always thought it was weird you have to potentially put up with being soaked on a thrill ride. Storm Coaster and Battle Boats definitely fill that niche IMO. Plus I think Village might be shy about squirting water on a ride given the issues Surfrider had.
  5. You can compare them in terms of getting desensitised to it.
  6. It's the wrong type of water theme though, needs to sound more mysterious and dramatic given its themed around a sea monster. Spongebob music is too summery and upbeat, but might suit something like a family ride, or the reef themed area at Castaway Bay. It'll likely be something like this
  7. Yes, you are right, both parks would have expected low cost kids promotional activities in the school holidays.
  8. Yeah but they would need to have sourced suits very quickly if this was a "response" to Dreamworld. I think it would have already been planned.
  9. Don't SW normally have Nickelodeon character apperances? Eg Paw Patrol more recently.
  10. I thought stuff just went on YouTube because you can. 🤷‍♀️ In terms of POV, I'm thinking it would be after Vortex opens right?
  11. https://www.parkz.com.au/photo/9688-Creatures_of_the_Deep/gallery/sort/newest/location/ride-1920/offset/20 Will the Leviathan make a comeback in the queue for the coaster? I notice the train is the same colours as this.
  12. Looks like a couple of full 90 degree banked moments.
  13. DW gets a wide variety of visitors from SEQ (And normally interstate) , I'm not sure what portion comes from the local post codes, but you're basically relying a local resident being in that part of the park at the right time. This is different to something like an incident at a local shopping centre, where people go way more often, and the shopping centre really would be a higher portion of locals, so the chances of there being a local witness is higher.
  14. It looks like one of those inverted funnel type shade structures
  15. 42m for Trident😢 , was that known previously? The train looks great however!
  16. I sent then a DM and they suggested it its opening soon, but wont be ready for the first night.
  17. It's definitely a risk of speed slides. https://www.therme-erding.de/en/tropical-spa-sauna/tropical-spa-water-park/galaxy-water-slide-world/ Check out the landing! Other injuries i sustained at Galaxy Erding included: -Banging my head on the roof at the bottom end of the ski jump slide. -Sliding sideways back first into the lip of wall of the exit hole of the space bowl slide.
  18. I've never seen this opening door seat before? Any pics?
  19. I'd rather it be 6am 7.30pm though, nothing good is open or running at 5am apart from gym and maccas breakfast, and only squares want to get up that early anyway....
  20. I think it'll be fairly close to the RMCs, but you're right probably a little less intense. It seems Intamin responded fairly quickly to RMCs design style, starting with Steel Dolphin https://rcdb.com/15797.htm#p=98246 And then seemingly going all out with the Walibi mega coaster and Velocicoaster. I reckon the higher centre of gravity of the Intamin one will add a bit of force too.
  21. Anyone else reckon it was a nod to prior big dipper to have a loop and sidewinder in the same spot? Re future expansion, i wonder what the chances are of expanding onto a deck over the water adjacent to the family shuttle coaster? They could also eventually turn the Big Top into a new all weather ride hall....
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