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  1. Even if t's not a wooden bridge, I would have thought red and yellow steelwork to match the ride would look a bit nicer than galvanised. I was thinking too the big dipper station would have minarets on it and a bit of colour.
  2. Universal, nah I've never had a problem. SFMM I've never used one either, but you can always buy one on the day if it starts getting bad. CP Definitely. How many days do you have for the NYC to Cedar Point leg?
  3. So are they going to offer pass extensions? I bought a VRTP last year because they said Leviathan would be opening late this year, but now it means my pass will expire without having ridden it.
  4. I'll just read their FB page after opening night.
  5. Its a bugger you dont have more time. On that trip you would be passing Dorney Park and Pittsburgh. Also, if you are in NYC you should be going to nick universe at American Dream Mall too: TMNT Shellraiser is the same coaster as Takabisha at Fuji Q, so really good. Theres also the worlds biggest indoor water park at the same complex: How many days are you planning for each park? Having done all these previously, a day for each is plenty, but have 2 at Cedar Point and spend extra on Fastlane plus for one of the days. You'd also be passing nea
  6. Kennywood is good, but not as good as Hershey, so you made the right choice. Hows your itinerary though?
  7. It looks like double barrel is up now if anyone wants to get a closer photo.
  8. Indoor boat ride with a rooftop deck 😋
  9. If they did do it, at least it would give some leverage to compromise. Eg Luna park gets a little bit of extra land (20%), but the local community gets heaps of extra linear parkland (80%)
  10. Yes, I think MF has a different character to other intamin mega coasters. Other intamins have stronger air and quicker transitions but on MF everything is so drawn out so it isn't as intense as you'd think. Intimidator 305 is better and more like other Intamins. Great air, fast transitions, forceful turns. But I think budgets meant it only has a couple of big hills and then the rest of the layout is low to the ground turns with shorter supports, so it feels a bit less like a proper hyper / giga coaster.
  11. Yeah, some thrill flat ride is objectivley worse than a classic wooden mouse. Waverton station is 1.8km from Lavender Green so would be the worlds longest coaster (unless it was a shuttle) so probably wont happen. I do wish they would relocate the stabling though, surley they can fit 6 stabling roads elsewhere on the T1.
  12. Yeah I think scales are a fact of life in the water park industry now given injuries do occur I even recall having to go on a set at the Frankston PARC raft slide....@Luke And theirs had a camera fixated on the readout so obviously they want to keep a record for insurance purposes. But it should be a lot more discreet, for example having a shroud around the lights, similar to what is around the keypad at an ATM, so only one person can see it. And for group scales at the top of a slide, it should only be visible by the operator. And yea, just have clear signage "To
  13. It's not about the trim brakes...Other B&M hypers have these and they are still fine. The problem with Intimidator is that it has such a bland layout. Literally 3 hills, a couple of turns and a helix. Diamondback is much more fleshed out, Behemoth is more fleshed out, even the Goliath SFOG and the one at La Ronde do more despite not being as tall and were better rides IMO.
  14. But to be honest the train on a coaster should be able to weigh itself by measuring the power draw on the kicker wheels in the station, and throw up an error code if its overloaded.
  15. I think having weight limits on mechanical rides is stupid, you should be able to average it out. As for slides. Well aqualoop at WnW has individual weighing and some raft slides have a set of scales at the boarding area. But maybe they could have done a short little shelter so that the weighing process is more discreet.
  16. Spin to win. Actually there's an idea. Have a giant wheel of fortune where you spin to win a free ride in the spinning seats. Kind of like how at Cedar Point you play plinko to get FastLane passes for Dragster.
  17. I've done the Ocean Park minetrain clone at Adlabs Imagicaa and it was pretty good but it's probably not a huge priority for me. @Gtmichaels I've done a few RMCs (Are you going to SFMM when you land in LA? Twisted Colossus is great!) Trains are fine but the lap bars can make you a little sore after a lot of re-rides.
  18. You know what, you're actually right, though arguably getting Jet Rescue and Motocoaster felt unnecessary at the time. I suppose the closest thing was when we had two arrow loopers.
  19. Diet Steel Taipan. But yeah, Australia has had several launch coasters built in the past few years (And 2 new ones this year haha), and there's not a whole lot else they can do other than having a better layout (But i can tell you now everyone will love Steel Taipan) We need other stuff.
  20. The main boxes I'd like to tick. -RMC (Enough said) -B&M Wing Rider or Dive Machine or Flyer (Their other models except for the Invert are too pedestrian, but these three are very unique, graceful and have wide guest appeal) Wing Rider because the train looks so unique and the inversions and near misses are cool. Dive machine for similar reasons, but it would need to be the 7 seat version like the one at SFFT Flyer, enough said. -S&S FreeSpin (A Full sized 4D is too expensive) Other things I wouldn't mind at some point. -Larger Spinning coaster
  21. Ya but @DaptoFunlandGuydoesnt ride anything unless its at MW or SW 😁
  22. Vekoma put the new trains on Great Nor Easter at Moreys Piers in 2008 so they were definitely available.
  23. Why does the G force level count? RMCs have G forces stronger than Superman or Abyss and they're not rough. I did 3 rides on Aybss and that was enough. It wasnt as bad as Arkham at its worst, but still not great. When @Mark Shaw was on here he mentioned they went with over shoulder restraints because people might be deterred from riding something with loops if it only had lap bars. Personally I didn't agree. Buzzsaw, Green Lantern (And Now Steel Taipan) are all loopers with lap restraints and are quite popular. And in the end by the sounds of it people are being deter
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