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if you could pick wet n wild's next slide which one would you pick. (I did this topic as I know any slide could be possible for wet n wild as slides dont cost the same amount as 30 million dollar coasters do.) Mine would be Neptune's Fury which is the new attraction at Raging Waters in San Dimas California (you know the water park from the Bill and Ted movie) heres the description you experience the wrath of Neptune, ancient god of the seas, as he controls the raging waters of the world. This 600-foot-long wild ride plunges a four-man rafter into total darkness through a 9 foot diamater tunnel and down a 60-foot drop at 30 miles per hour. If that doesn’t get your heart pumping, the fury of the thousands of gallons of water pushing you through the enclosed rapids will.

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As long as it's not a body slide I'm happy. Sorry, but unless you're willing to go for Wiegand's stainless steel slides (which by nature are very European looking, which I don't think is the look Wet'n'Wild is after), they hurt too much. A lot of the bigger waterparks are investing in these continuous circuit water slides. They combine everything from drops, rapids, and uphill water-jet powered sections. Schlitterbahn, in Texas has one that lasts upwards of an hour I believe (and I'll be there in December!), where guests can ride for the entire ride, or chose to get off at several stations (i.e. you can ride the exciting sections, leaving out slower parts). I'd love to see one of them, but I'd imagine that it'd really be out of the league of Wet'n'Wild for the near future.

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It's not the prettiest thing, I'll admit - but what slide is? The purple and blue doesn't exactly do it for me. I'm guessing it doesn't actually need the top half of the funnel (especially seeing as its only wet in the bottom half), and I personally think it'd look better without, but it does have a very intimidating presence over the park.

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