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Wonderland on google earth

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Anyone got any ideas on the colour of the Zodiac? Seems to be red in these sat pics. If my memory serves it was only ever blue in the earlier days then purple.?????
I did notice that myself some time ago, the only explanation I can suggest is it may have been undercoated with the red oxide when they were changing the colour to purple. The Google Earth photo was taken between April and August 2002 and this is about the time the colour was changed, however I cannot remember this red paint ever being applied. Also note Galleon's Graveyard is being finished off at the same time.
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I think it is actually just how the light is hitting the purple. I don't remember the whole ride being painted with red oxide, small parts were where there was some rust, but the majority didn't have it. "The Bus is now leaving for Purple Top Creek, NSW"

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