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Bounty's (Pirate's) Revenge in Malaysia Photos

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Guarantee that that is a monorail. The power rails running under the monorail is a dead giveaway, and is just like every other monorail i've ever seen. Oh by the way, welcome back to the planet, and how was it on the dark side of the moon without any news on the movements of a 360 Looping Starship.. Only Kidding... but to answer your question: The park is Malaysia's Sunway Lagoon, specifically, it would appear to be Sunway Wild Life. Shown here on the Park Map directly to the right hand side of the "wild life" sign

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I was planning to go back this November and ride her once again but the admission prices have more than doubled since 2008 when I was there last so I will not be going... :( Admission used to be 38MYR, now the cheapest ticket in I can find is 90MYR.. Is it totally ridiculous to more than double the entrance fee in 3 years ?

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It's good to see the old girl looking so good with a fresh lick of paint. I spent many many hours operating and training other operators on this ride and even though it's been 7 years I still think I would be able to run it with my eyes closed. Bussy

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Ah i used to love going to wonderland and always wondered what happened to Bounty's revenge, thanks so much for the update. I have never seen a non caged looping ship anywhere else, and i have been to maybe 100+ theme parks WW.. Are these a thing of true rarity?

I'm pretty sure the only other one of it's kind is Jet Scream at Canada's Wonderland (where I have also worked). It's got a space shuttle body and theme. "The Bus is now leaving for Jet Creek, Queensland"
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