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screamworld-bigbrother september 12th

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With the dreamworld homepage also being mine, i found this page where it says that the previous housemates from some of the seris's will be there and a new attraction will be unveiled on that night and my best guess is that it will be that mummy show that i hered about in the fourums. heres the link: http://www.dreamworld.com.au/content/drw_2...ScreamworldMain :o:P:rolleyes::blink:

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Hard to tell. It depends a lot on popularity and stuff like that. I know last year nightmares was supposed to only run from september/october through til after the christmas holidays, but due to its popularity, it was extended until after the easter holidays. So who knows.I dont think an official period has been released, but I could be wrong.

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Wishful thinking here I know, Mummy opens September 8th - screamworld is September 12th. Is is possible that the new attraction opening on September 12th is something different to Mummy? Or, it says on the dreamworld site -" A new attraction will be unveiled! " Is it possible that they may be announcing a new attraction that will open and that they will commence building on - they are not saying that it will be opening on the night. yes i know, wishful thinking but might be time for something new from dw after the terrible mistake of md coaster.

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It also says "you will be one of the first to experience it!" , so I would assume it would be the Mummy. EDIT Just received a Dreamworld Newsletter advertising the Big Brother Screamworld and The Mummy Live

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer Live! is a frightening new scare attraction which opens September 8 at Dreamworld. If you visit Screamworld Sept 12 you will one of the very first to enter the Tomb plus you will get the chance to do it at night!
The website is up now too http://www.dreamworld.com.au/content/drw_2...me=TheMummyMain Edited by Jordan M
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