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Steve Peet leaves Villiage Theme Parks

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Can't believe no one posted this:

Shannon Willoughby August 27th, 2008 THE chief executive of Warner Village's theme park division, Tim Fisher, will move to the Gold Coast after the resignation of industry veteran and group chief operating officer Steve Peet. Mr Fisher will take over as Warner Village theme park chief operating officer next month and will report directly to group CEO, John Menzies. Mr Peet leaves the group to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Mr Fisher joined Village Roadshow -- the parent company of Warner Village theme parks -- 18 months ago to help pursue its North American ventures. Under his reign, the listed theme park operator picked up Phoenix Waterworld Safari and Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park. In addition to his new role on the Gold Coast, Mr Fisher will continue to act as the CEO of Village Roadshow North America operations. Thje company announced that Robert White, a former Paramount senior executive, will act as the senior vice-president of Village's North America operations, reporting to Mr Fisher. Mr Peet leaves the position after 23 years, firstly as general manager of Wet 'n' Wild Water World and then chief operating officer for four theme parks -- which also include Sea World, Movie World and Outback Spectacular -- for seven years. Village yesterday said Mr Peet was the 'main driver' in a team that saw Wet 'n' Wild attendances catapult from 150000 in 1985 to over 1 million in 2007. Wet 'n' Wild is one of the six top water parks in the world.
Real shame to see him leave Village, he has been a great influence at the parks over all the time he's been there, particularly Wet 'n' Wild. Here's to hoping his new employers take full advantage of his knowledge and experience in the theme parks. As for his replacement, well the good news is its a career theme park man, in the form of Tim Fisher. That name should sound familiar to those around in the early days of Wonderland as he was a manager there before moving back to America to oversee the construction of the Star Trek Experience in Vegas, and later became executive vice president of the Paramount Parks. Edited by joz

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Well, Steve Peet has announced his resignation from his role as COO of WVTP so...
Did no one believe me when I posted this?...IN SEPTEMBER! 'twas in our OH&S newsletter...evidently not a thoroughly read publication :)

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We all did Cerberus. As a matter of fact, Joz pointed it out in AUGUST. My above post linked to another thread that announced it as new news only a few days ago. Joz rightly pointed out this thread to state that yes, It was already known, and in fact was no longer news. I can't say that i've seen the OH&S newsletter at my local newsagent. Is it a weekend publication or a weekday publication? What's the distribution like? Is it only on the gold coast or is it available in brisbane, or even interstate? I'll be sure to pick up a copy next time I see it. Considering the penetration of WVTP staff on the forums, we're talking maybe 20-30 staff out of more than a thousand members. If 4 of you read the newsletter, then thats 20% of the staff population but only 0.22637238256932654216185625353707% of the total membership of the site, so don't be too surprised that the "evidence" suggests it isn't thoroughly read.

Edited by AlexB

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