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WVTPs cutting back

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Just on the bad times, it looks as though there is more cost cutting at Movie World, with Rides and attractions from 2nd of February to start opening at 10:30am. http://movieworld.myfun.com.au/Park-Info/Park-Hours.htm I must say I am deeply frustrated with VRTP's current cost cutting measures, sure it's fine to trim some of the fat off the budgets and whatnot to get through these tough economic times, but these cuts are starting to hurt the guest experience, which is not good, and at a time when ticket prices are as high as what they are, one could be forgiven in thinking they are being ripped off, especially when Dreamworld down the road are offering the full 7 hours of operation for the same price. Not good enough Village.

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What a total load of hogwash. I am sick of hearing about tough economic times. These ceos are full of S#&%. I don’t care want anyone says these parks have had a bumper season and the tough economic times have not effected there profits. Dam I even started a thread that I couldn’t’ get into WWW because it was full. I drove past seaworld 2 days in a row before I decided to go in. WnW car park has been overflowing every day into every overflow car park. We all know that miss management and greediness of companies at the top have caused the tough economic times. If these managers can’t make a profit from what I have seen then off with their heads. Reducing the riding hours in a day or a Q4u is just robbing the customer. What I want to know is the management of these parks going to hold off on giving their selves any pay risers during the tough economic times like Obama has done.

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Good times! And amidst all this, that Australian guy on TPR talks about MW getting a B&M.
Start half an hour later and put savings into something big and new? Severely doubting it though. It is kinda poor to see the parks starting everything half an hour later. If they adjusted it with later opening in summer it wouldn't be as bad. At least it isn't like Dreamworld where the extra half an hour is needed for queuing for some of the rides.
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