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History of Parkz meet ups?

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Back in 2004 we organised a meet a few weeks before Wonderland closed. This was back when the site was known as roller-coaster.com.au (or was it Total Thrills)? From what I remember it was fairly successful, the park was pretty accommodating with providing lunch, some souvenir and discounted entry. The only issue was the amount of people that said they'd come and didn't turn up.

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I was just thinking recently that I wouldn't mind getting together and meeting some of you guys who I've now been talking to for YEARS on this site. Although I'm sort of waiting until there's something really worthwhile to drag me back to the Gold Coast from Sydney. Shockwave and Buzzsaw definitely aren't it. Green Lantern is almost it. But the closure of the other Village rides recently sort of neutralises this. I really think I need one more major attraction - hopefully whatever replaces Bermuda, Looney or Batman

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I'm still obviously new to this site although feel like I've been here longer since I lurked for ever, but I think it would be cool to do one of these meet ups as my friends/family aren't really into theme parks and whenever I go with any of them it feels like I'm dragging them and they dont half enjoy it as me :(

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