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Dreamworlds new food offerings.

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Hi. I've got a couple of questions about Dreamworld new food offerings. i usually take my own, homemade lunch instead of buying it at the parks because of the expensive. it would properly be much easier to just buy it at the park but last time i was at wet and wild, i bought burger and a coke and it was about $20 i have heard the the new food outlets at Dreamworld are really good and fairly cheap compared to some of the other parks. if anyone has bought any thing from the new food outlets at Dreamworld, could they answer the following questions for me. so here are my questions...

1. What are the prices like?

2. What is the quality of the food?

3. What are the lines and time of waiting for the food like?

4. is it much better than the other offerings at the park?

Dreamworld seem to rave it up there new food outlets a bit but what is it really like.


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1. $15-$20

2. Pizzas at Dough Bros are decent. The sandwiches equal or better than Subway. Billabong Restaurant is still the best option I believe in the park.

3. Depends on the day/time. Not usually too bad though. 5-10mins

4. Don't really understand the question, what other offerings??

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Billabong Restaurant at Dreamworld.

I don't suppose the quality of the food was ever up there with the very best restaurants in the world, but I do remember a few years ago enjoying a meal there which at least seemed quite good in terms of taste and choices. More than that though I remember the theming. There were trees growing in the middle of the restaurant. Heck, even the toilet seats had various critters in them (not as bad as it sounds)!

Today I had lunch there. Main course was either roast or a small selection of cheap looking (no doubt from frozen) meals like lasagna, nuggests, and chips. I just had the roast. Shaved meat with a few drops of gravy already on it in the serving tin. There was also pork belly, which looked nice but contained virtually no edible meat. They hadn't bothered to actually roast the potatoes, but they were at least edible. The best part was the vegetables, which were actually roasted and quite nice.

Desert. Well that meant waiting behind those who just wanted to get a hot drink (very poorly set up), only to be confronted with a selection of tiny thimbles of jelly, or about 5 little cubes of very cheap (presumably frozen then thawed) carrot cake. Oh, and there was soft serve ice cream. The ice cream was probably the best desert, but I really couldn't be bothered after the above experience.

I might still not have minded quite as much about the food had the restaurant still looked as it had on my last visit in 2013, but for reasons I just can't comprehend, they have removed every last bit of theming and now it's just like any suburban basic cheap pub buffet.

Cost was $25 for passholders.

So disappointing, and I won't bother again unless they improve both the ambiance and the food quite a lot.

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Yup. My husband and I ate there once a couple of months back, and weren't really impressed with the food nor the atmosphere. I don't recall that there was even any music playing, and the room felt very 'empty' despite being full of Asian tourists at the time. I can't describe how or why I got this feeling, I think it was just the room layout (ie. one massive room full of tables) that did it.

We did Rick's Amaricain buffet @ Movieworld this week and found it to be heaps better, and also a lot cheaper at $19.99 a head. They recently changed their offerings to pizza/pasta/salad/dessert (similar to Sizzler) instead of mostly Asian food like it was beforehand. The room and atmosphere is a lot more pleasant as well.

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I have to disagree.

I eat at Billabong everytime I go. Food is good quality, tasty (get there on opening so it's fresh), and it's well priced.

It's over $20 for a burger meal in park.

$25 at billabong gets you at least decent food wit some level of nutrition, unlimited drinks (including one to go) and unlimited desserts (which are usually a good variety.

Kids are $6 at Billabong, and a kids nugget meal in park is $15, then add $6 for an Icecream. $21 v $6.

Never been in there without music on, service is good and providing you are there early, it's not too busy

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Kids are $6 at Billabong

Well that's one thing I do give them credit on. Whilst they are more expensive for adults, the kids prices are a lot cheaper than MW, which is around the $15 mark.

So I guess for a typical family of 4 it would work out to be around the same price in the end at either. Although we do tend to visit these buffets occasionally on days when the kids are at school, otherwise we just eat outside the parks where it's cheaper in general.

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