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Fright Nights Challenge: Amaze Me

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I'm feeling a bit lazy so I'm not going to type out a back story on this one.

Again, no prizes other than an internet high five and maybe a picture of a kitten.



  • To make it fair for everyone, your design must be submitted using the template below
  • The theme can be whatever you want as long as it's related to Fright Nights
  • You can use whatever software you like to design it, as long as the design is submitted on this template
  • You can submit as many designs as you like
  • Entry and exit may be wherever you like
  • Entries close 31 May 2017. If you submit an entry after that date, there is no guarantee of being awarded a high five or a kitten photo. 



You've got 2 sheds. You've got 2 mazes.

A-maze me!


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@Reanimated35Before I proceed I'm going to hit you with my first story.  I talked about in the other topic so my first shed is "JEEPERS CREEPERS (THE CHASE IS ON)" 

You enter the maze greeted by blinding headlight and the sound of a horn that will not turn off.  As you approach the vehicle you make out a truck that has crashed through the roof of the shed and the back wheels are up in the air. (Like the photo of the police car except the truck is facing the ground).  The motor is running, the door is open but nobody is inside.  As you walk around the back you see something in the darkness, that’s when you realise it’s The Creeper. RUN!








Should I keep going or is this story shit?


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31 minutes ago, Skeeta said:

Should I keep going or is this story shit?

Keep going. 

12 minutes ago, Gold Coast Amusement Force said:

You can't run in the mazes

I'm sure he means "keep moving at a safe and steady pace while keeping your hands on the shoulder of the person in front of you" but just said "run" for short :P

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3 minutes ago, Reanimated35 said:


How else would you escape The Creeper?

1 minute ago, AlexB said:

DEFINITELY want terror tour on this one. do terror tour people get to push? i'm in.

Instead of pushing people over I'm thinking of just leaving some of the kid’s toys on the floor for people to trip over.:D

Being serious now @Reanimated35 in the grand finally there will be a slide.  I'm still trying to work out how I'm going to keep the rats alive in the rat room.



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12 minutes ago, Brad2912 said:

as I've said many times, I don't think any standalone season of AHS could carry an entire maze. The only one maybe that could would be Freak Show, but then there isn't a heap of difference to that at other clown based mazes given the likely inability of MW to actually find a 2 headed lady 

Might want to rethink that since Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights is doing only AHS Roanoke this year.

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