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Flyover Australia: Dreamworld registers trademark, looks to increase Flying Theatre capacity

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14 hours ago, Luke said:

Also, Cutting Edge writes about the i-ride project in past tense. So i'm assuming that the ride's movie has already been made? Or at least all the footage has been shot and been through picture post production?

This project was so close to become a reality in Brisbane that it wouldn't surprise me if the film was already in production before DW took over the project.


" 29th May, 2017,  Brogent and Australian production company Cutting Edge celebrated the lensing ceremony event for their latest ride film production effort. The Director of Taipei Economic and Cultural office in Brisbane, Queensland state government officials and Brisbane city government officials all witnessed the start of the cooperation between Brogent and Cutting Edge to produce a flying theater ride film in Australia. "



13 hours ago, Roachie said:

You'll find we'll get the exact same ride system as Flyover Canada -

I wish you were wrong because the unfixed I-Ride looks like a better option for a thrill seeker.

The fixed I-Ride comes with seat belts but who knows what DW will do with it.



Dw might go with the Glad Wrap model.


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The lap set belt is such a better restraint option because firstly it makes the ride accessible to a much broader height range, a true family attraction and two, it's just a lot less intimidating which means people afraid of thrill rides will be much more comfortable riding.

The curve of the screen with digital projection is a BIG issue, for me that's 100% what totally destroys the new Soarin' at Disney. I'm not sure why, but my guess is the Digital projection is pushing the limits of the lens where as on 70mm they had more wriggle room. But on the outside seats all of the monument and building stuff looks absolutely shit. I think another factor is in the original Soarin' film there really weren't buildings. It was all big open scenery with little vertical reference points.
Hopefully cutting edge are smart and the content of this is much more wide open space focussed and we don't see this issue manifest on this installation.

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@Skeeta, it would presumably have something to do with Brewster Inc. (operators of FlyOver Canada) registering Flyover in Australia a couple of weeks after this article was published.

Methinks lawyers spoke to lawyers and kindly asked that Ardent Leisure yank their application rather than both companies going through a costly appeal/arbitration process that Ardent would certainly lose. 

I  wouldn't necessarily rule out a licensing arrangement given Dreamworld's penchant for leaning on other brands.

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