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Key points from the report have been highlighted:


FY2018 was an important and necessary transition and reset year for Village Roadshow Theme Parks (“VRTP”) with a new ticketing strategy implemented in December 2017, shifting VRTP from a discounted volume based business to a higher yielding value based operation. VRTP delivered an FY2018 EBITDA result of $38.3 million, compared to $55.9 million in the prior year.

With the removal of the discount resellers from the market effective 30 June 2018, overall ticket sales revenue is expected to continue to increase. There is a strong indication that the Gold Coast Theme Parks have returned to a positive trajectory, as evidenced by the best month of July on record in terms of ticket sales, followed by strong trading in August.

This recovery is expected to gain further momentum in the year ending 30 June 2019 (“FY2019”) assisted by Topgolf, which launched successfully in June 2018, a new creative marketing campaign and the addition of lower cost new attractions to enhance guest appeal.

A number of projects were completed during the current year, enhancing the guest experience. These included the birth and arrival of the new Polar Bear Cub Mishka, the new splash zone, Castaway Bay – The Reef, a new seal show and new Nickelodeon product, Paw Patrol.

In September 2017 the Southern Hemisphere’s largest HyperCoaster opened at Warner Bros. Movie World. The DC Rivals HyperCoaster is the LONGEST, FASTEST and HIGHEST in the Southern Hemisphere and has been a strong drawcard to driving ticket sales.

Sea World Resort had a strong year and performed well above the prior year, with its conference centre continuing to outperform expectations.

VRTP’s special events performed strongly in FY2018 with Carnivale at Sea World outperforming expectations with its new Light Laser Show, and Fright Nights and White Christmas at Warner Bros. Movie World delivering record results.
Supporting the Gold Coast parks was the ongoing strong performance by Paradise Country, which delivered a result in line with the prior year and Village Roadshow Studios, which continued its successful run with the completion of Aquaman, its usage during the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and the commencement of filming of Dora the Explorer.

A new TV marketing campaign featuring Sally Pearson launched in June 2018, aimed at engaging the core Gold Coast market and showcasing the enhanced customer value to VRTP guests and annual pass holders as part of VRTP’s customer-led focus.

Full report here: http://villageroadshow.com.au/-/media/VRL-Corporate-Media-Library/Documents/Annual Reports/2018/Annual Report 2018 Printable.pdf

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39 minutes ago, themagician said:

A number of projects were completed during the current year, enhancing the guest experience. These included the new splash zone, Castaway Bay – The Reef, a new seal show....

I suppose someone at VRTP actually believes these things enhance the guest experience, compared to the waterpark and better seal show that were there previously. 

That person's obviously very new! 😕

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4 hours ago, joz said:

The fact Sally Pearson is still getting mentioned in all these reports is getting a bit old at this point. Sure she's lovely but not sure the fact she's been in ad (which I must admit I haven't even seen yet) is worthy of being highlighted continually forever is fully justified.

Who's Sally Pearson?

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