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Interviews with Coaster Manufacturers - EAS 2018

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I've been a huge fan of the new Vekoma designs (particularly Lech Coaster), so it was an incredible opportunity to meet the mastermind behind the manufacturer's incredible transformation!

Benjamin's answers were fab - really informative and definitely engaging in the way he talked me through the thought process of designing coaster elements or layouts ❤️

Also wanted to apologize for not posting here much. Been a hectic few months travelling, doing all sorts of projects and montage. But here are a few pictures from my trips :)


Steel Vengeance lived up to the massive hype. Its airtime actually isn't the most extreme, but it's still strong ejector, and there are so many of it! The second half just keeps going at an incredible pace, and the sections through the structure make the ride even wilder. Special mention to the exhilarating wave turn - sideways airtime is so much fun!


Maverick ain't bad either. The layout shines with its diversity of forceful moments, the drop is awesome at the back, and the Stengel Dives are among the snappiest transitions I ever experienced :o


Fenix is incredibly photogenic! The ride itself was a pleasant surprise, delivering a very fine sustained airtime hill as well as an unexpectedly sustained forceful helix. It's short, but really sweet.


Hyperion was pretty fun, but didn't exactly live up to my (overhyped) expectations. It doesn't have the same pushing the envelope extremeness of other Intamin masterpieces like El Toro or Expedition GeForce. Some moments are almost dull, like the floater airtime hill, and other could have been more intense to really be exciting. Still, a great ride and the twist and dive inversion is fab!

Martin & Vleminckx then The Gravity Group interviews are coming next ;)

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Here are as promised the interview with Martin & Vleminckx and The Gravity Group! Sorry about the delay:

Chuck Bingham, Vice-President of M&V briefly discusses the upcoming arrival of Rocky Mountain Construction coasters in Asia - and his company's involvement in it :) The interview ran short due to circumstances on my behalf, but we'll certainly meet again for another more in-depth one probably at AAE 19!

This interview is no short one on the other hand! Even after editing out many clips, The Gravity Group's Chad Miller and Korey Kiepert are just so talkative :o But they're also very much on-point with their comments, giving incredible insight into their work of designing wooden coasters. From layout style preferences, to the appeal of smaller family woodies, to polishing a nose car design and so on... Chad and Korey know how to communicate their passion and knowledge, while not taking themselves (too) seriously :D

I hope you really like the interviews so far. I'll try to post more here when my schedule is a little clearer. There's yet another final one coming up with Universal Rocks - the scenery builders of Taron, Fenix, Wicker Man & more!

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