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2019 Construction at Outback Splash

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1 hour ago, iwerks said:

As much as I hate to say this, I think @AlexB is right. My previous camera was very realistic in colour compared to my Olympus cameras. It’s like the difference between Kodak and Fuji. It suits my purposes.

Having said that the new slides were glistening in the sun that day. They look great.


Play around in your camera settings if possible. Both my DSLR (Cannon) and my Point and shoot (Sony) have colour customisation options. Don't get me wrong the photos look great.

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So apparently they tried to add more attractions straight after the opening season of the water fortress and residents piped up...

Note: Proposed attractions top of page 3, Reasons against and council recommendation page 11


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^Yup, there appeared to be one local dead set against them.

Visited the park late, this afternoon. The slide tower is looking great. The grass is looking green and there appears to be pool fencing at the bottom. There are rafts  on the wave slide. Apparently, the staff have had their go on the new slides and loved them. There’s a large cabana being erected nearby too. 

There were plenty of people enjoying splash island as today’s temperature closed in on 40 degrees C. On a side note, the cafe has gone Pepsi postmix. 









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Tim and I finally got to ride all of the slides on the new tower today, despite the fact that it was only about 20 degrees C. There was an opening event yesterday afternoon, but we didn’t score an invite. There was a lot of smog and it was quite overcast, yesterday, so it worked out for the better. 

We were the first ones up the tower, today, riding the solo slides, first. We didn’t know how much our combined weight was, so we chose not to do one of the tubes, first. The weigh station is up the top, so we got ourselves weighed and were just under(with a raft we were over). 

The Gold Rush is the safe, fairly slow slide. The Wedgie was appropriately named. It has a nice zip to it, but nothing scary. The Blackout and The Wall are the most fun. We didn’t have any problems on either, although they were still making adjustments to The Wall, as some kids were valleying. The grass around the tower looks great and there are new cabanas and showers. It connects the different sections of the park together well. 

There were a couple of school groups there, today, otherwise weight times were zero. We had a chat with some of the staff and owners and they seemed pretty pumped. It sounds like they might construct their own beach pool sometime in the near future.











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Went to Outback Splash, yesterday. They had lots of flags up for Australia Day. Talked to one of the lovely staff there and she confirmed that she had previously worked at Adventure World. A good sized crowd turned up as temperatures were in the mid 30s. Lots of people brought their own food and tents. The park had a DJ and some games organised for Australia Day. There was plenty of shade for people waiting for slides. The dry part of the park was pretty quiet. The car park has been extended and was packed. They had lots of staff on to handle the crowds. 









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