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Luna Park Melbourne Rearranged with New Rides

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So it looks like Luna Park has made a few changes.

The speedy beetle spinning coaster was initially installed on the Metropolis site, but now occupies the site of the old dragon wagon powered coaster, which has been removed.

The power surge has taken over the metropolis site.

Also on the power surge is one of those joke "happy swing" rides.

And the old location of the power surge has been taken by a star flyer called Supernova.

A couple of other kiddy flats have been added, a small ferris wheel to complement their existing small ferris wheel, plus one of those camaro themed rockin tug style rides.










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Yeah this is nothing new. Reported on the Starflyer in December when it opened 



The Zamperla Powered Coaster Silly Serpent was removed way back in August- reported here

Its good they are changing things up a bit- but we are still waiting on that 2nd Coaster!

3 hours ago, T-bone said:

Is that Dreamworld's Play School Wheel of Death? 😛


I believe this version is superior mate- there is no perspex over the bars so it is at least much cooler than Dreamworld's for the little munchkins!!

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2 hours ago, MickeyD said:

Looking at this picture @Jobe forgive me if I am wrong but aren't those Perspex coverings around the carriages?


Yeah you are 100% right mate. I thought that they were different when I last visited in January 2019 and that the set up was slightly different to the ride at Dreamworld. I thought that when the unit at Dreamworld had been installed it had been fully enclosed with perspex ( perhaps someone on here had posted??), but looking at their unit it does not appear so.  Below is my shot of the LPM unit and it does indeed have the perspex installed.


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6 hours ago, Jobe said:

fully enclosed with perspex ( perhaps someone on here had posted??)

Yeah I think that was me. First pictures I saw of the Play School Wheel were full perspex (which would have only been the one side where it actually is) which I translated to the whole cabin being fully enclosed with it.

I've since been corrected however.

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11 hours ago, Jobe said:

Yeah this is nothing new. Reported on the Starflyer in December when it opened 

little munchkins!!

Ooops, Im embarrassed now, blame it on me being OS at the time.

Ah well, the aerial image sums up how the park has been configured.

Guess we have a good sense of the direction the park is going now.....

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