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  1. All valid points. At this stage I’d be happy to see something of quality from the parks first years come back into play. The park has lost its magic big time. A shame really, it once was a park that certainly bought world class attractions to the country, now? I think I’ve said enough.
  2. WNW will continue to be ignored by village. Village will offer it for sale, but no one wants it. Village eventually closes it down to build a hotel in its place. WNW now forms part of a new development called the “Movie World Resort and Water Park”.
  3. So a friend of mine contacted me to say Bikash Randhawa, COO of Village Roadshow Theme Parks had written to him accusing him of writing this post, and threatening legal action over defamation from this post, unless the poster posts an apology. Bikash also advised he had contacted the police already over this post. Whilst my personal opinion is that, an opinion of myself and only myself, I would like to formally apologise to Bikash Randhawa for my comments. I apologise for any harm caused, and I retract my statement
  4. The guys a wanker, full stop. He is more interested in making himself look good than for the safety of the guests or the industry’s future. I mean, honestly, before him, when did we see Village management in the media all the time? Never except for circumstances such as major ride failures (green lantern for example). Let him open the parks, chances are high an outbreak will occur because of it, and the guy will be hauled over the coals for it.
  5. It's time to use your Imagination Skeet.. oh wait, wrong park...
  6. I think it looks ok, sure it’s not the immersive theming so far from what we expect from Village, but I’m confident it will be neatly presented. I guess that’s why they went with the NEW Atlantis, so they could define what the new Atlantis is to look like?
  7. So what, when are you telling me, when I go for a walk during my lunch break because I work in Coomera, I still can’t visit or go to the LEGO store? I appreciate what you are saying, but I think you are being a little tough on our man Jdude. By reasoning, he hasn’t done anything wrong in the slightest. Heck he may have parked his car, turned the ignition off, opened his window, snapped a photo and then moved the car, all whilst he stopped into the LEGO store to buy a puzzle on the way home from his shift on the Gold Coast. Better be pick it up on the way home than go home, and go back out to the LEGO store.
  8. Geez Skeet. Calm down buddy. Who’s to say the photos were even taken outside of the car? I thank our overlord JDude for getting these pics as he was passing by. I was going to drop in on the way home from essential work to take a look, but now I don’t have to.
  9. I mentioned parade floats because in my experience, parade floats were also stored in there. I didn’t mention of what kind of parade floats though.. My reasoning stands, why is it so imperative that Christmas decorations are stored so close to the park, when that space should be used for guest facing areas, in an area of the park and land that is incredibly landlocked. I do get why it’s like that, but doesn’t mean it SHOULD be like that.
  10. Whilst I get what you are saying Alexb, for a park that is so crampt, I feel it’s a piss weak excuse to have such prime real estate as “parade storage and maintenance” when that building was originally a ride accessible to everyone. I agree, they would be reluctant to give up that space, but a creative thinking management could be using that space for so much more, whilst also finding a new space for the parade floats to sit. Does anyone know where Parade floats were stored and maintained in the glory days when LTRR was a thing?
  11. For me, well if a new boat dark ride is off the board, this is what I would do with that area. Give the whole LTRR show building back to guests. JDS can stay, however the back portion of the building becomes a new indoor section of the kids area. Tweeties Cages can go in there, Pounce and Bounce can go in there, as well as a couple of other new kids area. Slap on some Looney Tunes theming, and you have a new LT all weather Indoor Precinct. Anything of value in the allotted area is now gone. Bulldoze Marvin, Parents Room, pad where Tweetie Cages are, and flatten Speedys giving a clean slate. Splashpad now becomes a themed entry to the new indoor LT area. Build a facade that takes you from the real world to the looney world. Redevelop the rest of the Yellow area in Alexb’s pic above to be a more older kiddie area, Teen Titans for example, something for the slightly older audience, but who are not old enough for the full on Superman/ Rivals experience. I’d put in a proper wave swinger for one, and a couple of other smaller family rides. This is all just words on scrap pieces on paper so apologies if it doesn’t make sense.
  12. Sword Swing may even have a history prior to Dreamworld as well, so 38 years old may not be exactly correct. That said, those rides are simple to maintain, it’s not like the swings are currently being supported by their manufacturer. Talking about swings, why can’t our Gold Coast parks have a wave swinger? Screw Sea Worlds vortex, they should have put in a wave swinger instead.
  13. Is that Dreamworld's Play School Wheel of Death? 😛
  14. You say that’s for a laugh, but you know there’s a bit of truth to it..
  15. Maybe? I don’t know those details. But I stand by everything I said. To some degree, no one expected Cyclone/ Hot Wheels to get rethemed this year, so there’s still 8.5 months left in the year, anything’s possible.
  16. I do agree with DJ, there should be less screens. Get rid of all 3 as far as I’m concerned. If they are worried people won’t be able to see the masterpiece of a show/s they hold on Main Street, maybe they should hold their major shows in a show performance space with tiered seating. Novel idea hey? The only shows that should be done on Main Street are parades, and streetmosphere style of entertainment.
  17. The gold rush theme is dead. The whole dilapidated look is dead. There is a high chance that Buzzsaw will be changed to reflect this. The only question is when.
  18. When the park floods again, atleast there will be the ability for them to do Dive in Movies!
  19. No that’s where Vortex is going right??
  20. I do agree, that Dreamworld is looking the best it has in a long time, including those times pre TRR. Yes there is still heaps of work to do, and that corner of the park, but I think most people are forgiving due to the fact its about to become a major construction site. As construction finishes, expect that end of the park to be cleaned up in a big way (and rightfully so). The leaf litter on the train tracks is normal, and I wouldn't look too closely at it. People often look at Disneyland as being the shining example, but even they have leaf litter on the train tracks, you just aren't exposed to it as much because there's very few guest eyes able to see it. Now you could argue that the track here is in guest view, so something should be done about it, but I guess there is a priority list, and unless its causing a problem, then the guest really doesn't notice it.
  21. I’m with Alexb, Sea World was at its finest in the mid 90’s for all the reasons he has outlined above. I’d say the Sea World when Jet Rescue went in was shit. Sure great ride, but the presentation is shit, at the same time it went in Bermuda was slowly being starved of the $$$ it needed to keep it running to its prime, and hence the downfall of sea world had already begun.
  22. Hey, just going by whats there, and what is there matches the Styrofoam pieces from sculpt studios...
  23. Well if the park map is anything to go by, that fountain that was promised in the renderings will look more like a round about..
  24. I wish you hadn’t of, how awesome was Sea World back in those days. But it’s ok, we now have a Huss Top Spin..
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