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  1. Sorry guys and girls only caught part of this because I was on the phone at the time. Media release just came across on the radio about a new attraction for xmas. Something about someone famous going to Dreamworld today to launch a new MTV attraction for xmas.
  2. THE 'mirage' that is the Coomera Town Centre took a big step to becoming a reality yesterday with Dreamworld announcing it had sold a significant link in the project for $16.5 million. Town centre developer Queensland Investment Corporation has secured a huge parcel of land to the north of the theme park after almost a year of negotiations with owner Ardent Leisure, formerly known as Macquarie Leisure Trust. The sale marks the end of a drawn-out tussle between the city council and Ardent over its plans for the land, understood to total up to 50ha, or about half Dreamworld's Coomera land. The theme park owner had proposed a retail centre for the site, featuring a boulevard approach to Dreamworld leading south from Coomera rail station. More Gold Coast business news Have your say on the feedback form below The council opposed the plan, insisting the main retail component of the town centre should be located north of Foxwell Road. While the State Government-owned QIC has played down the importance of the land deal, it appears Dreamworld is still banking on the creation of a boulevard leading to the theme park. Ardent Leisure chief executive Greg Shaw said the deal would speed up the town centre development, which ultimately would benefit Dreamworld. "We're pretty keen to have that land developed. It's a good move forward and strategically, from our point of view, it makes good sense." QIC already owns 35ha north of Foxwell Road, adjacent to the train station, teaming up with shopping centre giant Westfield more than two years ago to secure the $44 million site which will form the core of the town centre. The Dreamworld deal now gives QIC the pivotal role in the proposed $1 billion development which has been on the drawing boards for almost two decades and is poised to create 20,000 jobs and 10,500 homes over the next 15 years. QIC's head of global real estate, Robert Carter, said the Dreamworld land was 'solely ... a strategic, long-term land holding' and the purchase would not alter the timing of the town centre construction. Mr Carter did not detail when the project would get off the ground, but said both QIC and Westfield were 'working closely' with the State Government and the city council to 'deliver a viable town centre'. "This is a separate land holding and will not have an impact on the timeframe of QIC's joint venture with Westfield to develop a vibrant master plan for the proposed town centre. "The (Dreamworld) site is strategically positioned within the Coomera Town Centre footprint making it an ideal location to integrate retail, residential and civic infrastructure over the long term." Ardent Leisure's Mr Shaw said about 15ha of land had been retained by Dreamworld for future expansion of the theme park, including carparking. What do people think they will spend the 16.5m on?
  3. WARNING: 1.....The event contains intense experiences and is not recommended for children. 2.....We strongly recommend that all children be accompanied by an adult who shall be solely responsible for their care and conduct whilst on these premises. No refunds are payable. This is what I don't understand 1. saying no kids 2. saying kids with adults. What is it kids or no kids? Was the problem that to many kids where getting dropped of by there parents.
  4. Sorry people but the whole area is a RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT.
  5. It’s now been pulled from the myfun web page. How funny the show that won't go.
  6. I checked web site at 12 when I was on lunch. I wonder why they waited to the last min to show anything?
  7. It's currently September and this fresh extravaganza it supposed to commence shortly. Does somebody make out what is going on?
  8. Corkscrew Rollercoaster will be closed 19 October - 30 November for scheduled maintenance TIme to change the trains.
  9. For the first time ever, Australia’s number one theme parks, Dreamworld and WhiteWater World, are offering a 12 month Annual World Pass with unlimited entry for just $99 per person. What’s more, there are no block out periods during the holidays. The $99 Annual World Pass offer is also available to all Australian and New Zealand residents. The Annual World Pass provides double the thrills and double the fun in one convenient location – plan your own adventure with more than 45 rides, slides, shows and attractions. Hurry! Tickets available until October 16. From Dreamworld web site. I almost decked out the family but I don't like Dreamworld cutting the discounts that come with the pass. •Annual membership benefits of Max Action, Aqua Max, Platinum World Pass do not apply. Another note I like the ad for the Giant Drop in the man up campaign. http://www.dreamworld.com.au/content/drw_2...-6-Thrill-Rides
  10. Saw Perry last week and looks like he blows alot more smoke or he might just be clearing his pipes.
  11. UV stamps where used for a pass out at Expo 88.
  12. By not going ahead with the project it releases the 250 to be spent else where. “Macquarie Leisure chief executive Greg Shaw yesterday said the sale would speed up development of the town centre, a project he saw as integral to the continued growth of Dreamworld.” Dreamworld are looking to benefit from the town centre. Dreamworld are having huge problems getting this project approved with the G.C.C.C. and Westfield who own the land across from the train station objecting to it. From what I can read from the Coomera Town Plan, Dreamworld extra land is zoned the town centre for Coomera. This parcel of land now zoned as Town Centre may no longer be useful to Dreamworld if they can’t build what they want on it. From everything I have read about this development this is my guess to what is in the pipeline. Dreamworld want town centre at back to help draw people in to park where G.C.C.C. is rejecting Centre for a list of to many reasons to go into here. Westfield own land over the road and want to build town centre on there land. Solution Westfield buy Dreamworld land and build Town Centre giving Dreamworld input into design to help Dreamworld cause. (E.g. bowling ally, more car parking to Dreamworld, Dreamworld train track could even drive through the Coomera town centre). Westfield might split the Town Centre over there land and Dreamworld land. Of course this is total speculation.
  13. $20 million might not appear to be a large amount for the property but in the scheme of things by selling this development it releases up to 250 million. We can merely hope that Dreamworld would use a minute fraction of this money to provide its customers with a fresh attraction. ” Mr Shaw said the sale would not impact on expansion plans for Dreamworld”
  14. DREAMWORLD is close to selling its controversial Coomera Town Centre site in a move that could fast-track development of the long-awaited project. The theme park's owner, Macquarie Leisure Trust, yesterday revealed it was in 'advanced' negotiations with a buyer for the site, development of which has been delayed due to a protracted legal dispute with the Gold Coast City Council. Macquarie Leisure chief executive Greg Shaw yesterday said the sale would speed up development of the town centre, a project he saw as integral to the continued growth of Dreamworld. He would neither identify the potential buyer nor the amount of land being sold by Macquarie Leisure, which owns about 80ha at Coomera. "We are in discussions and, if it comes off, it would mean that land would be developed sooner," said Mr Shaw. Macquarie Leisure had earmarked a $250 million retail centre on the site, featuring a boulevard approach to Dreamworld south from the Coomera rail station. The council had objected to a retail centre south of Foxwell Road, insisting it should be built adjacent to the rail station on land bought by retail giant Westfield in 2007. Westfield has yet to reveal its plans for the town centre which it is developing in partnership with Robina Town Centre owner the Queensland Investment Corporation. The Land and Environment Court last year ordered a mediation between Westfield and Macquarie Leisure to break the stalemate, the latest in a series of hurdles that has kept the town centre project on ice for almost a decade. Macquarie Leisure's announcement yesterday sparked rumours that Westfield could be the buyer of the Dreamworld site. Westfield did not respond to The Gold Coast Bulletin's inquiries yesterday. Meanwhile, Mr Shaw said the sale would not impact on expansion plans for Dreamworld, which occupies about 40ha of prime Coomera land. "Whatever we would contemplate would certainly never prohibit the ongoing development of Dreamworld," he said. Macquarie Leisure's announcement came with news that it has had to write down the value of Dreamworld for a second year in a row. It chipped 11.7 per cent off the book value of Dreamworld at the end of June, after cutting about 11 per cent off the asset in 2008. I think this is great news and with any luck Macquarie Leisure Trust puts all its efforts and money into Dreamworld now and brings to a standstill these harebrained ideas. http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2009/0...-top-story.html
  15. Been created by a kid by the sound of it. "Background (Preamble): B & M rollercoasters will make everyone happy that rides and visits your park." ALot of thought was put into that.
  16. Temp fence up in carpark near WWW. What does this mean?
  17. There is such a thing; the fish and that missile pictured are Sea Vipers.
  18. Trying to work out how the Corkscrew is going to become a SEA VIPER. Did a bit of research and I found out a Sea Viper is either new air defence missile or a fish. I just can’t work out how the orange track works with either or is there something else a Sea Viper is?
  19. On the news last night Dreamworld's helicopter joy flights said before the accident the helicopter was going to be sold in two weeks and replaced with a larger helicopter. I wonder what the trade in value would be now.
  20. I heard it was too cold and it just didn’t want to go. Movie World is currently installing central heating to address this problem.
  21. This statement was from Mr Caulfield who is the director of James Technologies, the company contracted by Dreamworld to provide joy flights. According to him they have just one helicopter. But I think they would lease a helicopter from another company.
  22. The long-term prospects of Dreamworld's helicopter joy flights, which have operated for over a decade, remain in doubt as the Bell Jetranger 206 was their only chopper.
  23. I remember when a Seaworld helicopter was hijacked and forced to land at Brisbane airport, over twenty years ago.
  24. Dreamworld don't own the helicopters it is run by a private charter contractor.
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