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  1. @Gazzacan you fix your link. I keep clicking on it to go to the beer but it isn't working.💁‍♂️😬 /s
  2. @rappaare you trying to tell us, if you turned up to a restaurant and paid $100.00 for a 3-course meal and they took 4 hours to serve the entrée, you wait another 3 hours for the main, only to be told the kitchen is closing and there will be no main or desert, you wouldn’t ask for a refund?
  3. @Gazza8124 only works at 1 ride an hour if you are willing to ride every attraction in the park. (Which most people don't) If I'm riding Tijuana Taxis ,I'll be assaulted by a few parents.😀
  4. It's been a thing for years. Also if you have kids and you get stopped, tell them your kids have food allergies.
  5. Don't worry about it. Nobody reads your comments when we're talking about MW.😂
  6. @pushbuttonwould not like this service MW is dishing out and either do I @Luke 🙃
  7. Far from it, this thread came about because people where complaining about MW crowds. If DW had 3 hour wait times we would be saying the same about DW.
  8. It's not that unbelievable when you think of it. It would be unbelievable to have 1 train running during the Christmas period when the parks train a lot of temp staff for Christmas. Training the same amount of temp staff to cover a 2 week period isn't really cost effective. MW need to work on increasing efficiency and crowed soaking..
  9. I'm not going down that road @Rivalsbut from the bombardment of bad reviews MW received over the long weekend the general consensus is people felt like they wasted their money.
  10. Why not? (I've been stopped at the gate at WWW because it is full). Having 180 numbers ready to go shows, MW are happy to let guest wait 3 hours for a ride and as I said before with wait times like those MW are ripping people off.
  11. Parks under prepared for or unexpected influx of interstate visitors?
  12. Little do you know. @DaptoFunlandGuyI don't know what you are trying to achieve here.
  13. 'a whoopses didn’t occurred”. Can you point out where I said this? Locals have been keeping the parks going not intestate travellers. Is it possible with QLD kids returning to school next week DW thought there wouldn't be enough intestate travellers to make it viable to keep the event going or running normal hours? @DaptoFunlandGuyI still don't know why you are taking about this because @jozhas spoken.
  14. Nobody is clamming anything, unless you are @DaptoFunlandGuy? I'm giving reasons why it could have been extended. Nothing more.
  15. 100% unusual. QLD 4 Apr 2020 19 Apr 2020 6 April 2019 , 22 April 2019 NSW 10 Apr 2020 24 Apr 2020 13 April 2019 28 April 2019
  16. Who are these people? Staggered school holidays have been going on forever. (Probably from the time of the dinosaurs) It's not outside the possibility the street food venders where already booked for next week subject to this week going well. The word on the street is the hotels didn’t start booking out until last week.
  17. We were having the same discussions about DW's appearance right before DW killed 4 people. I'm not suggesting this is about to happen at MW but it does raise the questions if MW it letting its appearance slip, what else is MW letting slip?
  18. I agree. We probably have 2 factors in play here. The current CEO wants to keep his position if DW is sold, and the major investors would be happy for DW to be sold if they walked away with money in their pockets.
  19. @rappaDoes spending months restoring central park station show growth in value or growth in the quality?
  20. So isn't the incentive a carrot to create growth rather than to sell Dreamworld? The clause protects the executives if Dreamworld is sold before the incentives are due.
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