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  1. Yeah but my point is he isn't called "backwards Superman" or "reverse Superman" he's got an actual name. The only acceptable word to follow "reverse" should be "cowgirl" 😉
  2. Slightly off topic - Is it just me who thinks "Reverse Flash" is a stupid name? I mean you don't see "Backwards Superman" running around. Why did they get so lazy naming this one.
  3. IF this image is to be taken as anything other than a placeholder, it rules out the soundstage for a maze. That's a big IF though. But all other locations are covered by this map.
  4. Are {any niche subculture} being frowned upon? By some people, yes, by some people, no. Have you not read Parkz before?
  5. Isn't that just the same as what was posted in @Richard's update the other day?
  6. It's always been spoken about as being ready for Fright Nights, so chances are, unless something goes wrong, Sept 30/Oct 1 it will open.
  7. Well both their tracks look pretty crap and don't match a railroad theme, but the Vekoma train design looks nicer IMO. VEKOMA: INTAMIN:
  8. Both Intamin & Vekoma make them. Vekoma's look better IMO.
  9. Other than whatever shitstorm it was, why do you think I left that group chat you made ages ago? Haha. -------------- I'd have to say my favourite video has been the making of Tatsu documentary. Found that really interesting. Know of any other decent length "making of" theme park documentaries?
  10. So they're going to sell it, then rent it back. So realistically nothing changes.
  11. Good to note too that you can't tag a ride until you add it to the database and a mod approves it.
  12. Google tells me it took us 1hr 26mins to get from Mooloolaba to Costco, then 53 minutes to get from there to the south side of Brisbane. Not sure if that's a decent travel time for Bruce but it didn't seem terrible. (This was on a Monday at 10am)
  13. Do you have any particular size requirements or requests for images?
  14. Given there's no other ride closure planned at this moment (based off the website), what if we're all wrong about the studios being unavailable?
  15. Nah the horses didn't seem to like having golf balls hit towards them.
  16. Sounds like you've never been in a fright night sweaty body odour infested queue on a muggy Queensland night before.
  17. The horn in that thumbnail doesn't look straight, and despite not having OCD, for some reason that kinda bugs me.
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