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  1. Adventures With JWorld

    The Off Topic Topic

    So credit to PCL for reporting this information first but it appears‘TrickPic’ closed its doors really without any notice. I did searching up as there’s no acknowledgement by the company stating it’s closed but turns out, If you search it up now on Google it states the attraction is now closed permanently I went there back in December with a few of my family members of last year and I thought it was okay but definitely not worth the price of admission and probably wouldn’t return Shame to see it not last long but hopefully something a lot more better than a photo studio takes it’s place
  2. Adventures With JWorld

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    Instagram One of the performers at DW
  3. Adventures With JWorld

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Read Jordan’s response It’s at the Dreamworld Exhibition Centre where Brock’s was
  4. Adventures With JWorld

    Dreamworld Neon Nights Returns

    Andddddd this is the where we will see Sky Voyager open... as an Park After Dark exclusive 😉
  5. Adventures With JWorld

    Sky Voyager Opening Date Competition

  6. Adventures With JWorld

    HWSW's train is stuck ...

    *gets delayed now for an extra 8 months*
  7. Adventures With JWorld

    Future Dark Ride at Dreamworld

    Isn’t this for the supposed “amphitheater” coming not the dark ride?
  8. Adventures With JWorld

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    V8 Simulators are also closed till further notice
  9. Adventures With JWorld

    Aquaman – The Exhibition at Movie World

    Probably not the A4 frame sign we were expecting but it will do
  10. More like June I reckon as that’s when it opened last year as that would be 12 months by then
  11. Adventures With JWorld

    The Off Topic Topic

    A few folks on here have read this already off the forums but this is an recent story that’s occurred at EPCOT I’ll be interested to see how this story concludes
  12. Adventures With JWorld

    Dreamworld's Sky Voyager construction discussion

    Thankyou for the information^ Glad all work has now concluded now Holding off my trip now till next week as I was due to go today
  13. Adventures With JWorld

    Sky Voyager added to Dreamworld map

    I was addressing Thrill Seeker’s comment saying it was not replacing certain ride on the sign as it is at least half an year old from memory (the sign) and certain ride was closed 1 year and half when these park signs were all updated And once again, Slick addressed this matter already back last month
  14. Adventures With JWorld

    Dreamworld's Sky Voyager construction discussion

    Surely they should have some at least some timeframe when the thing is going to open now if the ride is supposedly “complete” I can only think now they have officially finished works inside the other day (presumably Wednesday my guess) and they are doing the final tests now Me hopes it would open sometime next week but I won’t reckon it won’t open for at least another two weeks as I personally reckon DW wants to nail the launch for this ride perfectly without any issues
  15. Adventures With JWorld

    Sky Voyager added to Dreamworld map

    They have had that sign now at least for half an year now shortly before Trolls Village opened from memory Ol mate Slick already brought all of this up on the construction thread back a few weeks as well btw