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  1. Adventures With JWorld

    Dreamworld's Spooky Happy Halloween Nights

    All of what I have read has convinced me to buy a ticket for this Friday’s event I am very excited to seeing this event in person
  2. Adventures With JWorld

    Dreamworld October Update 2019

    I mean the fact they went all the way out to decorate the globe into a pumpkin is very impressive. We also got another 4 days till the event starts so who says they couldn’t have anything else planned?
  3. Adventures With JWorld

    Aquaman – The Exhibition at Movie World

    Update on post above, heard rumblings the date above is incorrect so sorry folks for the misinformation there!
  4. Adventures With JWorld

    Aquaman – The Exhibition at Movie World

    WB Showcase is reopening November 1st Details were revealed on a Movieworld fan club page on Facebook
  5. Adventures With JWorld

    The Off Topic Topic

    After near 9+ months of SBNO This still continues to rot the streets of Surfers Paradise
  6. Adventures With JWorld

    Fright Nights 2019

    Last night we were able to get all the mazes done with a thirty minute downtime to get food and drinks with no fast track pass to the mazes- We arrived at the park at 3:30pm to start lining up at the turnstiles and were essentially one of the first groups to get IT done • To anyone going to Fright Nights tonight or within next few weeks Best order to get them done are by: IT Zombieland Doll Haus Leatherface (if everything goes to plan, you should be finishing LF around 8ish at this time) then House of Kain We then tried to get Scooby done after Kain but they shut the queue off just as we approached the ride so we got one ride on Batwing and then watched the closing ceremony • As to the comments about the lack of the characters around the precincts and mazes this year I’ve seen on here, I think it was a safe bet when you are adding another maze to your line up, there will be definitely cutbacks to the amount of the characters around the park or in the maze, this all seems to be a shock to everyone on here with this, but was very well expected from the get go when five mazes were announced.
  7. Adventures With JWorld

    Fright Nights 2019

    From my experience tonight - note as this is the first night, this will change throughout the event but as it stands imo.. 1) IT - Obviously where the money went to this year and it shows.. definitely the most advanced maze they have done, Feels like you are in the films 2) Zombieland - just outbeaten by IT - I walked in with low expectations with this one but was surprised with what they had to work with but definitely the shortest maze there - had perfect runs each time in this one 3) Doll Haus - Put my expectations a little high with this one as I was impressed with Kain last year and was expecting to be just as great as HOK - It is great, but you really have no clue what’s going on in the maze as it’s all thrown in your face, the action, queue should have a backstory posted so then it could flow with everyone 4) HOK - I wish this was higher on the list as it was my favourite maze last year, lacks the charm I feel that the maze had last year. I was surprised with how much with the original maze was kept and not altered from the Show Stage to the sheds 5) Leatherface - You are not missing much if you skip this one, it’s the same concept that has been done in previous years and but adds nothing new to it
  8. Adventures With JWorld

    The Off Topic Topic

    Checking into Ricks Market Place right now as I speak This is what the place has to offer 😊
  9. Adventures With JWorld

    Fright Nights 2019

    They have also done the other side of Intencity building
  10. It will just be General Mainteance Not long enough timeframe if they were to update it
  11. Adventures With JWorld

    Fright Nights 2019

    I had a mate who was down at the park today send me these Only two days left folks! 🤙🏻
  12. Adventures With JWorld

    WWW - New slide tower

    Concrete has been poured finally for the new tower Fingers crossed to having these done by at the end of the year 🤞🏻
  13. Adventures With JWorld

    White Water World Slide Repaints 2019 - 2020

    Popped into WWW to check on repaints and Fully Six The pictures uploaded of the slide repaints on here do not do any justice, they are looking incredibly fresh and makes the park feel new again Anyways, few pictures of BRO which I really hope they keep the colour scheme of that they have below I couldn’t express my disappointment though that the Dreamworld Express wasn’t open at WWW, massive deal breaker for me
  14. Adventures With JWorld

    Dreamworld launches more monster-sized family fun

    I checked into Dreamworld today and gave The Monster a go I must say I was really surprised with how fun I had with this, it’s definitely not just for the kids, I saw a lot of parents/adults getting a kick out of it and I found it took a lot of energy out of you if you try to speed run the course. Do give this a try if you are heading into the park for the next two weeks, especially worth it if you are a Passholder as you get free admission, or if you are popping into the Happy Halloween events, which I will certainly be attending Anyways enjoy some unedited photos on my end 😊
  15. Adventures With JWorld

    The Off Topic Topic

    ^Andddddd they sell coffees at Harry’s