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  1. Certainly hope they bring it back and revive it, an iconic ride and one of the originals. Perfect for a family ride with a bit of thrill to it!
  2. Kind of out of the blue but couldn't help in having a look around for some more info on the proposed "Sydney's Wonderland", it seems to be in a completely stagnant stage and honestly with some of the rubbish concept art they've put forward, crappy websites and a lack of information, I doubt it's going to happen SOON. I did email Ammar last year, seems like a nice enough bloke, but he seemed to imply it will not be happening for a while, and as @DaptoFunlandGuysaid, it looks like that billion dollar funding may be long gone. He mentioned going on a new way forward and that the project is still
  3. Cyclone looks brilliant with the new paint job, looks like a brand new ride and it's much more fitting with the WWW theming, makes it blend in so much more. Hopefully they've done up the track a bit so it's a more comfortable ride experience, haven't been to Dreamworld since 2014 but by what people have said it sounds like it's getting shaky in its more recent years.
  4. Ardent Leisure is already being crippled by debt. Chances are Dreamworld is going to be sold, hopefully someone who actually knows and cares about the industry will buy it up and Dreamworld can finally be back to the theme park it was in it's heyday. Ardent Leisure has done horribly as their stock prices continue to plummet.
  5. A revamp of vikings revenge and bringing the theatre back into the public eye would be a much cheaper alternative to a complete demolition and replacement. It would open up 2 new attractions for a fraction of the cost of a new ride and will still retain one of SeaWorld's oldest and significant rides (that being Viking's revenge of course).
  6. @Bikash Randhawa Since the closure of the main white Wet N Wild free-fall slides which was a real shame, there's that massive gap. Perhaps we could be seeing the tallest water slide in the Southern Hemisphere sometime in the future? It'd be a good promo for WNW, just a suggestion.
  7. Any one have any updates on the paint job? I heard they stopped for a while.
  8. The Sea World monorail is one of your star attractions, even though it is a bit old, people love it! I really hope you choose to keep it in the park, it'll definitely be worth it. (and if we're on the topic of rides... Vikings Revenge flume, will we ever see her sail again?)
  9. Honestly think it's a bad idea to get rid of the Splash Out slides, they're a key part of the park and extremely popular, were pretty much the first part of Jamberoo becoming the water-park it is today and the ride is suitable for all ages. It would be much better to relocate this to a different part of the park, the area around the Funnel Web slides could use something like this, the plans do look really brilliant.
  10. True, but I'm more thinking of the area around Rocky Hollow as well. DW have quite a bit of space in that general area, even with the new coaster project.
  11. I think the Log Ride was a keystone attraction for Dreamworld, and perhaps if anything they should revamp the once immensely popular Gold Rush area with a new log flume. With all the extra space a small family rollercoaster could be in order to fit in there, a mine train would go nicely with both the theme and families.
  12. I do see your point, but considering how debt ridden Ardent Leisure is it may end up being a reality that they get a hand-me-down boomerang for the sake of saving money. I wouldn't say it's a joke, it's just definitely not the best option. After looking through this page though, a Vekoma family boomerang looks like it could be a great addition to the park as DW is in need of another good family attraction.
  13. Considering if they did build one it would be the only boomerang in Australia since the demise of Australia's Wonderland, I reckon it would be a welcome addition for thrill seeking guests to see a return of a classic and popular roller coaster. As long as the theming is on point it could be very popular for park visitors.
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