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  1. I wasn't sure it would, but the wood is REALLY blending in well with the park. It's a nice colour.
  2. I have to say I would love to see the Viking’s Revenge flume ride restored/replaced with something similar after this... the park would be well on it’s way to feeling complete if that happened.
  3. Wow I wasn't expecting anything let alone something this extensive for an Australian theme park. I had presumed that the theme parks would be on the back foot for the foreseeable future after the Dreamworld incident. Really exciting! I think a family-ish GCI is perfect for Seaworld... Movieworld is the place for the big thrill rides. And Australia will have a modern wooden coaster... this is great.
  4. $50 million isn't a small amount of money to put into a park addition. This should be interesting!
  5. Can someone reassure me that all this isn't going to eventually change the experience of DC Rivals? Would they make the trims stronger if the wear and tear is too much?
  6. I was just at our Movie World and absolutely loved it but thought it would be much more well rounded if it had a couple more dark rides/movie themed family experiences based on IPs other than DC. I think these types of rides are exactly what it needs!
  7. So loving the look of this coaster from the Movie World entrance plaza... the pink and black are gorgeous behind the deep green foliage of those trees.
  8. Hey I'm considering purchasing some merch but just wondering if the clothing sizes are similar to general Australian retail sizes? I've been burnt in my last few online clothing purchases from other websites, even considering the measurements given, and just wanted to make sure! Cheers.
  9. This coaster skyline is looking sooooo good! And it just fits in so well with the other rides jutting out over the trees! It'll be a massive drawcard.
  10. ^ Yep, the more they can stir up and pretend like it's just a natural progression of events, the more hits they'll get on their articles. Yeah this was my first thought... surely in an ideal situation ride operators should constantly be scanning the station for abnormal occurrences, but I can imagine it would be easy to become distracted, especially when a seemingly harmless family ride hasn't had an accident for it's 30 years of operation.
  11. I was disgusted when I saw that article headline about the CEO's lifestyle... what a massive bunch of opportunistic, predatory shit stirrers. Her wealth has nothing to do with the accident. It's seriously high-school rumour spreading behaviour.
  12. Hey guys, Just needing some clarification as a non-ride operator... How quickly would the E-Stop halt the conveyor belt? Is it instantaneous or do you have to wait a while? Or could it have malfunctioned and not stopped? What I can't get my head around is why was there enough time for the raft to flip, and screaming people to be caught up in a relatively slow moving conveyor belt without it being stopped? There is absolutely no aggression in this... I totally understand that I've never been in the situation and it really is a freak accident but this aspect of it all is bogglin
  13. Yeah, I was saying I think it's much better as Wild West Falls than a tie in with Wild Wild West, because the film has probably become rather obscure and irrelevant to most people.... so even though it was because of a license issue, it was for the best!
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