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  1. Seems like some seppo just changed the currency. https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/with-new-steel-taipan-rollercoaster-approaching-completion-dreamworld-retires-its-buzzsaw-ride/ β€œsince announcing plans for the park’s $32 million investment in the Steel Taipan rollercoaster, Dreamworld has planned to cease operations of BuzzSaw So it would only be 23.3m USD.
  2. I dunno how you can complain in other posts that they have been giving away the gate, but $99 for a pass is too expensive. Even with some rides gone, $99 for a an AP is pretty good, and its still better than Adventure World. Honestly surprised ST isnt enough to bring you back? Why not? Blue fire is fucking awesome and you're missing out by not riding the only new coaster on the GC in 4 years (And the most recent Multi looper since Abyss in 2013) I mean I'd probably pay $99 for a one day ticket if APs were not available, that's how good Blue Fire was.
  3. Even without a deal, wouldn't you still get a $99 pass to try Steel Taipan? What's the point of being a theme park fan if you're not going to go ride a massive new launch coaster from one of the worlds best manufacturers?
  4. things like the dodgem car rink, the shops under the mouse, spinning ride footpritns etc are not guest accessible in that sense. Should just measure the grey bitumen areas.
  5. The idea is that its a triple launch, so it only needs 1/3 the LSMs so you use each one three times instead of once. The track of course is just the standard launch track with mounts. **** I saw a comment on another video it was running 3 seconds faster than the original Blue Fire
  6. Often too, its the duration that matters, not the actual peak level.
  7. It looks like scaffolding is still in place so maybe more works to be done?
  8. Horizon leveled POVs are a thing these days (personally I don't mind them because they make the thing look really dynamic) This sorta seems like it's halfway trying to do that (unintentionally) FWIW it does show the fast pace of the ride well and doesn't rattle or have annoying clicking sounds from the mounting....so it's alright. Dunno why people are talking about chest mounts though. People would not be allowed to ride this yet until more testing is done.
  9. Also for what its worth, I don't care it only has a couple of airtime points, because right now, Australia needed a decent multi looper, and I can get airtime on Superman and DCR. Just waiting for that barrel roll at the end πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
  10. I've never understood this idea where people call coasters with inversions a "Family Thrill Ride" Family thrill means Jet Rescue or Scooby or Storm. Something a bit more spicy than a regular family coaster like Roadrunner or Madagascar. The height limits, speed, g forces on this makes Steel Taipan a thrill ride.
  11. Chinese tourists would love an alpine coaster, have you seen the one at the Great Wall? But that would actually be perfect, but I would like if was like the one in Germany with airtime hills. Twin track model would be great, and to be honest that is probably a better fit for the vibe of the park. Or keep it as a single track but charge more.
  12. I agree by the way, but I almost felt like the train on GaleForce is too big for the track.
  13. I knew there was one i was missing. Fixed!
  14. Im not too fussed, I mean realistically the model of water parks and what people will pay doesn't permit heavy themes in the same manner you can for a theme park except in certain markets (You can make people pay $100 for a highly themed theme park, but you cant for a highly themed water park in most other markets) So usually some nice landscaping and a couple of token bits of theming is what you get. I guess for guests, thats their main expectation, and nobody is asking for elaborate storylines. IMO if its lots of palm trees and shade, happy days. In terms of heavy th
  15. Perhaps Dreamworld needs to consider a French style VAL rubber tyre metro with driverless operation as the correct mode to deal with the grades?
  16. Asking the big questions..... For the purposes of this poll, I'm not including smaller the 24ft Tantrum ones.
  17. IDK, I mean Jamberoo is not Disney Typhoon Lagoon, but it's nice and lush and no slide towers that look like oil refineries. Also @DaptoFunlandGuy are those South Park characters in the school bus πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚???
  18. I think the lap bar ones are fine, the OTSR design is crappy (Taller riders in particular struggle) But yeah I agree Eurofighters/Infinity coasters can be so hit and miss....You can ride Takabisha and it's superb, you can ride Abyss and it's OK. You can ride Karnan and hear that either its a masterpiece or a pile of junk. So IDK maybe its hard to calibrate the wheel shims on them or something, leading to a lot of variability between parks, and even cars on the same ride. I mean I'm happy with what we got. I've noticed with a lot of the custom eurofighters for tight sites, yes th
  19. RoBu = Ronald Bussink, does that mean he bought it with the intention of relocating it or something?
  20. I think the financial model was wrong. It's a $100m attraction. https://www.parkz.com.au/article/2004/05/05/12-Melbournes_Southern_Star_rolls_near.html The ride is expected to generate up to $45 million per year, promising 1.5 million riders per year paying $28 for the 30 minute ride, plus $3 million from the naming rights to the ride. It is said that there is interest from both Australian and international companies for this valuable piece of advertising.
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