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  1. @HussRainbow87 Actually I did notice that yesterday. I get you're a Huss fan, but to be honest its coming across like Pushbutton when he was "It's not a monorail or a dark ride therefore ill turn my nose up" As @joz said, the Intamin launch coaster would be worth a trip alone, I don't think the capacity will be a problem. GL and Abyss run with 8 person trains at short intervals so therefore a 7 seater at a park that is less peaky like LPS should be fine. Objectivley, for a constrained park they've picked a good balanced selection of rides that will be popular with
  2. I didn't even notice the counterweight on the Sledgehammer ride till now, looks like it's the 360 inverting version like the paperweight at Aussie World / Stratosfear at Rainbows End. https://www.parkz.com.au/photo/14762-Stratosfear/gallery/sort/newest/location/ride-2863-Stratosfear/offset/2
  3. I've been on Gipfelsturmer back in 2018 https://www.parkz.com.au/parks/DE/Ruhpolding/Freizeitpark_Ruhpolding/ride/4157-Gipfelstrmer It's actually slightly wild for a family coaster, very forceful first turn and transitions. I thought it was better than a regular roller-skater of Roadrunners ilk.
  4. So to summarise the 9 new rides, it looks like. 1-Intamin Hot Racer 2-Gerstlauer Family Shuttle 3-L&T Mini Coaster 4-Samba Balloon 5-Zamperla Discovery Revolution. 6-Midi Ferris Wheel 7-Crazy Submarine 8-Bounce Around 9-Jumpin Tower 16 Am also looking forward to riding "Commercial Building"
  5. Also. Australia has too many Gyro Swings. Please eliminate three. I am not a crackpot.
  6. Holy crap, good work LPS, very happy to see this! Overall a good layout, particularly towards the end, i would have liked to have seen them spice up the bit between the first and 2nd launch, eg slightly more aggressive hills, and a wavy launch track as seen on Pantheon. The 2nd largest coaster appears to be a Gerstlauer family shuttle coaster, and there also appears to be a clone of Klein Tsar / Veggie Tales Sideshow Spin: Good choices all around!
  7. Have a loading point like on Supertubes at WWW or the Breakers at RWS. A short belt that pushes rafts in. Many manufacturers offer this as an option. IMO if i had a park i'd make it the standard on anything involving a raft.
  8. They'll just punch straight through them with any piling. The project team would be well aware of what structures used to be on the site. And the park has done this before, eg Whitewater World was built on the site of thunderbolt, which had all its footings. Also, Cyclone was built on an old road. Also, motocoaster was built on the old roadways for Model T lane.
  9. You wouldn't create one though from scratch you'd just find a 3d film relevant to the event.
  10. Hey didn't they show Polar Express specific to WC, and that Freddie V Jason kills one specific to FN? Therefore it stands to reason they could do it for this.
  11. Lolwut, it's not sad at all. The current crop "DC Rivals" style coasters seen at more and more parks are way better than the one time record breakers. Superman Escape from Krypton is not better than Tatsu or Twisted Collossus. Steel Curtain is better than Phantoms Revenge Steel Vengeance is better than Top Thrill Dragter or Milllennium Force. Takabisha is better than Fujiyama. Dreamworlds new coaster will be better than TOT (Having ridden Blue Fire) The problem I find is so much cost goes into creating the record breaking aspect that the rest of the ride su
  12. The coaster would have been ordered under the new legislation so could have come out of the factory better prepared.
  13. Cool, im pasting this in so we can search it in the future....It's an interesting one. TOT was successful in terms of boosting the value of the park prior to sale, but I'm not sure how it would have gone in terms of ROI from visitation. My view is that in the 90s it was a bit cheaper to build a record breaker, and a few regional parks held the crown, and around the year 2000 with millennium force that window closed.
  14. Hey didn't the owners who installed it go bust hence DW being sold?
  15. Why couldn't the courtyard be another themed land? Because there's already a Metropolis area around Doomsday and the park already has an over reliance on DC. There needs to be more stuff for visitors not necessarily into DC movies. Like, Disney has Marvel, but its not literally every new ride that is Marvel. Using the show stage for an indoor section of a coaster would be good though.
  16. The cyclone thing was just a bit of marketing spiel because at the time it genuinely was the only hyper coaster built in a "cyclonic" area. I dont think it was any additional steel, because US/EU coasters are built to withstand snowstorms, and the weight of piled snow. In terms of the cathedral structure width, seems pretty similar to other M&V / GG woodies imo: https://rcdb.com/12364.htm#p=62654 https://rcdb.com/3757.htm#p=37886
  17. Doomsday can run a cycle with 3 inversions each way, but they run a diet version with 2 each way. Probably the same thing here.
  18. Why does the new coaster have to occupy the same footprint as Arkham?
  19. 1) I cant believe I forgot LoCoSuMo. Legitimately one of the best wooden coasters in the world. 2) It was built by CCI not in house, its just that they only sold one of this type before going bust in the same year. I mean, I was willing to let DC Rivals pass because Hollywood Dream Backdrop isn't tall enough to be a hyper. But backwards wooden coasters are not a new thing in the slightest.
  20. It's not really the worlds first backwards wooden coaster though as claimed, what about Racer and Rebel Yell? They both ran one side backwards.
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