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Ardent secures Major Amusement Park Licences

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Ardent secures Major Amusement Park Licences

Ardent Leisure Group Limited announces that the Queensland workplace health and safety regulator, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ), has today issued the Company with Major Amusement Park Licences (MAP Licences) under the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (Qld) for both ofits Dreamworld and Whitewater World amusement parks on the Gold Coast.

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1 hour ago, Naazon said:

So apart from having a shiny MAP badge, what does this even mean? And does VRTP/Aussie World have similar?

Are these a requirement for operation? This press release give very little info.

Major amusement park licence - QLD - Australian Business Licence and Information Service

Fair to say that VRTP either has this, or is in the process of getting it as its a requirement to operate a major amusement park in Queensland.


"From 1 May 2019, the major amusement park operator of an existing major amusement park will have: • six months to provide the regulator with a safety case outline; and • two years to provide the regulator with a safety case and to apply for a major amusement park licence. A park can continue to operate amusement devices during this period"


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3 hours ago, New display name said:

Spring Country Fair - Nothing but crickets

Happy Halloween - Nothing but crickets

DW got a sticker - Media release.

Oooh don't forget-

 Big Dipper opening - first new major coaster in NSW in 26 years, 1st launched single rail coaster in the WORLD- Nothing but crickets.


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Loving the enthusiasm for press releases everyone!

Believe me I'd love nothing more than a homepage full of fresh stories from operators big and small. We can only share the releases we receive, though I can honestly say that we do share literally everything vaguely relevant that lands in our inbox, as I think an investor release about a WHS license demonstrates.

Do feel free to reach out to the parks you've all mentioned here and suggest they get in touch with us. We only play favourites insofar as we'll publish it if they are proactive enough to send us a release in the first place.

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