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RC No Limits Challenge 1 – Thunderbolt Thrills

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RC No Limits Challenge 1 – Thunderbolt Thrills (Due 10/01/05) I have decided to start a No Limits Challenge here, no prizes except for admiration from your fellow members, but this promises to be a whole lot of fun. The Story- After removing Thunderbolt, Dreamworld has decided its time to be bold and add a new ride to its arsenal, this ride needs to be exciting and be aimed at the Teenage thrill seeker Demographic. Dreamworld wants a ride that will attract people for many years to come, but the park has some requirements… The Rules- -The ride can be any variety you want except for Steel Looping (No longer made), Corkscrew Coaster (Park already has one) or Wooden (Not what the park is after) -The ride and its supports must fit entirely in the 85x150m recatngle provided on the template file, this area is the same as what Thunderbolt took up. -G Forces must stay in these limits: Vertical +5.5/-1.5, lateral +1.5/-1.5, acceleration +2/-2 -The ride cannot be a shuttle coaster -The ride must help with Dreamworlds capacity, and should be able to run at least 3 trains. -The ride must be fully supported -The ride must pass the Emergency stop test* -No 3ds or Terra forming, but trees are allowed -The track is to be zipped up and posted in this thread by January 10th 2005 Judging- Your ride will be judged, by me, on the following: -Excitement and adrenaline -The fun factor of it -Originality -Building Technique (how smooth the track is and wether brake runs and lifts are straight ect. -Wether it fits the criteria -Overall quality of the layout Tips- For your ride to be judged well, follow these pointers. -*The emergency stop test should be passed, this means you should run the ride and press F12 when the train comes through each block section, the train will be stopped, when F12 is pressed again it should be able to have enough energy to complete the circuit from a standing start. Do this on every block segment and if it can complete the circuit then you have passed. If it doesn’t make it, make some adjustments to your track so it does. -Your ride should not be just a chain of Pre-Made elements, try to make your own and make sure your ride has variety. You can use some pre made elements, but not too many. -Make sure that there is enough clearance around the track, so riders don’t get decapitated by supports that are too close for example. A simple way to test this is to select all track segments, then go to the settings dialogue box, and tick the tunnel box. Then ride the ride, if anything protrudes into the tunnel then its too close. Have fun, try to design the best ride you can. If anyone has any questions regarding the comp, just ask.

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No limits is a Coaster Simulation Program. See Here: www.nolimitscoaster.de The program is not avaliable anywhere accpet for the Internet. Not avaliable in the shops anywhere. And just an update on the No Limits Program, Update 1.55 is Now avaliable on Pc, and Mac. This update is completely new and is not the Update which included Boomerang Coasters.

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