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Wet'N'Wild GC worth it?


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Hi all!

Travelling to Gold Coast from 25th-28th December and wanted to go to Wet'N'Wild for the first time in about 5 years. However, recent TripAdvisor reviews regarding the queues there are shocking, and I do remember them being quite bad. Considering that it might be raining during the period, is it still worth paying all that money for a day pass?

Many thanks!!

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I would TBH. If you get a Village 3-day pass you can go to MW, WnW and SW. Even if it is raining you could substitute WnW for another day at MW etc. as they have all their rides open (except the carousel) and Roxy Theater/Scooby are inside. However I think they only close the rides if there is storms etc.

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Is it worth it? Oh absolutely!


I'll add some qualifications though: there will be queues. Don't think you're going to get away without it. Some will be better or worse than others; Aqua Racer will be quite short. The Flumes at White Water Mountain on the other hand? Honestly just pretend they aren't there.


Also if you're on holiday, and this is your big theme park day, plan to arrive early and stay late. Get in well before opening and get a jump on the crowds. Early morning is when you can tick off a few of the slides at the back of the park with (relatively) more manageable waits. Stuff like Kaboom, Tornado, Blackhole and Kamikaze. If you can get them out of the way, after lunch you've got stuff like Aqua Racer, Mammoth Falls, Wave Pool and Calypso Bay, H2Oasis, WnW Jr., and the other smaller tube slides off the Kaboom Tower. Also take advantage of the nights Dive in Movies are on, as the queues do die off dramatically later in the day. If you see a queue and it is long; don't join it. There is other stuff to do with a shorter line.


Finally, if it's overcast, go. It's summer. You'll be fine, the kids will be fine. Particularly if you're coming from down south. If the weather isn’t 100%, lots of people put off visiting. Don't do what they're doing.


It sounds like a lot but honestly if you do these things, you may still stand in queues, but you'll also have a good day.

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