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Space Mountain: Supernova

75 km/h
Height: 30-40 m
Ride time 3 minutes
Inversions: 4
Zero G Roll
Dive loop
(Overbanked Turn)
Inline Twist
"Ride head over heels on a light speed adventure through an exploding star"
Okay, so try to follow this......
 So the ride lasts about 3 minutes. The first min is just all that lift hill pre build up (you probably know what I mean)
The first half of the ride is basically space mountain with curves and small drops, but at higher speed, but about halfway through, the train flies into a supernova section with strobe, colour and sound effects. Which the train suddenly goes down a 10-15 m drop and back up about 3/4 into a zero g roll immediately followed by a dive loop to ground level which is then followed by a left corkscrew into a sharp curve in the same direction into an airtime hill which goes over the pit of the 10m drop causing a headchopper effect in the first place.... Brutal
After an overbanked turn the ride than makes a right hand curve around the edge of about a quarter of the mountain, which is then suddenly followed by a fast but smooth turn to the left into a final left inline twist in the exit tunnel outside of the perimeter of the mountain and then finally a brake run where the picture is taken
So what do you think....? I'm not sure if even building a ride like that is even possible but I'm pretty sure it can be done with a little imagination, (and money) it hasn't stopped Disney before
its just an idea

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Sounds a little like the Space Mountain they have in Paris.  It's interesting that Disney builds a lot of clones of its e-ticket attractions and then builds one that just bit different.

I also think these ones break the rule too:

Jungle Cruise HK

Splash Mountain Tokyo

Big Thunder Mountain Paris

And then there's a different kind of thrilling Disney coaster - Journey to the Centre of the Earth.  It starts off like a great dark ride, then turns into a coaster, racing around the top of a volcano.



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Wonder if Space Mountain Supernova would have a Ghost Galaxy overlay during Halloween time, Star Wars overlay during Season of the Force, and a Guardians of Galaxy overlay during a Marvel event if it actually happens? Btw jjuttp Disney does make thrill rides like Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, California Screamin, Tower of Terror, Expedition Everest, Seven Dwarf's mine train, Rock n' Rollercoaster, Test Track, Radiator Springs Racers, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Grizzly Mountain, Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, and the future attractions Iron-Man Experience, and Tron Cycles.

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I disagree.

None of those (with perhaps the exception of California Screamin') are pure thrill rides. They are adventures, they are experiences.

What Jjuttp has said rings true for me. i wouldn't be able to quote word for word, but Disney is on record saying something to that effect. they don't want the 'thrill' market, and are quite happy for Six Flags type parks to dominate the 'biggest' 'tallest' 'fastest' thrill ride dick measuring contest.

Disney is about suspending belief and going on an adventure. not 'thrills'. if you find the ride thrilling whilst on the adventure - then thats a bonus.

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^ Exactly! Space Mountain would be an extremely boring coaster with an extremely boring layout, IF it was an average coaster. Disney somehow manages to theme it beautifully and make it feel like your going way faster than you are in the dark. I reckon its great that they do that, however it would be cool if they had another thrilling ride that was well themed like the other rides.

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Disney is about suspending belief and going on an adventure. not 'thrills'. if you find the ride thrilling whilst on the adventure - then thats a bonus.

Hit the nail on the head. No Disney coasters have ever topped my "most thrilling coasters" list, but they are leagues ahead in terms of experience. 

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Then what do you classify California Screamin', Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Space Mountain Mission 2 as?

I think what JJUTP (and Myself) are getting at is that Disney doesn't set out with the manifesto of 'let's build a big scream machine that people look at and go "wow" ' - instead they build attractions where the WOW comes at the end of the ride.

I did say above 'with the possible exception of California Screamin' - but that in itself is still the adventure - it's a steel looping roller coaster made to look like a wooden seaside fair coaster. On board audio that is perfectly suited to the ride from go to whoa, and really, although it is launched, and inverts, it's still not what i would call a ride that's sole mission was to be a 'thriller'.

RnRC and SMM2 are thrilling attractions - nobody is denying that Disney rides CAN be thrilling - what we are saying is that they don't build THRILL rides. They build adventures, stories, alternate realities, that in addition to everything else they do (and many times because of it) can be thrilling.

The difference between a ride that is thrilling and a thrill ride is subtle - but i guess the simplest way to get the point across to someone like you is to point to your local agricultural show, at big ticket rides like the extreme speed machine - and then compare it to space mountain.

Are they both thrilling? Yes. But what does each one set out to do?

One sets out to spin you around and around as fast as it can with very little between you and flying off into the atmosphere.

The other sets out to tell a story of a spaceport, where you board a rocket, get clearance from the tower and launch into space, before going on a high speed journey with whips and turns and hills as you fly through the stars.

See the difference?

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You see most rides at, I'll say six flags are extremely thrilling that lack detailed theming while Disney is the opposites. Even though thrill rides are not Disney's priority, it would be nice if they turned up the intensity every now and then focused on rides aimed for people of an older age because Disney rides have so much potential and sometimes their family friendly nature can hold it back


Disney himself once said that he makes movies for all ages, not just for kids, so he doesn't hold back

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Disney is quoted as saying "You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."

But that's just it - they don't aim 'just' for adults - they target something that appeals to all.


I can't find the specific story, but a story I read a while back goes like this:

Walt went to some amusement type facility, and watched as the children went on rides, and the adults sat around and waited for them. He didn't want that - and so he designed attractions suitable for children, but enjoyable for adults...


So I don't think this particular focus holds them back, rather - it brings families together in such a way that no other park can.

I mean honestly - if you're going to use Six Flags as the standard of 'thrills' (which is fine) then what you're saying is Dreamworld does thrills better than Disney? Please.

Ever go to a "theme park" with young children? ie: stroller children and younger? If you do that with older kids who aren't old enough to be left unsupervised - you end up making one or the other unhappy. you have to go to kiddie land so the little one can have a few carousel rides, and whilst that is happening, the 10 year old who wants to jump on everything he is tall enough for but can't go alone is bored and grumpy. Same situation in reverse whilst the big kid is riding rollercoasters. Disney just seems to have a knack for (mostly) building attractions that everyone can enjoy.

Besides - i'm sure a lot of people would agree with me that Disney DOES turn up the intensity 'every now and then'... tower of terror is a good example.

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