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Dreamworld owners talk modest growth, pricing review and prudent investment

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rusted-on Dreamworld supporters. 


58 minutes ago, Roachie said:

Now more than ever, it's as clear as day to me that they're prepping Dreamworld for sale.

But surely not before they've completed the currently announced construction?

Case in point:


Dr Weiss suggesting that they will not see anything happening in the near future

I'd say it's probably on the cards they're holding - but not a card they plan to play 'in the near future'...


the decade of discounting is finished

The trouble is (and this is on both sides of the highway) that many angry responses on social media show that they let this run too long. For years, many of us have bemoaned the $99 tickets (in whatever seasonal variation they have) and it's given many a sense of entitlement - that the theme parks are a place to go after school several times a week.

I grew up not far from a theme park, but never had an annual pass growing up (until i could work a job to afford my own) - not even as a christmas present. we went there for a single day every couple of years, and it was an amazing treat - a fun filled day, where we raced from one ride to another trying to fit in as much as possible.

When I see locals posting on the social pages of the parks complaints that the park has made the fast track too expensive for them to buy 'every time they visit' and getting pissed that 'they're only offering them at prices tourists can afford' it makes me extremely happy.

At least in America - you've got to pay hundreds of dollars to be considered a passhole. Down under - you could do that for $79 summer specials (until june 30).


I repeat that our focus is on reinvigorating what we have at our theme parks

Can someone tell Dr Weiss that since they merged WWW back into DW that the use of the plural is probably no longer appropriate?

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