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  1. Both of those look great!! Very promising! Love that DW is going down the themed route - hopefully learning from the trend at other parks worldwide
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  2. Info about Fright Nights are good to post in this thread. A pissing contest over who knew things first and the definition of such is not Thank you for visiting
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  3. Oh could you do better? It’s pretty good for a splash pad . The light house is a good addition to the area. And it general this will bring more ocean into ocean parade.
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  4. "The world's most iconic funeral has been delayed to 2025 due to guest feedback"
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  5. The new vintage car trains look great, a massive step up from the current white, generic ones. The Jungle Rush entrance looks great as well, looks better than the other entrances at Dreamworld right now.
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  6. More concept drawings from Ardents F23 results. DW say, they still have more attractions to announce for other parts of the park.
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  7. These people would sell tickets to their own grandmothers' funeral.
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