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  1. Would you do the same today @pushbutton? If so that's a real dick of a move buddy.
  2. The sad thing about Sea world (and village I guess now) is that they were parks that took pride in their shows and entertainment, the Sea World skiers, the seal show and the Dolphin show were top notch presentations that were worth the entry cost alone, now they are cheap contrived rubbish not even worth seeing. The same can be said for pretty much all the shows and entertainment at Movie World. What has changed? Can they no longer produce a decent live show? This was one of their key differences back in the day between Village and Dreamworld, now they are pretty much on par with entertainment, which is not good considering Village consider themselves the entertainment experts.
  3. Is this guy who gets wet perhaps a plant actor? What’s the context of the weapon of mass wettness?
  4. John Cox workedon the original movie, so them listing the ride is not surprising as some of the props from that film were reused on the ride.
  5. I believe they used to have 3 monorail trains, if that’s correct, the 3rd was probably scrapped to keep the others running.
  6. Oh dear, seems like Village are attending Ardent Leisure's "How to run a theme park" seminars...
  7. @AlexB, I do also remember seeing an update showing the carriages in the tunnel under the seal show, but have looked through all the updates and couldn't find anything. Operation of the train may have been sparodic before Jet Rescue came along, but I can't seem to find any evidence. @joz, do you recall?
  8. I think 2008 is more like it, Parkz database suggests it closed for Jet Rescue construction, which would have been sometime in 2008 when it started, and indeed I have found a photo where a dirt path has been made over the rail line to accommodate the construction. Here is that photo. https://www.parkz.com.au/photo/2564-July_23rd_2008/gallery/sort/oldest/location/ride-433/offset/8 I have also found a photo with a 2006 date stamped on it with the train operating, so i'd suggest 2008 is probably when it closed. Also found mention of it closing in 2008 on an unrelated forum.
  9. Strip the themeing and you have a basic and boring mad mouse coaster with a weird slow section of track. The themeing is what helps make that ride something great and is what has helped the ride become a “legend” as such. Mention Movie World to anyone that doesn’t regularly visit the parks, and they will probably recall the Scooby ride and Superman. The ride is in an extremely poor state right now, and for a park that calls itself Hollywood on the Gold Coast, it’s certainly lacking anything that makes it memorable.
  10. Was this a Dreamworld event, or a case where a business has hired the park for the event, and Dreamworld is just the location?
  11. They may have said they have no plans for the area, but remember when Rivals or any other coaster on the coast has being built, the official line from the parks is "coaster? What coaster"? so don't read too much into what they publicly put out there. There would be plans for the area, even if that plan is to leave it empty for 5 years, there are plans.
  12. Thanks for the shots of that scene. Someone needs to polish that brass on that engine...
  13. The shack near TRR is just that, theming. I could explain why the Hollywood house got its name but I won’t. There is very little of the actual house left.
  14. You are a bit late on this one, the Hollywood House has been gone since 2012/2013...
  15. I doubt it @Tim Dasco, the Dreamworld unit was at the end of its life and was scrapped. The unit that was on the circuit would have been one of the many other rides of the same build. @RobC the dinosaur ride you are referring to was possibly the creature cruise, a short lived water boat ride. Love the photos, thank you for sharing them.
  16. You speak very highly Minions of Dreamworld and it's planning ability. How do you know this?
  17. Looks very claustrophobic to me, not sure i'm overly keen on it, but hey it's something new.
  18. That would be why the train isn't operating. Thanks JWorld.
  19. I also witnessed the fountain on sat and was glad to see it return. Whilst I don’t mind too much if the surf boards come back, I do agree with ben, they are iconic and a part of the parks DNA just like Main Street is, and just like the Steam train was, and shouldn’t be destined for the trash heap. If they can’t make use of them in their traditional position, hopefully they can find a new home for them somewhere.
  20. Me and the family were at the park on Saturday, and we noticed this new t shirt for sale in the park. Note the smiley face isn’t just on the log ride but also on the train. Perhaps part of the new ‘experience’? Lol
  21. Nope just no. Beatbox and Fire machine were tacky in their setup. Just do some cgi fireworks and be done with it.
  22. Not necessarily because Dreamworld has themed lands with attractions in those lands themed accordingly, including rides, shops etc. The themed areas are somewhat defined. You walk into ABC Kids and the feeling is that you aren’t on Main Street anymore. You know due to the architecture, the music and yes the theming. Adventure world whilst I commend the work done to bring themeing standards up, we still have a council park feeling with themed rides here there and everywhere. There is no cohesion. And that’s my answer as to why it’s not a theme park, if anything it’s an action park.
  23. It’s a waterpark with a few dry rides splattered around places, expect a water attraction.
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